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The Guide to Endgame Magic Exorcist

1. Introduction

2. Skill Overview
  • 2.1. Must Max Skills
  • 2.2. Recommended Skills 
  • 2.3. Optional Skills
  • 2.4. Utility Skills
  • 2.5 Quest Point Distribution
3. Equipment
  • 3.1. Weapons
  • 3.2. Accessories
  • 3.3. Sub-Equipments
  • 3.4. Magic Stones
  • 3.5. Titles
  • 3.6. Armors
4. Avatars
  • 4.1.Emblems
5. Enchants

6. Endgame Dungeons
  • 6.1. Ancients
  • 6.2. Chronicle 2
  • 6.3. Chronicle 3

1. Introduction:

     This guide is intended and is designed for those who have capped their exorcists at Lv. 70 and are still looking for a way to further their own character. For those like me who chose to continue and pursue the endgame portion of this game as a Magic Exorcist, I offer my personal experience and suggestions and in-depth coverage over various cases and aspects. If you are looking for generic details pertaining to this class such as pro/cons, how to level to cap, and possible pre-made builds I suggest you look elsewhere as I will not cover them. Believe me, any sort of build works to get you to cap, and in fact I was physical during 60 cap before converting to magic, therefore I truly have no experience in the lower levels with magic to really suggest anything of the sort. Despite what I've said, to reassure my credibility I have covered all endgame aspects as a magic exorcist with well enough depth and can offer details on what you can do from my experience.
   This guide will also be of use to those who plan on various endgame aspects of this game as magic exorcists, and if that is the case I believe you should read what I suggest and plan your builds accordingly as you level so as you do not have to waste a reset after you have achieved Lv. 70. Because like I just said earlier, since any build works to getting you to cap I do suggest an endgame oriented build in case you actually do endgame etc.

  As a casual reminder since you choose how you wish to play your character,  you should feel free at any point of this guide to be satisfied with what you have. However, since there are some minimum requirements for certain areas/dungeons I'll start things off in a methodical way from ground up from what needs the least level of gear to what needs a lot of preparation.

2. Skill Overview

The build is an extremely important aspect to cover. Depending on what areas you choose to cover and deal with some skills can either become obsolete, pointless, or invaluable depending on the case.

Please refer to another guide if you expect any generic coverage of these skills  or a pre-made build to get to Lv. 70. Anything works to getting to Lv. 70 these days so I won't dabble in discussing much about it, however if you do have any mild expectation to continue farther along, please continue reading.

I'll suggest various skill levels and elaborate on useful details pertaining to each skill with respect to endgame areas, but do take what I say with a grain of salt as they're merely all suggestions. To reflect that statement, I will not provide any skeletal builds of any sort because I believe you should feel free to devise your own builds and infer from your own experience on what you should get. However for a few skills where one might be unsure of, you can easily refer here for a developed opinion and suggestion.

Lastly because of how many skills there are, if I do not list a particular skill I consider it to be non-viable to be of any realistic usage.

td;lr if you just want quick Outer tips/summary

2.1. Must Max Skills:

These are skills I find little argument against dropping  altogether or minimizing because their effects at maxed are too good.

Holy Amulet
Holy Amulet Upgrade
Holy Amulet - Cancel

Recommended Levels: (Max) + TP Upgrade (Max) + Cancel (Optional)

A strong multi-hit, low CD, 1v1 focused skill which I believe should be maxed in any build. There is not much for me discuss other than how great this skill is so I won't bore you with the details. Cancel is preference if you desire that smooth transition from whacking rosaries to hitstun mobs to casting this. Believe me there are cases where you want to use the second hit of the basic string.

White Tiger
White Tiger Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (Max) + TP Upgrade (Max)

After Holy Amulet, White Tiger is the other most devastating attack you have at your disposal. A lot of people initially find this skill very lackluster when they first get it and seldom use it as they level up. This results in not learning how to use it either. Well, sadly you have to learn how to abuse it because it's very important as an AoE based attack. It's understandable that many do not bother with it since Holy Amulet can usually do the job well enough alone but it's mainly used to deal with Bosses or difficult Green Named Mobs and in those cases White Tiger is far stronger. Here's a short guide for some optimal formations:

Because of game mechanics, the distance between two Tiger orbs is different across the x and y axis.

Shortest Distance Between Y-Axis

Shortest Distance Between X-Axis


Ideally, you wish to set them very close as possible together but for demonstration purposes I've exaggerated the example formations to give a clearer view. 

3 Point Configurations
4 Point Configurations

5 Point Configurations

An important note about White Tigers is prior to a 5 point formation, there will be a mild delay in the orb volleys between the last and first placed White Tiger. This is normal and designed to encourage the 5 point formation because at that stage the orbs cycle flawlessly without delay. However, there are times when you won't need all 5 or cannot summon all of them so keep this in mind.

Suppression Amulet
Suppression Amulet Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (Max) + TP Upgrade (1, 2)

You max this skill for the amazing debilitative properties it has on enemy mobs. You'll always be able to safely cast this skill without backlash and there isn't much of an argument to drop this skill to minimal requirements either because of how much synergy it has with your other magic skills.

The TP Upgrade at Lv. 1 grants it the ability to immobilize foes that stay inside it too long. Basically it becomes a gigantic snare with the Upgrade, and despite what the tooltip says the immobilization has no actual level and will work on anything. This allows you to fully abuse Black Ring: Immobility as well. The extra level to max it will only increase the duration of the immobility and that is preference seeing as how TP tight this can get.

However if you wish, the TP upgrade can be skipped entirely because the immobility can become annoying and work against you in certain areas. But if you choose to learn to abuse it, the immobility is far more reliable than Holy Amulet's Slow.

Lightning Amulet
Lightning Amulet Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional)

Despite its flaws as an indiscriminate AoE it is a very strong cube that works very well in conjunction with Suppression Amulet and in cases you can risk using it the benefits are largely obvious.

The TP Upgrade only decreases the amulet's duration and damage per hit, but it's very costly to level so considering dropping the Upgrade if you wish to in favour of other TP Upgrades.
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (5, Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional)

You max it for the increased grab duration and HP capacity for it to continue surviving. The TP Upgrade only serves to really mainly increase it's survivability to the max, but get it only if you can afford the luxury because it's not that necessary. The extra HP is nice and all because the Tortoise will survive against various indiscriminate attacks that casually assault it but remember that enemies do not directly attack it either so it can be pretty pointless to give it more HP.

You can drop to the pre-requisites if you're tight on SP and only use it as a grab in 1v1 situations. Against specific Green Named Mobs/Bosses the difference in duration between min and max isn't that noticeable since it's designed to have an even shorter hold on Green Named Mobs/Bosses.

However as an important note for both Tortoises, you cannot afford to drop them entirely. You do need them at least pre-requisites or maxed.

How to kill Tortoises:

This is what you should learn to do should you accidentally summon them late in a room, and do not want them lingering in the next room. There are a variety of methods to eliminate them but these are easiest from what I've tried.
  1. Throw three oils. 
  2. Cast Leap/White Tiger, toss a bomb and jump over the oil spills as they detonate.
  3. Alternatively, you can cast Passion Chakra and Phoenix Hammer into the oil spills. The invincible frame when used correctly will protect you from the damage and kill the Tortoises.
True Black Tortoise

Recommended Levels: (1, Max)

Same reasoning as above. Except that the petrification aura it has does have an actual status level and requires to be maxed for it to take effect against endgame mobs.

Since the petrification is around the grabbed mob, I cannot justify a Black Ring: Petrification for this one skill sadly.

Luminous Chakra

Recommended Levels: (Max)

I don't wish to go over the obvious benefits of this skill, please max it. 

Wisdom Blessing

Recommended Levels: (Max)

Unless you have a Crusader to constantly buff you with their superior version, max this skill.

Magical Critical

Recommended Levels: (Max)

You can never have enough M.Crit. unless you cap it passively without this skill. Which is pretty impossible, so please get this.

Quick Rebound

Recommended Levels: (Max)

In case you forgot about it.

2.2. Recommended Skills:

These are suggested skills you gotta choose between. Just take your favourites but make sure you have enough SP to set them at the suggested levels.

An important note between the following skills: Red Phoenix Amulet/Rising Emblem/Piercing the Darkness/Furious Grab is that you'll only usually have enough SP to max three out of the four. This is fine and is the suggested minimum of skills to have out of them all. With Holy Amulet, you'll usually be able to cycle well enough with whichever three you choose with the remaining fourth at a minimal utility level.

As for TP Upgrades, this is the part where it gets hard and varied. I recommend choosing the TP Upgrades for the favourite skills of your choice and while max is ideal, you are free to vary between the TP levels as you wish because you can reset them at any time anyways. Unlike Holy Amulet's/White Tiger's/Suppression Amulet's TP Upgrades, the benefits aren't so game breaking for the following in honesty.

