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Throwing Stuff Like a Boss: A Guide for Male Brawlers

[Please note this is not updated to 80 cap. I will be doing that later when I get time.]

     First off, if you didn't become a brawler, or you did but you aren't male, then sorry this isn't the place for you.  If you did, then great because I've got some information to help you get started!
                                                                  YAAAAAAAAAA I LOOK BADASS!

                                                                   Table of Contents

 Advantages of playing a Male Brawler 
-Relatively cheap to make because mostly fixed class.
-Tanky due to utilizing heavy armor.
-Easy to level because fixed skills are really strong.
-Funded, their damage becomes absurd at times.
-Look badass while throwing meteors and stuff. 
-highest bleed damage out of any class.
-With the right gear you can stun Bakal! ( who doesn't like to do that?)

Disadvantages of playing a Male Brawler
-Abnormal status effects need a boost from items that aren't that cheap.
-Higher dungeons pose a problem as status effects have issues working on them.
-Reshpon is a nightmare because delezie has REDICULOUS abnormal status resist.
-Reshpon is a really really really really hard dungeon for mbrawlers.
-Because they are fixed damage, their damage kind of falls off compared to percent classes unless you get the best possible gear for them.
-OV3 bosses pretty much resist a very large part of your status effects so you may feel
quite underpar to any other class.

    Skills are what define your class and choosing them carefully is important unless you have tons of money to spend on resetting your points to redo them.  I'll give my opinion on them and say if I'd put any points in them.

    High Kick: "Kick to lift an enemy in to the air and for the duration you have super armor"
Well you receive a point automatically and for pve you really don't need any other point in it so leave it as it is.  (leave at 1)

    Hammer Kick: "Side kick your enemies"
Start out with free point in this too.  I never use this skill and frankly i find it useless so leave it alone.
(leave at 1)

    Cancel -  Hammer Kick: "Cancel your attack into Hammer Kick"
Well if I never use this skill then I'd doubt I'd ever get this anyhow huehue. Skip it. (leave at 1)

    Low Kick: "Deliver a quick blow to the lower body"
A striker skill more than anything.  I never put a point in it and I don't really recommend any points in it though it isn't a terrible skill. ( don't get it)

   Knee Drop: "Grab and enemy and knee them followed by knocking them into the air"
You start out with a point in it and a point is all you need.  It's a great skill for grabbing your enemies and stopping some of their super armored attacks.  Also you are invincible for the duration though it doesn't kick in until a  sec after you grab. (leave at 1)
   Cancel - Knee Drop: "Cancel regular attack into knee drop"
Since I leave knee drop at 1 you can't get this skill. (don't get it)

   Doppelganger : "Creates images that can interrupt enemies are draw aggro to them"
A great skill for tower of despair but normally not needed and since this is for a build for dungeons etc I don't get a point in it.  ( don't get it)

   Nen Shot: "Fires a short range shot of light damage at a target."
Has a very short range and its practically useless as you can stun yourself due to your passive.  Only useful for fighting delezie in reshpon if you don't use light element as damage. (leave it at 1)

   Iron Physique: "Increase your defense and vitality"
Not a great skill to use as it hardly increases stats much at all.  Sorta wasting sp, but is good for tower of despair. ( dont get it)

   Tiger Chain Strike: "Extends your dash attack into an extra attack"
Uh, we're not really comboing in melee that much so that it is actually worth getting so it isn't useful.
(don't get it)

   Tiger Roar: "Increases Tiger Chain Strike's hit by 1"
Lets you add another hit from tiger chain strike which we don't get so it's useless. (don't get it)

   Air Walk: "Jump into the air and stomp on your enemy"
Think Mario because it is basically a super jump.  You jump into the air and press your skill button 1 which default is "Z" I believe and you stomp on the enemy and jump into the air again.  Every five points gives another stomp, but you only need five points as a prerequisite for tornado kick.
(5 points)

   Seismic Punch: "Jump into the air and smash the ground with your... feet...."
Name is quite misleading as you use your feet to hit the ground.  Also unlike the female counterpart the male one has a HUGE hit recovery so I DO NOT LIKE THIS SKILL. (don't get it)

   Pure Walk: "Do a quick dash."
I like this skill.  It lets you dash forward a short distance to close gaps or to even escape certain attacks. I high recommend it.(MAX) 

