Friday, 11 January 2013

80 Cap Class Comparisons

This is the translation of a fairly well-thought out ranking published by a player(s) of the Korean version, and graciously translated by SisterSuplex and Neolucid.

This is not posted here as some sort of definitive character ranking: this is a description of how the classes perform after D-Day, and how they are commonly regarded by other players as regards to endgame party play.

(NB: This list is valid until shortly before f.slayer release + 2nd awakening + rogue rework, when a lot of balance issues were also addressed - see note at bottom of page)

What changed after 80-cap to make people's opinions change?
  • Several classes, namely the slayer classes and launchers were repeatedly buffed.
  • A new skill called buster/burster was added, allowing players to use level 30- skills at 1s cd, -50% damage (except summons), and +20% speeds for 10-20s.
  • Monster defenses were nerfed considerably, and piercing resistance was added. This means that classes relying on reinforcement now often do less damage than fixed classes, especially given the lack of anything resembling kiri's promise being added again while Suju refinement stays in the game.
  • Many of the newer dungeons do not have the weaknesses to light and fire that gave those classes massive damage boosts.
  • Sharp-eye potions and flasks were removed from the game, and physical classes that do not have a way to reach 100% crit (i.e. F.ranger, rogue, BM, and p.exo) took a drastic reduction in power.
Note: Apparently well into 85 cap a number of changes were made, including some buster nerfs (i.e. g-force), monster defense raised back up (although below those of 70-cap), and less piercing reductions making % and fixed classes more equal.


  1. What happened to support saders?

  2. It's always assumed that support saders are above everyone else



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