Red Phoenix Amulet
Red Phoenix Amulet Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (1, Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional)

 This is actually a two part attack. The first hit is a physical based attack that will take on the elemental properties of your weapon/enchant (but not your Chakras), while the second hit is a magical based fixed portion that does a massive splash damage across mobs.

Very powerful and recommended in AoE oriented builds and usable in almost all situations. The TP Upgrade is preference.

Rising Emblem
Rising Emblem Upgrade
Rising Emblem - Cancel

Recommended Levels: (0, 1, 5, 10, 15, Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional) + Cancel (Optional)

 This skill is used for its launch in reality, explaining its broad variation in suggested skill levels. Cancel is preference and used for the same reasoning for Holy Amulet's Cancel.

The TP Upgrade increases damage but also its launch. It's very possible to utilize this for its damage but maxed with the TP upgrade will send things sky-high unless they die, so max is only suggested for the consistent lone wolf. There are sets and Chronicle modifications that expand its size and reduce its launch making it a very viable offensive skill at that point for AoE oriented builds.

Otherwise hovering at around Lv. 10~15 is enough in general. If needed you can drop this skill altogether to 0 if you wish as well. Lv. 1 has utility but... it's rather specific to Void 3 to continue OTGs and juggles or just to cast something when everything else is off.
Furious Grab
Furious Grab Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (1, Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional)

This is a strong two hit fixed 1v1 focused damage skill that can immobilize on the second hit. The immobility does have a status level but works very well in conjunction with Suppression Amulet Upgrade and Black Ring: Immobility when maxed to synergize them together.

Unlike before, the TP Upgrade no longer allows this skill to have a massive suction effect so this should be mainly maxed for either damage and immobility or both. It's still a very good skill to get even at high levels of reinforcement purely for its immobility which works more often than Holy Amulet's Slow and isn't as resisted by as many foes.

Piercing the Darkness
Piercing the Darkness Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (1, Max) + TP Upgrade (Max)

Despite the fact that Piercing the Darkness covers a very wide y-axis that knocks back, I consider it to be a mainly 1v1 skill due to its short to mid range.

When maxed it does rather moderate damage, and should always be used fully charged for maximal damage. The TP Upgrade greatly reduces the charge time and I highly suggest it if you wish to use it as a main offensive skill. However one of its drawbacks as an attack is that it has a rather long CD of 7s.

At Lv. 1 though, it does the job of pushing mobs away fine enough despite the difference when maxed with the TP Upgrade.

Blue Dragon Hammer

Recommended Levels: (0, 1, Max)

One of the strongest fixed based awakenings in the game with an extremely large hitbox also one of the few burst skills you have available to you.

However in endgame areas its usage and appeal diminishes greatly. Against Bosses their damage reduction mitigates the resulting damage to very sad amounts. Since it's considered a cube at the least, many Green Named Mobs in Outer will have various precautions against it, restricting its usage. This leaves it only useful for clearing fodder mobs in Outers and Ancient Dungeons in general, however in the few opportunities to use this skill it is very powerful.

At Lv. 1 though it's still strong enough to clear fodder mobs and has utility to abuse its long air time or to bait and trigger anti awakening/cube measures.


 Recommended Levels: (0, Max)

I honestly suggest you max this for Outers, because it's not for you. It's main use is for your party members and APCs. Maxed Cure can remove all statuses from you and your party, which is extremely handy.

Specific examples in C2/C3:
  • Castles 1: Using an APC summon to absorb grabs from Kamenai and impending curse which you can cure away.
  • Castles 6: After being sent to the left side of the room by Boss you can cure the petrification off APCs/Party.
  • Goblins 1 & Rangelus 2: Bleeding kills anyone. Everyone. Save them.
  • Rangelus 6: Party is mind controlled and falling asleep, cure them before more bad stuff happens.
  • Voids 3 & 5: The poison in this dungeon is actually above the Mysterious World Toy levels, but cure works fine.
  • Voids 2: Stun from Swaycle lasts a minute long, save folks from pointlessly struggling by curing them.
These argument points are annulled if you however plan on never doing Outers, because while Cure is still useful in Ancients the status effects there are rather mild by contrast and can be dealt with using Status Potions/World Toys instead but for how much utility it offers for so little SP I believe it is very worthwhile. Therefore if Outers do not apply to you, move this down to Optional tier really.
Rear Magical Critical

 Recommended Levels: (Max)

Increases your Magic Critical rate during back attacks. Don't get this if you can somehow magically nearly cap M.Crit. but definitely only consider this after the regular Magic Critical passive.

2.3. Optional Skills:

Purely preference whether or not you can afford the SP to acquire these skills depending if you choose to or choose not to acquire physical utility.

Shikigami Legion
Shikigami Legion Upgrade

 Recommended Levels: (0, 1, Max) + TP Upgrade (Optional)

This is the only percentile based burst skill you can choose to acquire. Or not bother with at all. It's very strong when maxed, and the TP Upgrade while reducing the duration of the skills increases damage overall.

 If you don't know by now, you can cancel into the finisher by hitting your jump key or mash it with both the hotkey and x key to summon more birds.

However, the main problem lies with its animation's duration and how it works. In the same time frame it takes for you cast the entire thing with the finisher at the end, you could have alternatively cycled with your low CD skills and probably do more damage. It doesn't really help that the hitstun from the smaller shikigami doesn't prevent Super Armored mobs from running into you and wrecking you apart unless you cancel the skill earlier, which cuts down on its damage potential.

There is definitely one way to make this skill amazing though. If you fully first endow an entire set of generic C3 gear with Green auras to extend the duration of the smaller shikigami and then as you cast the skill, swap it all into C2 Force Shikigami equipment. This will give it an amazing boost while retaining the majority of the effects from both sets upon cast but this takes extreme amounts of grinding Outers to fully complete both such sets and specific gearing just to make this skill absurdly good.

The skill has good burst potential and beats out the awakening when comparing animation times and damage, but that's only primarily because you're also free to quickly transition into other attacks faster compared to the awakening.

Lastly, at Lv.1 this skill has enough utility to hitstun and mob from afar which is useful for pinning mobs inside your fields.


Recommended Levels: (5, Max)

You need Lv. 5 for prerequisites for Wisdom Blessing, and you use this for this the Hit Rate boost. Max and use it if you believe you are low on Hit Rate, but you can compensate for this with Emblems/Pets/Equips. It is very cheap to max, but depending on how you allocate your Hit Rate and how SP tight you are you can leave this at minimum levels too.

Ancient Memory

Recommended Levels: (0, Max)

I highly recommend this skill for the burst in intelligence it offers, but only after the various other suggested skills first.

Slow Heal
Slow Heal Upgrade

Recommended Levels: (0, 10, Max) + TP Upgrade (Max)

If you are seriously considering this skill, it should be either for the actual heal or the TP Upgrade. The vitality boost from the TP Upgrade is amazing and buffers your HP Max a lot. This will mean that the damage you take when your HP is buffed is mitigated when scaled back down, but your potions will also have less of an effect unless they're percentile based.

I definitely recommend this skill in difficult areas you are struggling with because of the fact that you can't really be of much use in a party dead anyways. As you get stronger you can drop this altogether in favour of offensive skills though. Even with a M.Exo.'s inferior vitality, the heal from this skill is very useful but the skill as a whole is a luxury because you will have to sacrifice offensive capacity to accommodate for it.

Indomitable Spirit

Recommended Levels: (0, Max)

 Very useful because all of your attacks and buffs are cast based, but can be entirely substitute by means of Super Armor potions. But if you find yourself needing the Super Armor a lot or wish to spare SP instead of money, then this is actually a pretty worthwhile skill to get.

2.4. Utility Skills:

Usual one point wonders that are amazing for what they do at level one. If you learn to use them anyways.


Recommended Levels: (0, 1)

Good for traveling through the air, combined with White Tigers the height you can reach is pretty high and not many attacks can reach you up there.

Passion Chakra

Recommended Levels: (1, 3)

Lv. 3 is the pre-requisite for the awakening, but unless you plan on dropping the awakening, I do suggest getting even Lv. 1 for the fact it's a utility enchant onto your weapon on demand. Very handy for Reshpon if you plan on running that area.

Giant Weapon Launcher

Recommended Levels: (1, 5)

Lv. 5 is a pre-requisite for Star in the Sky/Crucifix Wind/Lurking Dragon. Otherwise keep it at Lv. 1.

Please learn how to use this skill however, even if you are using rosaries the on demand Super Armor from this skill is  very handy. You can even charge it if you get Lurking Dragon and with it you can keep the Super Armor on longer.

Smasher - Cancel

Recommended Levels: (1) + Cancel (Optional)

You get Lv. 1 for free since it's the very first skill you acquire. I highly recommend the cancel because of the fact that Exorcist basic xxx combined with this skill gives it extensive range, even with rosaries.