   Tornado Kick: "Do a short jump into the air and spin kick in a stationary position"
Not only do you look badass while doing this, but you also create a suction so if the enemy is light enough you will ALWAYS get the maximum amount of hits off.  This skill is really good despite the fact this class is mainly fixed.  Highly recommend maxing this. ( MAX )

B. Class
   Sand Splash: "Throw sand at your enemies like it's the new thing"
At max level sand splash does 1404% + 4047 fixed.  It has a 3 second cooldown.  This alone makes it a wonderfully powerful skill.  I recommend maxing this as you can rotate your throws into a sand splash all the time.  Cheap, powerful, effective, I like it. (MAX)

   Cancel - Sand Splash: "Use sand splash in the middle of an attack"
This isn't needed at all so don't waste your sp on it. ( don't get it)

   Explosive Hook: "Grab the enemy and kick them into the air followed by and kick that has an explosion."
This skill would be a cool skill to max if it wasn't for the fact that it is useless on super armor enemies are large enemies that can't be grabbed.  It doesn't have a grab cannon.  I recommend just going 5 points into it as a prerequisite for Sticky Ball, however it is up to you as the damage is pretty decent. (5 points or MAX)

   Cancel Explosive Hook: "Use explosive hook in the middle of a regular attack"
Not needed for regular dungeon build.  (don't get it)

   Crouch: "Crouch down(as the name implies) to avoid projectiles and such"
Useful skill that is very situational.  Stellar uses in pvp, but also in pve for places like rangelus.
You need it for mount anyhow.(MAX)

   Double Throw: "Allows you to throw times in quick succession.  The second throw is weaker."
Seems like a must max skill but it is only a one pointer.  The more points you put in it the stronger the second throw but it also GREATLY increases the cooldown and barely increases the duration.
(1 point only)

   Strengthen Throw: "Allows you to consume more charges of your core throws to create a more powerful version of the throw."
Get it, no questions asked.  It powers up your throws and allows you to annoy your friends.(MAX)

   Auto Load: " Reload your throws automagically when they run out."
Description says it all.  Unless you really want to press that throw to recharge your skill which wastes time and puts you into a short hit recovery, then you want this.  With this skill you only need to cast your throws once at the start of the dungeon and never have to worry about it again.(MAX)

   Poison Throw: "Throw a poison bottle at the enemy.  Upgraded allows you to throw a bottle in the air that explodes into an area that poisons enemies."
   One of your core abilities.  It does magical damage unlike nearly all your other skills.  The damage seems kinda average at best but it still is a throwing skill so it is more damage!  Strengthened, the poison bottle does much much more poison damage but has no direct damage.  Also consumes 2 charges instead of one.  I also figured out you can stack the strengthened poison throw up to 2x.  So the numbers get to be pretty good. (MAX)

   Needle Throw: "Throw a needle at an enemy that bleeds them.  Strengthened, consume 4 needles to throw 4 needles that have 100% chance to bleed.  Also the needle pierces enemies."
This is the skill that people talk about.  This is what makes everyone jelly about the Male Brawler.  Once you get this skill, everything seems just plain easy while leveling.  You almost never use the normal throw even though it hits harder on the tooltip.  This is due to the fact that the strengthened throw allows 4 needles to be thrown at once and even though each needle is a bit weaker you are doing 4x the damage at once which also stacks the bleeding for some crazy numbers that no other class can match bleed wise. Oh, it also is a core throwing skill imagine that. (MAX)

   Claw Mastery: "Increase your physical/magical attack strength and allow your hits to bleed the enemy when using a claw."
This skill would be awesome aside from the fact this class is mainly fixed and physical/magical damage does nothing to help fixed.  Still if you want to use claws then you should max this as it basically is a soul chaser built in to a passive. (MAX if using claws, don't get it if not)

   Block Throw: "Throw a friggen brick at the enemies face which shatters OR when strengthened you pick up a GIANT boulder and throw it at your enemies like a meteor."
One of the coolest throws you have.  Who doesn't enjoy throwing meteors around or busting your enemies' faces with bricks.  Anyways the normal brick attack will hit the enemy and then shatter which also deals damage so it hits 2 times.  The damage it deals is really impressive and with the recent patch the strengthened form deals a MASSIVE amount of damage at the cost of consuming 3 charges.  The strengthened form also hits twice. Oh, it is also a core throwing skill. (MAX)

   Cancel - Throw: "Allows you to throw stuff in the middle of an attack"
Nope, do not need in a dungeoning build.  For pvp of course but that build is quite different.
(do not get)