As for the skill itself, it is amazing so do please learn how to abuse it. It'll mob and push mobs in the direction you want as well as provide an extremely long invincible frame if you have a grabbable mob at hand.

Star in the Sky
Star in the Sky - Cancel

Recommended Levels: (0, 1, 5) + Cancel (Optional)

I recommend getting this skill for the fact that it's another grab, it also does have a bunch of pre-requisites so be aware of this. Cancel is optional if you wish to get but it does require Lv. 5.

You also need this skill to cheat Reshpon if you desire to ruin the place.

Lucky Straight Punch

Recommended Levels: (1)

It's possible to max this and use Magical Damage conversion to abuse the forced critical damage at the end for amazing damage outputs.

But there's no transition into or from this skill aside from physical skills, you also have no super armor in general, you're also wearing cloth and you just placed yourself in critical danger and are probably going to die very soon. 
While this is far more suited for our physical counterparts, they themselves also cannot use it safely in Outers either. Therefore this skill is strictly limited to Hells/Ancients, because they're a lot less punishing by contrast. But again, against any super armored mob, you're going to be slapped hard, and it's going to hurt this much more since you're not wearing plate.
It's still good to use to force x-axis movements whenever you're buffed up with enough attack speed and move speed, but still just a small utility that's fine at Lv. 1 for moving about.
Second Uppercut

Recommended Levels: (0, 1)

Good utility point for basic juggling, no more. Very useful as this also hits off grounded targets as well. If you don't know how to juggle with this: xx -> GWL -> Second Upper -> GWL -> Second Upper -> repeat. Like Rising Emblem, it should give you enough time to set up some Amulets and trap targets. Learning how to juggle isn't needed but it's useful should the situation ever call for it, especially in parties. Specific examples include Castles 2 & 4/Void 2/Gobs 2.

Phoenix Hammer

Recommended Levels: (1)

This skill is here for me to tell you how amazing the invincible frame is from pulling a weapon out the ground can be. While you can also acquire invincible frames just as well with Smasher the main difference is this on demand without the need of a grabbable monster. Since it's a free skill that all priests can get, it's a very useful utility skill to learn how abuse.

I suggest practicing how to use this because it can save you a lot in Outer, examples being:
  • Goblins 2: During the countdown timer from 5 you can avoid the explosion by using Phoenix Hammer the exact moment you see 1. This will save you if you are paying attention rather than idly letting someone callously feed.
  • Goblins 5: You can bomb the machine yourself by waiting to use Phoenix Hammer when the bomb flashes itself, or counting a half second after throwing.
  • Rang 4: When the nuke has reached about half way down the screen, that is when you should Phoenix Hammer.
  • Rang 6: Run into a corner, focus on the timer on the nearest Land Runner. When it hits 0, Phoenix Hammer.
  • Castles 3: Should a fake die, use Phoenix hammer the moment you realize this.
  • Bakal 6: When Bakal uses his Meteor attack, the moment you see the entire floor paved with the yellow Circle indicators pointing out where they'll land is when you use Phoenix Hammer.
Because most of these cases usually result in a death if you mistime, I can understand why most would be afraid of learning how to use this but an attempt to learn how to use this and survive is better than not trying at all in all of these cases too. Otherwise everywhere else it's not as useful or needed, so do not fret about needing to learn how to use this if that is your case.

Crucifix Wind

Recommended Levels: (0, 1, 5)

You need Lv. 5 for various other physical prerequisites, but this is a physical one point wonder that helps a lot for what it costs and does. However again, this is choice as said before. It's only ever useful for herding mobs then layering amulets above them as they're snared.

Chaos Hammer

Recommended Levels: (0, 5)

Please do not actively go out of your way to get this, you need Lv. 5 of this for prerequisites for Atomic Smash. Therefore if you're planning on that I suggest you learn how to use this anyways, it's good for clipping and pinning mobs down after gathering. Works well in conjunction with Atomic Smash since they're both physical attacks designed for physical exorcists.

Atomic Smash

Recommended Levels: (0, 1)

One point is all you need to mob non-SA enemies and tie down in place with Suppression Amulet or Furious Grab, then spam away with whatever arsenal of skills you chose. Despite all the physical requirements for this skill, for what it does at Lv. 1 is abusable enough to warrant the SP cost if you choose to get it. Otherwise you can likewise allocate your spare SP elsewhere.

This skill has invincible frames as well in the case you ever need to abuse it, it's the moment before you smash down and after you swirl your weapons to gather. You can chain this with Smasher and SitS to avoid damage and give yourself breathing space if you get these skills.

Lurking Dragon

Recommended Levels: (0, 1)

Only consider getting this if you've fulfilled the prerequisites for various other physical utilities. Otherwise, do not actively go out of your way to get this. For how much it costs, charging GWL and Crucifix Wind is definitely handy at times because of on demand/long SA and longer hitstun/timing for Crucifix Wind.

Some places where the on demand SA from GWL is useful would be Bakal 4 to stay within yellow boxes, and Voids 6 to avoid falling down from stray bombs when you're on top of timer bombs. The extended hitstun on Crucifix Wind helps keeps held down long enough for you to reach them as said before.

2.5. Quest Point Distribution:

Assuming you've fullfilled every epic quest and acquire most of the QP to allocate to the suggested stats and because of the fact that you can reset your allocations repeatedly for an increased fee each time I'll only give suggestions which stats are useful to acquire.

Intelligence: Increases damage, you need to max this for magic.
Vitality: Very useful for increasing HP Max and HP Regens and surviving in difficult places, definitely get this if you find yourself dying often or struggling in certain areas. Works very well with Slow Heal Upgrade vitality buffs.

Spirit: Affects your MP Max and MP Regens, but also improves your Wisdom Blessing's Int./M.Atk. scalings. Despite that, this'll affect your MP Regens tremendously as well.

Movement Speed: There's nothing bad with more movement speed but nothing good about it either, consider this a luxury really.

Magical Critical: More damage, get this.

Hit Rate: Like Strike, you can compensate for Hit Rate in many many other areas, but max it if you cannot afford that liberty elsewhere or scale down to have at least 20% to rarely miss.

HP Replenish: Only consider getting this if you're getting Vitality QP as otherwise it's not worth it.

MP Replenish: I definitely consider this a must max even without Spirit QP just because of how large the MP Regen is.

Elemental Attack: Since all M.Exo. attacks are mainly light now this'll affect a large majority of them as well so definitely a worthwhile investment.

 I definitely suggest maxing all the QP parameters that help improve your damage, but then afterwards you'll usually have enough QP to decide between vitality and spirit parameters. It's a toss up between whether you wish to pay for more MP or HP Potions, but please go for the choice that you believe benefits you most at the time. Remember you can reset QP at anytime so nothing is set in stone with this system unlike your skill build.

3. Equipment: 

3.1. Weapons:

Weapons are extremely important so these take priority over everything else first. Ideally speaking, you acquire a high level reinforced rosary because there aren't really any amazing effects on rosaries in general, with an exceptional few. Remember that the rarer the weapon, the better the scaling as you upgrade it but it'll also cost more to mass reinforce. I suggest at a minimum of +11 if you can afford the loss, and while this class is not extremely dependent on upgrades you will definitely see a difference in performance with more and more piercing in Ancients/Outers.

Lastly, all gear is suggested from worst/cheapest to best/expensive without upgrades. I would definitely take +13 Calabazas over +12 Constances as an example.
Reccomended Weapons:

Lv. 70 - Calabaza: Magic Sealed makes this extremely cheap, suggested options in order of priority: Armorbreaker/Smash/Deathblow/M.Crit./M.Atk/Int. (+/%) Demon/Undead damage bonuses get a mention since endgame areas are filled with them and they work very well with black rings.

Lv. 70 - Tainted Dimensional Rosary: Exorcist: You find these in C3, and if you plan on running them a lot you'll run into a bunch of these. If they succeed double endows of your choice with a good reinforcement then they can be ideal to use as well. Something to note is they have a lower base M.Atk. than Calabazas but higher pierce scaling.

Lv. 60 - Cannibal Skull Rosary: One of the cheapest pink rosaries to upgrade, otherwise nothing really special about this aside from skill bonuses.

Lv. 65 - Dimensional Clock: The cooldown proc on Shikigami isn't amazing but it's essentially free if you find it, and its piercing scales very well due to its high level and rarity.

Lv. 65 - Constance Beads: Has an Int. proc on casts and extremely high base stats which make it extremely suitable for endgame.

Lv. 60 - Rosary of Mercy: M.Atk. proc on getting hit, while it sounds bad it's a lot more useful than the other choices, problem is Gabe only recipe so it'd be difficult to mass produce higher grades.

Lv 55 - Seven Dragon Beads:+2 Max Thunderbolts and Lightning hit interval reduction on Lightning Amulet make this one of the best. Epic only sadly, but the effects are enough to compensate for its low level and stats.
Lv. 60 - Rosary of the Agonized Cleric: Chance of casting with +5 levels on Tortoise/Lightning Ammy and high base stats make this good, but again being an epic make this drop only.

Lv. 65 - Trigram Divination Rosaries: +10% Size Increase in Suppression Amulet and high base stats are the only going thing for this but it's strong.

   These are possible alternatives based on their useful weapon effects, but they are rather expensive/difficult to acquire. Also to note, even without upgrades they are still rather useful for swapping for the awakening if you can afford the luxury.

Lv. 60 - Crux Fidelis: +20% Light damage only makes this good for awakening since base stats on crosses make this on par with Cannibals/Mercy for your percentile skills. However, if the upgrades are high enough this can turn out to be a really good weapon along with the lowered cooldowns on all magic skills since it's a cross. But remember you're competing with Crusaders for this weapon, who do not require the upgrades as much as you either.

Lv. 60 - Scythe of Diabolus: +20% Critical damage is amazing assuming you can upgrade this far enough, and as well as maintain a high level of magic critical to supplement it. However scythes do not have that good of a magic scaling and you'll have to compete with Avengers for these in the market.


These are not main damage dealers, but rather easily abusable  effects should you ever get the chance to stumble upon any of these in various cases.
Lv. 45 - Black Scythe of Nilvas: Rare, but useful against bosses at the beginning since the HP proc is based off of current HP. Afterwards swap to your main weapon against after a while.
Lv 55 - Scythe of Redeath: +40% Counter Damage. Along with Crux Fidelis, this is a good weapon swap for the Awakening if the bonus applies.

Lv. 60 - Wooyo's Cross: Cast with a chance to proc invincibility on the entire party makes this very useful when needed and since all your attacks and buffs are cast based, this will work very well in any situation.

Lv. 50 - Grandis's Silver Cross:+50% Undead Damage, useful for swapping on awakening against Floo. Low stats on this doesn't make this a main weapon viable sadly.

3.2. Accessories

Most accessories/Sub-Equips/Magic Stones/Titles are very versatile and can be slotted in various set ups hence why I'll be discussing them after weapons. For more detailed stats/descriptions consult the in-game equiptionary, however I'll list the unwritten details and various opinions on each of them. Again everything is listed from worst to best, specific bonus damage modification items will be at the end due to their situational gains.

When augmenting accessories etc, refer to this guide on damage interactions to make sure you can get the most out of whatever set ups you're designing.


Lv. 55 - Heartneck Mask:Debuffs enemy mobs with -6 elemental resistance. Stacks twice. This'll always be in effect, however it only works on mobs one at a time therefore only really ever useful against bosses or 1v1 rooms.

Lv. 55 - Frozen Soul:Attack with a 5% chance to summon Rime's ice pick. This is extremely useful and amazing considering how this works well with the array of skills you have at hand. Can backlash on you on mobs like Agonis/Cinder however.

Lv. 68 - Sorcerer's Glass Beaded Bracelet: +5% Cast speed and 5% chance to proc SA for 10 seconds is very useful, but can probably get you killed since you don't fall down or get hit-stunned. Can be easily substituted with Super Armor potions but with how often this procs, it's always up half the time.

Lv. 58 - Bracelet of Deadly Screams: +7% Magical/Physical Critical makes this a very good choice if you can afford to grind for it. Can be outdone with Magic Sealed now, but effort & time vs. cost.

Lv. 50 - Hero of the Bantu: +10% more damage on dragon type mobs. Extremely useful in Bakal/Castles Outers if you can afford to slot it in anyways. It's an extra hit so this works very well with black rings too.

Lv. 55 -  Yellow Dragon Bracelet: Same as above except with human types.


Lv. 55 - Brisingamen: +4% M.Crit. & +3 levels to Ancient Memory are okay. Can be outdone with magic sealed but if you find it, consider using it.

Lv. 55 - Yellow Dragon Necklace: Max of +10 elemental damage, good to get if nothing else to use because of various damage conflicts.

Lv. 58 - Necklace of Deadly Screams: +8% Increase in damage, one of the best necklaces to get. Reminder it doesn't stack with Smash mods/Black Pearl - Mist/Reshpon Belt on all damage and counters respectively. So organize accordingly.

Lv. 55 - Soul Chaser: +20% Base Magical/Physical Damage make this one of the best accessories to find and stacks with everything.


Lv. 55 - Light Spirit Ring: +16 Light damage is fine, but the summon is extremely annoying and can backlash on you due to the fact it aggros mobs away from you or sets off various gimmicks.

Lv. 55 - Ancient Elven Ring:  Magic attack with a 6% chance to increase int by 9%. Stacks twice. This is a great ring for general usage but gets outdone in many specific cases. So it depends whether or not you're willing to go the distance for the hassle. It's good for swapping for the int buff at least.

Lv. 68 - Black Ring: Slow: Remember that this doesn't work on bosses. That aside this ring is one of the best investments you could put into as it'll devour HP off of mobs with Holy Amulet. It works off of current HP like most HP procs but with Specialty/Multi-hit Holy Amulet it works very well.

Lv. 68 - Black Ring: Immobility: This basically does the samething as the above except with immobility. Suppression Upgrade & Furious Grab is enough to justify getting this ring for slow-immune mobs or altogether replace Black Ring: Slow. Regardless, I'd equally suggest this along with slow ring.

Lv. 55 - Black Pearl - Mist: +20% Magic Counter damage. Having Tortoises grabbing enemies will annul its bonuses but ideally you'd use this at boss rooms since black rings can outpace its gains.  You won't notice the gain in damage unless you have at least a +12 weapon to back it up, but this is another great ring that's a worthwhile investment if you can afford it because against bosses you'll get the bonus very easily.

Lv. 65 - Kuro Ring: +40% Counter damage. Same case with Pearl but +40%, being an epic means drop only, however definitely one of the best to find.

Lv. 55 - Banishing Finger: +30% Demon damage. Extremely useful in Voids/Reshpon/Dark Side really specific areas but still amazing.

3.3. Sub-Equipment:

Lv. 60 - Ceave's Talisman: Exorcist: +1 Furious Grab Upgrade & Suppression Upgrade. Handy if you're stacking Suppression upgrade levels.

Lv. 65 -  Ancient Wonder: Hyperion (Magic): +1 Awakening/Chakra/Lightning Amulet, good for general usage.

Lv. 60 - Teida Liquor Glass: +70 Exorcism Parameter.  Good if you need to compensate for EP in outers, otherwise consider an Immunity Sub.

Lv. 65 - Wooden Cup of the Prophet: +80 Exorcism Parameter. Same as above.

Lv. 60 - Michael's Blessing: +100 Exorcism Parameter. Same as above but if you happen to ever find instead.

Lv.65 - Blue Evil Spirited Stone: Applies one of the following under status effects: +35 Int/+5% M.Crit./+10% HP or MP. Ghost Train buyable, good to consider if you're willing to run for it. Helps in Reshpon and Dark Side.

Lv. 70 - Suju Exorcist Escort's Gloves: M.Atk gloves, these are the highest leveled and cheapest, so consider these for damage boosts.

Lv. 60 - Moien's Slaghterer Gloves: Same as above but unique scaling give this a far more bigger edge.

Lv. 65 - Teida Massacre: Same as above, but only 5 more M.Atk. so justify the costs if you can.

Lv. 60 - Saint Aura: Best M.Atk. glove to acquire.

 Lv. 65 Floo's Spirited Seal: Respond to attacks with a 5% chance of cursing enemy for 30s. Attack with 3% chance of reducing enemy magic & physical defenses by 20%. Extremely rare but very useful, can use as swap item as well so remember this.

3.4. Magic Stone:

 Lv. 65 - Elven Warrior's Medal: Exorcist: +1 True Black Tortoise. Good if you can't afford much else and for swapping.

Lv. 65 - Alicia's Tear: +30 Light damage. Very good light damage tear affecting almost all your skills basically, you won't be able to find much more higher than this other than epics.

Lv. 60 - Fused High Spirit Tear: +36 All elemental damage. Mainly using this for the fact it's more light damage than Alicia's if you find one anyways.
Lv. 65 - Glaerin's Tear: +45 Light damage. Best for pure light damage gains on a magic stone slot.

Lv. 65 - Dark Spirited Thunderbolt Stone:: +8 Light damage & +10% Undead damage. Very useful for Ghost Train/Screaming Cave/Noire. Ghost Train buyable only therefore requires grinding for it but good substitute in general since it adds some light damage.
Lv. 65 - Evil-Spirited Flame Stone:  +12 Fire damage & +10% Demon damage. Not using it for fire damage. The demon damage effect however, is good enough to warrant Light damage loss in specific areas. Made for Reshpon/Voids/Dark Side, remember that this effect and the above stone are extra hits so use them to boost damage and abuse black rings.