   Mount: "Get down on a target and punch their face 3 times."
Cool skill that sucks compared to the female counterpart.  It is a percent attack so it is more specifically geared towards claw builds etc etc.  The shockwave is fixed and also increases with more points.  I personally go 1 point for its invulnerable frames.(1 pointer or MAX if you are claw)

   Raging Vulcan: "Transforms mount into a super punch when the enemy is in an abnormal state."
This attack basically can be thought of as combining all the hits of a vulcan punch from the female brawler into the one hit of Raging Vulcan.  If you maxed this the range of the shockwave is HUGE and also fixed.  The main portion of the damage is percent though so not really recommended for the usual throwing build. (claw? MAX, otherwise just skip it)

   Net Throw: "Throw a net at the enemy which immobolizes them with damage!  The strengthened version deals damage and pulls targets to you in one nice pile."
Core skill!  That means max it.  This skill causes weird problems with class that grab like grapplers or thieves where if you cast it while they are doing their skills the enemies are pulled in and they remain scattered, immobilized, and your party annoyed that you just made things more difficult for them.  Still it is an awsome skill for fast clearing and does decent damage. (MAX)

 Taunt: "Piss your enemies off and stuff and make them fly into a rage which reduces their hit rate and abnormal resist."
Max it no questions asked.  Higher level enemies, ancient dungeons, and outerverse have much higher resist rate.  Using taunt really helps your statuses to work on them. (MAX)

   Ground Tackle: "Slide toward the enemy dealing damage and blinding them in the process."
I really like this skill and you should, too.  It does really good damage and also blinds enemies.  With the recent patch it had a grab cannon added to it which makes it EVEN BETTER. (MAX)

   Cancel - Ground Tackle: "Allows ground tackle to be used in the middle of an attack."
The ONLY cancel I'd consider getting due to the fact it is so damn cheap.  It costs 10 sp.
(get it or not it is up to you)

   Venom Mine: "Throws a mine up in the air  in which you proceed to kick it exploding it in the enemies face."
Disappointing skill.  Though they did add an extra hit to the attack which makes it better.  It is pure percent so it isn't good for non claw builds.  The attack strength is magical which is weird because most attacks are physical.  The poison itself is fixed and doesn't do much damage at all.  You do have super armor while using it, but I'd just stay away from it unless you are a highly reinforced claw user.
(skip it or MAX maybe if claw user)

   Cancel Venom Mine: " Venom mine can be used during regular attacks!"
Uh, ya.... just skip it.(do not get)

   Needle Spin: " Be like  a giant nugol and spin spin spinnnnnnnnnnnnn."
Nothing like the female brawlers junk spin which has amazing utility.  But this skill will hit stun your enemies into oblivion.  It does average fixed damage per hit and it also adds a bleed component per hit.  So overall the damage it does is decent not to mention it HIT STUNS LIKE CRAZY.(MAX)

   Thousand Hands: "Increases charges of your core throws, the distance they fly, and decreases their cooldowns when all charges are depleted."
This skill was so good it was nerfed.  Simply hands down a must have awakened skill.  You are really missing out if you do not get this. (MAX)

   Cursed Quake: " Create explosions galore when you rip open the earth with chains and grab a giant rock which spins and hits the ground and explodes.
Awesome looking skill that does pretty good damage.  This is your awakening skill and I think it is worth getting.  Percent builds may not have enough for it which is fine because it is purely fixed.  This attack can hit up to 8 times on a large target.  Enemies that are light are gravitated towards the middle explosion.  Each of the 3 explosions deals damage and right after the last explosion goes off the ground deals tick damage.  The huge rock can hit twice as well so like I said it deals good damage. (MAX if you can)

   Sticky Ball: "Throw a sticky ball at a target, slowing and damaging them."
This skill does good damage and slows them to boot.  With only a 20 second cooldown it definitely is worth maxing. (MAX)

   Blood Rage: " Jump up into the air and swing a thin thread slicing stuff up."
  This attack makes you look awesome.  You jump in the air and start swinging like crazy.  You hit the enemy 8 times in like 2 seconds.  It just looks amazing.  The damage is also good, too.  So max it.
C. General
Only skills I'd get here will be listed as they are same for all classes.