3.5. Titles:

Ozma's Minion: 1% chance when casting & 2% chance when attacking to summon Lv. 10 Bremen around you. This is one of the cheapest and best titles to get. Works well to debuff slow immune mobs for black rings or to debuff mobs as a swap. It always expires in 15 days but if you do the Drill Quests daily you'll have enough for a copy all the time.

Snow Fighter Nice: Dash with a 4% chance of increasing Movespeed and Castspeed by 4% for 30s. Good to get since the base stats offer a lot for magic.

Ultimate Snow Fighter: Same as above but with +15% town Movespeed.
Ultimate/Violent Night - Intelligence: Attack with a 5% chance of increasing Castspeed and Movespeeds by 7% and Int. by 30 for 30s. Good title.
Wonderland - Red Queen: Buffs the following +30 Str/Int & +10% P.Crit./M.Crit. every 50s for 30s. Very good title for the M.Crit. buff and very consistent without a need to constantly proc it.
 Green Empyrean Ambassador: Cast with a 4% chance of increasing Castspeed by 5% and M.Crit. by 20% for 30s. Has a down time of roughly 30s as well, still very good for the extremely high M.Crit. buff. There's a small stat bonus that varies with each title, I suggest M.Crit./Light Damage/Int. or whatever you can get at least because the M.Crit. Buff is pretty immense by itself.

 Apostle's Descendant: Isis/Lotus/Delezie/Anton/Ozma/Cain's

Isis: +7% Additional Damage to Dragon/Spirit Types
Lotus: +7% Additional Damage to Human/Beast Types
Delezie: +7% Additional Damage to Demon/Ghost Types

These versions cover all the Ancient/Outer types and add another hit for Black Ring abuse as well as damage so it is very worthwhile to get them all if you plan on farming those regions.

Ozma: +7% Additional Back Attack Damage
Anton: +7% Additional Counter Damage

These versions are also useful since they generalize based on your attacks rather than enemy type, but remember you don't always counter or back attack so you can't as easily abuse their gains compared to the racial variations.

Cain's: +20% Critical Increase when Counter-Attacking at a 10% Chance.

This is for pure damage and of course works very well in any set up. Cain's M.Crit. title proc is 20% like Empyrean Ambassador but the upkeep is almost 100%  and far more consistent since this class does counter a lot. Cain's title is definitely the one I'd recommend if you had to choose only one out of all of these.

Scared Stiff: +18 Elemental Damage. This is roughly 9% increase in elemental damage, assuming you had none to begin with. The main plus of this title is the gains are consistent and stack with any set up, the down side are the diminishing returns of stacking elemental damage and the fact it only modifies base damage values.

Ghastly Gaze: +10 Increase in Damage. This mimics Smash type damages and doesn't stack with SC Necklace/Pearl/Reshpon Belt etc.  But it's still 10% compared to SC Necklace's 8% and frees up the necklace slot if you needed to. 

Worthwhile to get for pure damage set ups, but admittedly I prefer using Apostle Series and leave this one for Bosses only.

3.6. Armors:

Full armor sets lack versatility and as you get more and more gear, you'll slowly replace them piece by piece destroying entire set effects. This is why I advise against any full ensemble unless you plan on making that your final set up. As for what kind of sets are available, I've listed the following in order of worst to best assuming the most effort placed into them and depending how far you plan on taking your exorcist throughout DFO. 
Lastly, click on the image captions to be re-directed to a detailed list of set effects.

Legacy: Silky Yarn Set of Vulcan

I truly suggest against legacies, however they still have a viable use if you just have a lot of money and no desire to play videogames when they get hard. If you're willing to settle at this level of gear, then I can only suggest the Vulcan set seeing as the bonuses are the most optimized and beneficial for M.Exo. Remember that since this is a set you basically need to have the full armor for the boosts and all, and you cannot afford to replace a single slot etcetc.

Magic Sealed Accessories & Armor

Magic Sealed Armors are extremely versatile/useful/cheap and in fact can beat out even Reshpon Armors. However this is assuming you acquire all the maximal gains to make it better than Reshpon Armors, because you could also just spend 100k for an entire set of really crappy stats. 

In fact, if you're rolling with poorly rolled gear from leveling to cap, consider yourself below legacies right now and that something should be done about it. One of the main reasons this can best various armor sets is because of how useful the stat variation can be and each piece can function individually working themselves into any set up. Ideal stats in order of top priority should be:
  • Top/Bottom/Belt/Shoes: M.Crit. Aura/Int./Int. Aura
  • Shoulder: M.Crit./M.Crit Aura/Int.
  • Bracelet/Necklace/Ring: M.Crit. Aura/Int./Int. Aura
  • Sub-Equipment/Magic Stone: M.Crit./Int.
Realistically speaking, stacking M.Crit. is best since you can never have enough of it unless you somehow cap 100%, which is impossible. Again, if you're willing to spend the time and money to find 3-liner armors with at least 2 out of 3 of the suggested options and then roll for the 3rd remaining choice and kaleido-box them all til S rank these can beat Reshpon Armors.

But really, you'll more than likely get 1 or 2 liners of the suggested stats with a B tier in M.Crit. and while that'd be worse than legacies, it'd still function very well as an intermediary set up for better armors as well as costing very little.

Black Plague Dark Hair Set

After completing the Reshpon epic quest line you can do a daily for the vaccines required for each piece of armor. It's 2 a day and 100 for each piece, meaning 50 days for any piece assuming Gabriel never comes along to sell you any extra. Therefore it is a 250 day grind for the entire armor set as of our current version of DFO. Stats of the following individual pieces in order of suggested priority are:

  • Top: +110 Int Base & 75 MP/Min Regen.
  • Shoes: +66 Int Base & 10% Chance for 2% of HP/MP healed on counterattacks (3s cooldown).
  • Shoulder: +3% Castspeed & 8 All Elemental damage.
  • Belt: +10% Counter Damage.
  • Pants: +2% Movespeed & 30% Chance of causing a shockwave when using Quick Rebound & 3% Chance of increasing all stats by 3% when hit.
Because of how long and tedious the grind is there's also a 3 & 5 Piece effect, the set as a whole is only decent, but boasts a high level of stats with only needing to complete one of the hardest dungeons in DFO daily on a regular basis. While exorcists can cheat the dungeon and all, I do not suggest this as an endgame set up because of the broad and general boosts the set as a whole offers. 

However individually I highly recommend using them to slot in various sets up if you can't acquire the better suggested gears. In fact as you can see the Top/Shoes provide an enormous base int, the shoulders provide light damage, and lastly the belt gives an amazing +10% Counter Damage boost. 

Something to be aware of is that I'd actually suggest the belt first, but because of how damage interactions behave, depending on your set up you might or might not be able to fully utilize it anyways. Otherwise, your ideal first 3-piece be between the first suggest top four.

Chronicle 2: Armors & Accessories

Chronicle 2 Gears are drop only from Outers, and they drop in specific rooms based on difficulty. Non-Powerful versions drop in Normal~Masters Difficulties and are weaker than their Powerful counterparts which drop on Kings road only. Check the Equiptionary for which room/area/difficulty a specific piece drops from.

If you haven't learned already, Outers require a stat called Exorcism Parameter, which ironically only Chronicle Gears will provide a sufficient amount of. All of the suggested armor sets I have mentioned do have Exorcism Parameters to an extent, but understand that as the difficulty in roads increases, so do the EP requirements. Having less than the suggested requirement causes a stat penalty which basically debilitates you from actually being useful in Outers. For Normal/Experts/Masters/Kings the EP requirements are 200/250/300/350 respectively and in fact does belittle the previous effort you have put into your previous gears. However, these pieces are indeed worthwhile because they modify your skill damage and behaviours rather than just offer sheer stats alone and can definitely outpace mediocre stat based armor sets if you put in enough effort. Remember whatever skill modifications you ideally want is your choice but you'll still have to find them to begin with and deal with whatever the RNG rolls towards you. When you're starting out in C2 Outers, you'll first have to find ANY cloth based armors and accessories to wear for EP, and slowly replace whatever gear you have at hand to compensate for EP.

  • Normal: Bottom/Belt/Ring
  • Experts: Top/Shoulder/Bracelet
  • Masters: Shoes/Necklace/Weapon
  • Kings: Everything of the above as Powerful versions/Set Gears
Out of all the skill mods possible, the most viable I can suggest from best to worst are:
  • Specialty/Force: Holy Amulet
  • Force/Fierce: White Tiger
  • Fierce/Force: Lightning Amulet
  • Fierce/Force: Shikigami Legion
Fierce reduces cooldowns, Force increases damage, Specialty increases hits on Holy Amulet. In fact, these are probably the few limited option you have available as a M.Exo. anyways disregarding Zooming/Intense Lightning Amulet because it's useless. Anyways, it's best to specifically get a ton of a single type of skill modification to really see improvements or changes in gameplay. A general note is that if you stack more and more Force type mods you'll get more and more boosts from additional Force pieces. Fierce mods have a diminishing return but the initial few pieces you acquire will have the most significant reduction to cooldowns. Specialty is exclusive to Holy Amulet and I highly recommend trying to get as many pieces of Specialty Holy Amulet because it just works so well with Black Ring: Slow and sets the bar very high. Otherwise for sheer power, Force mods on any of the suggested skills along with a Black Pearl - Mist can generate extremely high damage outputs.

However, before you fully dedicate yourself to such a pursuit please consider the next following option from recent updates.

Chronicle 3: Armors & Accessories & Special Equipments

The Chronicle 3 gear system works differently from C2 and is much easier to acquire skill modifications of your choice, as well as including a Sub-Equipment and Magic Stone variant that C2 does not have. You need only to find the appropriate subclass gear of your armor type since we also get plate drops for P.Exo. and along with finding the proper coloured aura for specific skill modifications. Red Aura increases a skill's damage, Blue Aura reduces a skill's cooldown, and Green Aura is a specific unique effect individual to each skill.

  • Normal: Bottom/Shoes/Ring
  • Experts: Top/Belt/Necklace
  • Masters: Bracelet/Shoulder/Weapon
  • Kings: Everything of the above/Set Gear
 However, the entry requirements are extremely steep and are: 300/450/600/750 for Normal/Experts/Masters/Kings respectively. To even enter normal road requires that you have acquired C2 gears to get enough EP or complete the Immunity feat line for the Immunity Series gears. I do not suggest bothering with the latter because it'll be fodder entry gear that is only useful for normal road and gets slowly phased out of your inventory. Even C2 gears with class specific modifications will still retain their usage because first endowed C3s are usually far weaker than C2 comparatively.

As an example a powerful C2 Force Holy Amulet Top increases its damage by 9%, non-powerful is 8%, and respective Force Holy Amulet C3 Top is 6%. While it might be a 3% difference at first glance, remember that the modifications are all multiplicative and between a full set of Powerful C2 and full set of first endowed C3 the emphasis on the small difference becomes very apparent when compared.

However, the main difference is that you endow twice for two different kinds of effects at the same time as well as the fact that C3 Gears give you the required EP necessary to run higher roads. This means that while double endowed C3 CAN beat C2 with specific combinations and modifications, the main problem is that while the first endow will always succeed now the second endow is roughly a 20% or so chance of success.

With how easy it is to acquire a full set of first endowed C3 Gear, and with how much you can benefit from it I highly recommend putting in the effort to do this because this beats out all the previous armor suggestions I've mentioned so far with regards to effort : reward ratios. As for suggested modifications, you're free to explore and make what skill choices you desire, but for an initial set up to clear C3 easier and to acquire more C3 pieces I suggest:

  • Green/Blue - Holy Amulet: For abusing black rings, multi-hits and hitstun locking.
  • Green or Blue/Red - Holy Amulet: For sheer power, also best against bosses.
  • Red/Blue - White Tiger: These modifications will allow it to outpace Holy Amulet.
Yes, there are other set ups like Green/Blue - Black Tortoise & Blue/Green - Lightning Amulet and if you choose to opt for them feel free to do so, but remember that the amount of effort placed into producing a full double endowed set up could've also gone into another one as well. You should take note that because of the high EP values these armors provide that that you can also use them in C2 dungeons as well.

End of Days & Space Distortion
Chained Fury & Soul Savior
Set gear is endgame for this class. Since they only function in segments of 3 pieces per set effect, you're ideally looking to slot them in the right places with the necessary amount for active effects. As for the sets themselves, they usually beat whatever combination of generic C2/C3 gear modifications you could combine due to how much more they change or exclusively alter certain skills. For both C2 & C3, they're divided into AoE oriented and 1v1 focus, so here's a mild breakdown of all the sets and what skills they're mainly oriented about:

Space Distortion: Holy Amulet/Piercing the Darkness
End of Days: Red Phoenix Amulet/Lightning Amulet/White Tiger
Chained Fury: Suppression Amulet/Rising Emblem/Shikigami Legion
Soul Savior: Black Tortoise/White Tiger

And obviously speaking they work best with supplementary Chronicle gears that also modify those same skills.

Unfortunately the set armors for M.Exo. are also divided in half to allocate for P.Exo. as well. On the bright side both sets are worthwhile if you fully augment the modifications by backing them up with the appropriate suggested gear and properly build to their usage. Sadly, you don't get to choose what drops because of RNG. 

So take what you can get and always use it in conjunction with regular C2/C3 gear.

As for the few pieces that you can grind for and the remaining that drop:

C2 Set:
  • After completing the C2 Epic line, you get a Kings Feat line which leads into a C2 Set Necklace & Shoe of your choice. 
  • You can do this twice so essentially you should have End of Days & Space Distortion: Necklace & Shoes.
  • Dorothy sells all Set Rings & Pants of your choice for 170 & 225 Superior Incarnates that drop inside C2 dungeons. There's a total of 39 a day you can get at most so keep this in mind.
  • Both End of Days & Space Distortion pieces all drop at Castles Nebulous. I'm seriously not even kidding, check the Equiptionary. If you're only looking for these two sets then you need only to run this place and ignore the rest.
C3 Set:
  •  After completing the C3 Epic line, you get follow up 5/5/5 completion quests for Experts/Masters/Kings. After finishing the Kings feat you get ONE set necklace of your choice. This is either Chained Fury or Soul Savior, so choose carefully.
  • Klonter sells all Set Shoes & Rings of your choice for 170 & 250 Dimensional Fragments that drop inside C3 dungeons. There's a total of 30 frags that drop altogether, but it's easier to accrue fragments by failing double endows after reinforcing them.
  • All the remaining set pieces drop equally from all areas, so there's no one set area to run unlike C2. Refer to Equiptionary for specifics.
Some effects are extremely useful but you should only attempt to accommodate them only if you can afford to. Chronicle Sets unlike regular gear can interchange on ALL slots, which are usually divided into Armor/Accessories/Sub & Stone divisions. You ideally wish to make room for items such as black rings/pearl/soul chaser etc but only if you've found the room to do so and can afford the EP as well.
Now, if you've looked at the C2 Sets and C3 Sets comparatively then you might notice that 3 & 6 Piece C2 Space Distortion/End Of Days are far far better than 3 & 6 Piece C3 Soul Savior/End Of Days. This is true and the drop pool sizes reflect this as well. It is far easier to accrue C3 Set Gears because of the smaller drop pool and the fact that there are 11 Set Pieces that can be worn with needing only 9 to attain the full effects. In turn this explains why only the 9 Piece C3 Effects are absurd to compensate for their lackluster 3 & 6 Piece effects. 

Also to note, this might or might not occur depending on how often you run Outers but mixing up sets is fine too across all sets. All of them are very versatile and synergize well enough with one another, but only if you have them filling up the proper slots to do so. Some examples such as:
  • 3/3 End Of Days & Space Distortion
  • 3/3 End Of Days & Soul Savior
  • 3/3 Space Distortion & Soul Savior
  • 3/3 End Of Days & Chained Fury
  • 6/3 Space Distortion & Chained Fury
  • 6/3 Soul Savior & Space Distortion
  • 6/3 Chained Fury & End Of Days  
These are FAR more easier to combine and achieve than one pure set because you can substitute with another set item rather than focusing on finding that exact one drop from that one room in that one area. Believe me, these are just intermediary combinations that still fall short to full ideal C2 6 Piece & C3 9 Piece but any set item you find will always be a gain for this particular subclass. Acquiring the proper set items in the ideal slots take monumental effort, but luckily you can run both Outers daily to maximize gains so there's that at least.

If you haven't figured out what are the most optimal set ups are yet, then you want full armors + bracelet for C2 sets or everything minus ring for C3 sets because you want to make room for the useful accessories or item mods that give the most effect.

6 Piece Space Distortion/End Of Days + Soul Chaser + Black Pearl - Mist + Saint's Aura + Glaerin's Tear
9 Piece Chained Fury/Soul Savior + Black Pearl - Mist & 3 Piece Space Distortion/End Of Days Swap
For Specific Enemy Usage
Weapons are excluded due the fact it can be anything as long as it's strong enough. For the first set up it's limited to C2 Dungeons and below for now, but it is still an extremely powerful set up regardless as C3 is fully optional to run. 