   Physical Critical Hit: "Increase your chance to crit targets."
Self explanatory skill.  You are mainly a physical hitting class so you want more physical crit.(MAX)

   Quick Rebound: " Go into a crouching position when knocked down.  You are invulnerable for the duration."
It's silly not to have this.  ALL classes should have it.  It is downright amazing and needed to do one of the tricks people often do in goblin kingdom.(MAX)

   Uh only other skill I'd consider getting is  Physical Rear Attack because you can easily get behind a stunned enemy to hit them.  But I'm lazy I guess and don't do it.

D. Special

   Seismic Punch Upgrade: "Leap higher and be more angrier with your stomps."
Uh we don't get this in the first place so no.(skip it)

   Knee Drop Upgrade: "Be more of a punk when you grab an enemy and hit them harder."
We only get one point for knee drop so no.(skip it)

   Nen Shot Upgrade: "Make your nen shots hit harder  and become bigger!!!"
Uh when we use nen skills we have a chance of stunning ourselves.  We aren't nenmasters so no.
(skip it)

   Iron Physique Upgrade: "Adds a Super Armor effect when an enemy hits you at a chance."
Now for tower of despair this is AMAZINGLY AWSOME.  Otherwise no we don't get it
(TOD build MAX, Normal Build skip it)

   Low Kick Upgrade: " Low Kick an enemy for more damages and slowness"
We don't get low kick so no. (skip it)

   Crouch Upgrade: "Crouch and gain invulnerability for a very very VERY short time"
Before we got ex skills I had this and I LOVED it.  So fun to use in OV or even hell parties ( you can use it to not get hit by secondary hits from a steyr).  You could use it when fighting duke so make him do no damage when he swings at you.  However with ex skills we simply don't have spare points for it. (MAX if you want to sacrifice damage otherwise SKIP)

    High Kick Upgrade: "Uh makes you kick faster and harder."
Don't even know why this skill exists.(skip)

   Hammer Kick Upgrade: "Makes you kick harder and not launch enemy further"
Well we don't get more than the 1 point given so no we don't get this.(skip)

   Doppleganger Upgrade: "Make more images!"
Well you should have doppleganger for TOD so you could put a point or 2 if you wanted.
(normal build skip! TOD build maybe get point or so)

   Air Walk Upgrade: "Makes your final hit do more damages."
Since I only get 5 points in air walk I don't get this and even then I probably wouldn't get it because it only effects the last hit. (skip)

   Basic Training Upgrade: "Makes your regular attacks stronger."
Uh we don't regular attack enough to make this worth anything.(skip)

   Taunt Upgrade: "Increases duration of taunt."
Cool it lasts longer and maxed you can keep it up indefinitely I think, but we have other skills to invest in now so sorry no go.(skip)

   Venom Mine Upgrade: "Increases  venom mine damage."
Well if you got venom mine you might as well make it stronger right?
(if you have venom mine maybe max)

   Needle Spin Upgrade: "Increases damage of needle spin."
Increase the damage of the physical hit of needle spin which is already crappy.  I skipped this skill and I think you should, too.(skip)

   Explosive Hook Upgrade: "Increases Explosive hook damage."
If you max explosive hook then get it.  Makes the damage even better!
(Max if you maxed explosive hook)

   Net Throw Upgrade: "Increases net throw damage."
Since you usually don't just throw a net for damage I wouldn't get it.  However it has been discovered (proven) it modifies all your damage done to netted targets.  The problem is when you use it for things that matter (Outerverse and stuff that doesn't instantly die) it doesn't work in the first place.
Props to Psycho K for actually taking the time to prove this. (skip)

   Sand Splash Upgrade: "Increase range and damage of sand splash."
Before you get this you'll notice sand splash is kinda short ranged.  Well lucky you because this makes the range nearly doubled I'd say(not really) and it makes an awesome skill even better!(MAX)

   Needle Throw Upgrade: "Increases damage and bleeding level."
MUST HAVE.  Increase damage and bleeding level makes it easier to deal with higher level enemies.

   Poison Bottle Upgrade: "Increase damage and poison level."
Well it's nice to upgrade poison bottle making it even more useful than before!(MAX)

   Tornado Kick Upgrade: "Adds 2 kicks to your tornado kick."
FANTASTIC skill if you use tornado kick.  2 points to add 2 kicks.  That's huge! and should be gotten
right away.(MAX)

   Ground Tackle Upgrade: "Improves damage and allows you to slow down when using ground tackle."
I LOVE THIS SKILL.  Not only do you do more damage when slowing down, but you get all your hits in, too!  When you use ground tackle you press the opposite direction of where you are moving and you will do a much shorter distance attack.  I always use this. (MAX)

You'll notice some of these skills aren't in the right spot and that because NEXON, in their PURE GENIUS, decided to take them out of their slot if you max them.  So sorry about that and I'll probably get it fixed later.