As for the C3 Sets they're made to dominate C3 itself when built accordingly towards their usage. At this point it does mean you have to optimize your build around your gear, but considering the play style changes it's usually for the best. As for 9 Piece C3 Sets, they can be used everywhere but obviously shine the most in C3 Outers due to their specific skill modifications and because of how game design operates in their favour there.

To clarify on the C3 set up, you ideally set down Lightning Amulet/Suppression Amulet/White Tigers and swap to 3 piece Space Distortion/End Of Days as their 3 Piece modifications affect your low CD spammables while the 9 Piece effects modify static independent entities that retain their 9 Piece modifications until their expiration. You can get very creative with this mechanic depending on how you utilize it at this point and I've only suggested the best I thought that was viable. Logically speaking Necklace/Shoes/Pants would be the easiest to acquire as a 3 Piece swap after C3 9 Piece, but anything else can really work.

4. Avatars

Hat/Hair: Int.

There's no other choice.

Top: Holy Amulet/White Tiger/Lightning Amulet/Frigid Chakra

If you really care about Frigid Chakra that much, swap it with another advance top version or something.

Bottom: HP Max/MP Max

Pant stats are kind of pointless seeing as they don't really modify offensive parameters. MP is if you run out of it, HP is if you can't take a hit but these are both null points if you become strong enough such that neither really matter.

Torso/Face: Abnormal Status Resist/Attack Speed

Status Resist is only ever really best if you can get 100% of it without compromising Emblem Slots or anything else, but unlike Crusaders M.Exos can't achieve this sort of liberty. Attack Speed is more useful if you have physical utility but otherwise it's useless without those skills.

Waist: Evasion/Weight Increase

You'll never really get enough Evasion for it to matter, and relying on such a small probability in the midst of combat is... up to individual discretion. You can never have too much inventory weight despite using cloth armor and being very light anyways, it's just that it adds so much weight it's just a bigger bonus compared to Evasion personally speaking but that's still preference.

Shoes: Movement Speed

It's this or Strength.

Skin: Physical Reduction/Magical Reduction 

Neither really matters, but I'd suggest physical since cloth never provides enough defense anyways but magic based damage is more prominent in endgame areas.

Being quite frank, the only avatar stats that really matter are about Hat/Hair & Top so prioritize them first. This is because there's very little use for the other stat gains and you'd ideally only get them because there's nothing better.

4.1. Emblems

Hat/Hair: Intelligence/Dual Intelligence & Magic Critical Emblems

Torso/Face: Casting Speed/Attack Speed Emblems

Waist/Shoes: Hit Rate Emblems/Movement Speed Emblems

Top/Bottom: Magic Critical/Dual Intelligence & Magic Critical Emblems

  • Black Tortoise Platinum Emblem
  • Lightning Amulet Platinum Emblem
  • Cast with 2% Chance of Increasing Casting by 5% etc Platinum Emblem
  • Cast with 2% Chance of Increasing Movement Speed by 5% etc Platinum Emblem 
  • 5% Town Movement Speed Platinum Emblem
  • Giant Weapon Launcher Platinum Emblem
This is a suggested variety of platinum emblems due to the fact that there's no real choice and the skill platinums are only limited to semi-decent skills too.

5. Enchants:

I definitely suggest enchanting last because they're stats bound to armor and accessories. Meaning you best have a good endgame set up or gear that you might be sticking to for a long while to ensure they're put to good use. Otherwise I'd suggest getting the actual gear first because some of the higher quality enchants cost a ton, but if you can afford the lower quality enchants then I'd recommend using those in the meantime.
To make this quick and easy I'll list what are the ideal enchants that are limited to each equipment and then list the Cards/Beads that provide the various stats to easily refer to them by name. They're organized from cheapest/worst to best/expensive because enchants should usually be the last things to consider as said before therefore keeping track of the cheap enchants to use on various intermediate gears is good to do.

Top/Bottom - M.Atk/Intelligence:

 Deranged Imposter: +15 M.Atk.

Agram The Witch: +18 M.Atk. 

Gershun Grigun: +20 M.Atk. 

Pandemos Floo: +25 M.Atk. 

Moth Queen: +30 Intelligence 

Phantasmal Delezie: +35 Intelligence

Jericho Crawford: +38 Intelligence 
Ozma of Chaos: +40 Intelligence 

Shoulders/Shoes/Belt:M.Crit./HP Max
UM-0 Ultimatum: +250 HP Max (Shoulders/Shoes/Belt)
 Duke Agonis: +5% Magic Critical (Shoulders)

 Yellow Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead: +3% Magic Critical (Shoes/Belt)

Bracelet/Necklace/Ring - M.Crit./Light Damage:

Aracloso: +6 Light Damage

Magneus: +9 Light Damage 

Michael: +11 Light Damage 

Captain Petrilisk: +12 Light Damage 

Magic Critical Boost Bead: +2% Magic Critical 

Sub-Equipment - M.Atk:

Anondron of Darkness: +12 M.Atk./+1 Magical Critical/+1 Magic Rear Attack

6. Endgame Dungeons: 

6.1. Ancients:

I only consider Ghost Train/Reshpon hard enough to write a detailed guide on what you can do as an exorcist, the rest you can pretty much just overpower the dungeons now considering all the buffs and updates and increase in level caps. For the other Ancients refer here for example runs on what to do. Lastly, click on the dungeon selection panels to be directed to a general deonpa guide that'll provide the general information on the class. I however, will offer suggestions and ideas on what you can ideally do to clear pass each room/area.

Room 1:

For this one run up to the upper middle crevice at the top of the map. The melting knights won't be able to reach you from here and will slowly gather towards you. After they've gathered, you can just summon True Black Tortoise to snare and petrify them as you safely cross their x-axis and then just destroy them with a combination of whatever skills you want. Just remember to try to kill them all on the same spot so you can burn their remains with Phoenix Amulet or PtD & Passion Chakra.

Room 2:

You have to be able to kill Nazalo before he causes too much trouble. If you have a Leah, you can interrupt and knock him down, but most likely you won't be able to kill before he spawns more clones of himself. If you can't do enough damage to kill them all, I suggest using a black ring to help. Beyond that, this is just a room to clear with damage.

Room 3:

 Run to any corner you want. Let the imps gather around you and just set up layers of your amulets on them. They'll hitstun and blind you easily, but it's nothing to fret about. Like the Melting Knights, you gotta burn their remains or else they'll respawn. If you don't mob them up and end up having stragglers it just takes a lot of time to burn the remains and go after the remaining live ones. It's not a very difficult room, but watch out for the voids they leave behind since that can cause a lot of damage if you collide with them.

Room 4:

You can handle this room with a bunch of methods:

  • You can remove all your buffs with a World Toy.
  • You can avoid the damage backlash from Scarver eating your buffs by timing your awakening. It'll give you enough z axis to avoid damage. Smasher/Phoenix Hammer/SitS also provide a long enough invincible frame to dodge the backlash too.
Afterwards, as long as you avoid buffing yourself in any manner, you should be able to handle this room fairly easily. Just go all out if you want to, the main problem is that the rats all run about erratically so this room does a lot of time. You can use a Sleepy Clam Flesh to mob them into the corners since their AI is different from pre-innovation, but this'll still save you some time if you feel it's justifiable.

Lastly, if you have the Blue Spirited Evil Stone take it off before this room. Scarver will eat devour the buffs it gives if you get cursed from his buff blacklash and as you get debuffed over and over, the stone buffs you over and over. This will kill you if that happens.

Room 5:

Set up White Tigers and Lightning Amulet, then just run around. Attack Agonis with Holy Amulet/Furious Grab when he's red if you want, but Tigers and Lightning Amulet won't trigger status backlash on you so he's pretty much a goner against those attacks.


Watch the wind, it's never a good thing if you end up becoming a zombie as you'll waste time and lose HP due to zombie-status and poison auras from Delezie's Fragments.

Delezie has an element gimmick in which that she first absorbs the element of any attack that she is hit with, and will reflect all elemental damage of that type for a short period indicated by her cast bar.

Since M.Exo. uses mainly light based damage now you ideally wanna set to water/fire/shadow. You could also just use neutral based attacks too for her into a neutral defense state, you can still damage her but she acquires a defense boost and haste buff so I'd recommend against it unless you have to.

As for how to set elements, I suggest using either using an elemental pet such as Belz/Pareas since they have a one hit low CD elemental based attack that's easy to set elements with. If you wish to maintain usage of a marbas though, then I'd suggest using a Shadow Whisper Potion or Salamander Flask so that the first hit of Phoenix Amulet acquires an element for you to set with and for Furious Grab to be able to set an element with. Remember if you choose to use fire, you're going to suffer a bit of backlash from using Phoenix Amulet since it's a 2 hit attack but nothing to fret about unless you die from it. You cannot really afford to use other skills if you choose to use an elemental flask because moves like PtD/RPA/FG will have taken on that element and thus reflect it back onto you.