E. Steal Skills
Only one worth mentioning is neck snap.  Useful skill for interrupting an enemies skill attacks in outerverse and such though I don't really feel comfortable using it.  I hear 3 points is what you need minimum if you want to use it. (up to you)

F.Quest Shop
It's pretty standard here with some variation though.
Max Strength, Physical Crit, Hit Rate, Elemental Damage, and All Base Attack.
You'll be left with 135 to spend in whatever.


So my build stand something like this.

I have 220 points left in sp to spend in whatever.
If you want to mess around with stuff then you can use this template:
This is the skeleton build and as you can see you have a lot of choices :)


 Well normally the generic sets are good enough, but the best stuff comes from outerverse dungeons, hell modes, or ancient dungeons.  I'll list things from there as I don't have anything special to say about the normal sets.

Lets start with the Ancient Dungeon.
I only have one item to speak of really and this item is the
Heartneck Fang
level 58 requirement
Poison/Electrocution/Burn Damage +10%
Bleeding Damage +40%

This is THE bracelet to get.  That 40% bleed is HUGE for your needles.  Unfortunately it drops in Vilmark from the Stubborn Heartneck mob in the 4th room.  It is usually not so cheap but man is it awesome.

Black Ring Blood
level 68 requirement
Move Speed +3%
Hit recovery +100
When attacking a bleeding target, there is a chance it will reduce it's hp by a percent.
 A lot of enemies have much higher health pools in the later dungeons so black ring really shines there.  There is no cooldown on the proc and it only consumes clear cubes which you should have a lot of anyways.  It is invaluable in outerverse dungeons as the enemies have a ton of hp.

Now onto the Outerverse Dungeons

The only set to go for the is Mad Dog Hooligan set.
3 set
Sand Splash Shadow level + 6
Hit rate decrease +2%
Explosive Hook bonus damage from abnormal +10%
Block Throw stun level +6

6 set
Poison Throw poison level +6
Poison Damage +30%
Ground Tackle blind level +6
Needle throw bleed level +6
Bleeding attack Strength +30%

Not going to list the 9pc because it's irrelevant.  6 pc is what you want.  Just look at the bonuses.  They are HUGE.  Such a good set you'd want to aim for top/bot/shoulder/belt/boots and probably ring.

You have 2 options or actually many but I'd say just 2.  One you can take your tainted pieces and imbue them with red ( needle throw) and green (needle throw).  I'd almost say you could go red(needle throw) and red (brick throw) because both do an enormous amount of damage.  But it is your choice.

Now for the set to go for Devious Trick which was called Dirty Trick but was changed for some reason.

3 Set

Male Poison Bottle
- Increases damage by 30%
- Adds 2 more charges
- Increases Poison Level by 6

6 Set

Needle Throw
- Increases damage by 30%
- Adds 2 more charges
- Increases Bleed Level by 6

Block Throw
- Increases damage by 30%
- Adds 2 more charges
- Increases Stun Level by 6

Net Throw
- Increases damage by 30%
- Adds 2 more charges
- Increases Immobilize Level by 6

9 set improves needle spin

By far the best things I've EVER seen in a set.  All your core throws are buffed not only by 30% but you gain extra throws AND extra status levels.  You'd ideally want top/bottem/belt/boots/shoulder/ and probably bracelet or ring as best slots to fill.

Now For Hell Modes (refer to in game equiptionary to find out where to farm these)


Enraged Chrysalis
Level Requirement : 65
attack with 5% chance of bleeding an enemy
Inflict 20% more damage when attacking a bleeding enemy
+200 strength at a 10% chance when you kill an enemy

This is the BEST possible weapon to get.  20% damage increase when bleeding.  When do mbrawlers bleed? ALL THE TIME.  They basically have permanent 20% more damage on enemies which is amazing.  There is nothing that come close to this weapon.

Scorpion Claws
Level Requirement : 60
Attack with a 5% chance to bleed
Inflicts 25% more damage to bleeding enemies( It's actually 15% if you look at expanded tooltip)  

This is a REALLY good alternative to enraged.  Enraged barely beats out scorpion claws though unless you're going for that high reinforce claw build.

Level Requirement: 60 
Attack with a chance of bleeding the enemy.  Strength +50 when attacking a bleeding enemy.
Critical Damage +10%

Good alternative to the epics.  Crit damage and strength increase are quite nice.

Dust Devil
Level Requirement: 60
Attack with a chance to blind a target. Deal 20% more damage to the blinded enemy.
Attack with a chance to disenchant the enemy.

Another great alternative to the others.  Since sand splash/ground tackle blinds you automatically have 20% more damage always pretty much.

Soul Chaser
Level Requirement : 55
Boost attack strength by 20% for 60 seconds at the cost of a spirit crystal

Currently this is  useless to us as a fixed class, however later on it will be patched so that it WILL effect fixed.  This will in turn make it best in slot for the neck piece.   


Flame Hulk's Tear
 Level 65 requirement
+36 fire damage

 Aquarius's Tear
 Level 65 requirement
+36 water damage

Glaerin's Tear
 Level 65 requirement
+36 light damage

Dead Murker's Tear
 Level 65 requirement
+36 dark damage

Depending on what element you stack, you want one of those or their pink counter parts which are.

Selist's Tear
 +30 fire damage

Alicia's Tear
  +30 light damage

Ratria's Tear
 +30 water damage

Sheyd's Tear
+30 dark damage

Sub Equipment
 This is top to bottem best to worst sub you can get.  There really isn't any other sub that is acceptable.

Farris Family Emblem
Level Requirement: 60
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding level + 6
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding damage +40%
Dread Phantom
Level Requirement: 65
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding level + 6
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding damage +29%

Tooae Nipaive  
Level Requirement: 60
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding level +5
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding damage +25%

Triple Scar 
Level Requirement: 65
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding level +3
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding damage +11%

Valuable of the Slums  
Level Requirement: 60 
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding level +2
Poison / Electrocution/Bleeding damage +9%

Well regarding magic sealed items.  You can go for the strength aura mod(Grizzly I believe) with strength for equipment.  Same goes for accessories if you can't afford anything above.  For weapon you can go for a tonfa( claw if you are going for that percent build) with either an element attack or smash.  Bonus with strength mods.  These things aren't too hard to get so they can start you off on the right track.


Hat/Hair: Intelligence, Intelligence (Strength Emblems)
Face/Torso: Attack Speed, Attack Speed(Attack Speed Emblems)
Top: Needle Throw, Net Throw, Taunt(Physical Critical/Strength, Net Throw Platinum)
Bottom: Max HP or Max MP(Physical Critical/Strength, Net Throw Platinum)
Waist: Evasion or Max Weight(Hit Rate)
Shoes: Strength(Hit Rate)

That's pretty much set in stone.  Needle Throw is highly recommended as it is your most damaging attack and increasing levels of it means you increase bleeding level which is great for higher level enemies. You could get needle spin platinum emblems but I prefer net throw over it as not only are they much more expensive, but net throw immobilize level increase is more useful I think.  If your bottom avatar has an option of a skill, go for sand splash because I find that skill to be extremely nice :D.

IV. Tips & Stuff

-An easy combo can be done by utilizing knee drop.  Knee drop and enemy followed by a block throw/poison throw/needle or sand splash.  You can easily infinite combo a hell demon this way unless it is Miasma or Darksteel.

-Despite the fact you can stun yourself, nen shot is really useful on Delezie if you aren't using the light element.  Although sometimes I've had difficulty getting her to change to light.

 -If you hold the directional button you are facing while doing strengthened throw, it will go much farther than normally.  Likewise pressing the opposite direction will throw it a shorter distance.

-With revolution patch needle spin tends to pick up or even juggle enemies off the ground if you spin it fast enough ( you can make it spin faster by tapping the attack button or the hotkey button)

-Always try to support your party by grouping enemies up and not away from them i.e. someone is about to crush some noob enemies and you decide to derp and net them away from the group.

-Status ailments like immobolize and stun do not reset if you cast it again while they are under the effect.  Try to time it so they get hit right as it runs out.

-In Screaming Cavern room 2 a couple seconds as the sword starts rising from the ground if you use Cursed Quake, you will interrupt its transformation of the 4 midgets into zombies.  If you don't net them in or stun the sword right after it can still transform them though.



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