You also cannot risk using Lightning Amulet or White Tiger, despite them being useful to clear the dungeon up until Boss, they're too indiscriminate and deal light damage. Meaning if you mistime or mis-aim them you'll basically kill yourself very fast due to backlash whenever Delezie is back to normal. The only safe time to even use Lightning Amulet is when the Boss has begun to use her Tornado mode, as the amulet will last exactly as long as this phase without setting to light, assuming you do not have the TP Upgrade and timed it right.

That said, your only reliable attack that deals consistent controlled damage would be Holy Amulet. Basically set to an element, keep Suppression Amulet out all the time whenever it's off CD. Watch the wind and stay on the opposite side, and cast Holy Amulet when she's absorbed an element til she dies.

How to Cheat Instead:

When you first enter, have enough movespeed to run up and just SitS the boss.

Should you fail to do that well, basically, Delezie enters into her Tornado phase when there aren't any of her Fragments on the field. If you near her in this form, she'll spawn a bunch as long as you're close. Therefore after you've eliminated them all, this basically resets the entire cycle back to as if you've entered the room and is your only opportunity to glitch her.

But yeah, if you fail upon entering, she'll usually skip into her Tornado phase. So your focus then is to stay away as far as possible while she's in this phase, abuse slow from Holy Amulet and Suppression Amulet immobility to keep her away if you can.

Afterwards when you've glitched her, she'll be stuck in her Tornado phase vulnerable to everything you have and will not do anything. If you use Tortoises though, they'll grab her and un-glitch her, so you can technically do this in practice mode until you get the hang of it.

Basically this class can wreck this place without much gear or effort if you choose to do so.

You should pretty much aim to clear all the rooms before the mist catches up to you, while this sets a time constraint it shouldn't be an issue unless you can't handle the rooms fast enough as the mist will then kill you slowly.

Room 1:

This is a very easy room to clear, use the blockades to stop them from approaching if you want but nothing too hard that needs explanation.

Room 2:

This room randomizes between two versions.

If you get the scrub dolls version of this room, it's easier than first room.

If you get the version with the Green named variation, it can get hard.

All the dolls are grabbable by Tortoises now, so time them on any of the particularly hard ones you fight. I suggest running right and luring them towards that direction if you can, if they get caught in the mist they acquire a mild buff and become harder to kill.

First one isn't anything difficult as long as you keep your distance. Second one requires that you keep her held down or grabbed when she's casting nen guards at around 4 HP bars, if she summons her dopples bait them by casting leap and jumping over them as they seismic towards you. Third one casts Saya and collapses and gains invincibility after losing half its HP. Last one has a whip attack variation that can really hurt if you get caught too close.

If this gets too tough and too many spawn at once without you being able to handle them as they spawn, awaken on them all at once if you can.

As for the HP gimmicks that occur after a set loss of HP for each of the dolls, they can be avoided if you time a Smasher or snare with dog correctly.

Room 3:

You can actually hitstun and snare all the ghosts at once with Crucifix Wind on entering but otherwise if you get too close, they'll perform their possession gimmick and try to possess you. Approach them with backstep if that's the case, but do not face them. If you get caught, you can cure off their statuses but it wastes time as they're pretty easy to kill with any combination of attacks.

After you run past the barrier and onto the second half the map, you'll head into Conductor Rabineta. Since there's a small confine that you must stay in, it's perfect to set up White Tigers and all your amulets to clear the ghost spawns as he's invincible until they're all gone. As you break up the ghost into its unstable fragment variations, you can just either jump over them or use Phoenix Hammer to force them to detonate and avoid the damage. He'll usually do this gimmick twice unless you choose to awaken to burst all his hp down the second he's vulnerable, then rush to the door before the ghost spawns.

Room 4:

 The vanguards have insane defenses from the front, but they take an absurd bonus damage from behind. They'll also turn to face you if you get behind them, and will face that direction for about 10 seconds. There's a cooldown to this gimmick, but they usually die so fast I never timed it correctly. You can force them to turn by casting leap and jumping over them, or running behind them and back. Set up Tigers so that they crisscross them and slow them with Suppression to keep them at bay.

For Chief Saz, he'll die in one awakening if it's off CD. If not he'll be nearly dead anyways. Otherwise, he's prone to grabs and you should avoid his x axis as his birds and dolls he summons will hitstun you to no end. You can basically die to this guy if he summons too much annoying crap, but otherwise any combination of attacks can stand against him.


 Floo has an anti cube where he'll sink into the ground and reappear to bite you and bleed you. During this entire animation he is invincible and you can just walk along the y axis to avoid it.

This boss has abosutely no defenses at all when his barrier is down and he is basically always in super armor, so counter damage is giant against him.

At certain intervals as his HP lowers though, he'll set up barrier. With this barrier, he gains immense damage reduction where only piercing will only penetrate and damage him, there will also be this odd skull stick backlash that'll spawn on you in response to attacking him in his barrier. You can destroy it with attacks, but it has an extremely high amount of hp and is set to detonate and curse you if you get too close, a bunch of these close together is very lethal though. You basically have to destroy the surrounding totems that keep it up. Afterwards, as the barrier falls, Floo will summon three waves of Soul Screams that travel horizontally along the room. You can avoid this by being at the very top or bottom of the map.

He also has a shockwave gimmick where you must in time in with his screaming and if you stay on the ground, you will take damage. You can time your jump by watching Floo carefully, and as his screech emits from his mouth you jump. Or watch the screen darken and time off of that if you're too far away. At around 10 HP bars or so, he'll instead do this twice in a row from then on, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, his final string of attacks are fists erupting from the ground that try to uppercut you. Face against the direction that the Boss is facing and walk/run towards it. It'll allow you to easily avoid the damage, and if you accidentally run the other way instead, you'll get definitely get hit. This takes practice to get so test it out a bit.

You can handle this without ever using a single cube really. Holy Amulet and White Tigers when placed properly can break down his totems for his barriers well enough. If you wish to use cubes however, you must first bait his anti cube and then you are free to use them for about 10 seconds. This pretty much is the case for the awakening unless you time and break all the totems at once with the first few hits of the awakening to make way for the final hit.

This is a pretty straightforward fight if you wish to do it slowly as his insane HP regen is now gone, but if you rush things and break the barrier repeatedly too fast, then his Soul Screams will rush back and forth between the map madly and kind of make this scary.

6.2. Chronicle 2:

A quick note is that in any room with an anti-cube measure or something similar to such an effect, you are free immediately cube upon entering and they will usually not react unless you wait too long, so keep this in mind in any of the particular rooms such as Gobs 3/Castles 3 & 4 & 5.

Room 1: 

  • Mob up all the goblins and/or clear with skills or awakening. 
  • If one gets away and fully buffs up, summon dogs/suppression to bind down and finish it off. 
  • If you get hit with bleed/stun, use a Mysterious World Toy quickly. 
  • Consider using Berserk Dragon Cries if they're too close or if you want to mob them towards a direction, Lunatic Goblins do not have any super armor unless there is only one left.

Room 2: 

  • If you're feeding I suggest using a scythe but remember to keep above EP if you can. Buff with Passion Chakra for the minimal attackspeed gains and hitstun if you want. Basic xx -> GWL is enough to juggle goblins into the machine. Use a Harpas if you're having trouble juggling/launching.
  • When you enter but need to pull aggro at the beginning, just use Crucifix Wind or Lightning Amulet to draw aggro first.  Cancel Smasher helps for warping goblins into the machine, but juggling and the extensive range on scythe is only really for the fast moving goblins. 
  • Consider using Atomic Smash/Crucifix Wind/Gale Smash if you really need to snare a goblin with the bigger range. 
  • Lastly, you could also just feed with backstep, but you might get hit by the machine's explosions when eating a goblin. As for timing, try to feed to at 1 or 2 seconds if you can, otherwise you might not have enough goblins to feed with.

You can also bypass the explosion with invincibility frames, timed Phoenix Hammer/SitS/Smashers have enough CD and duration to protect you from the explosions. The timing is the moment you see the 1 second counter to use the skills.

Finally, you could also have someone else feed and sit out in the lower right.

Room 3: 

  • Either you head to the very very right of the map to not aggro the tree goblins and deal with Olli seperately or kill the tree goblins as Olli's initial invincibility runs out. Either way doesn't matter, but it's best to deal with Olli alone if you're starting out. 
  • Watch Olli very carefully, when he mentions it's time for his Spear Cage, use a cube skill or EX/Awakening skill to set off his anti cube and/or anti awakening measure. Both his anti cube and anti awakening have seperate cooldowns so use either of them to interrupt his Spear Cage. However status effects will trigger his anti cube randomly, this means Holy Amulet's Slow and Suppression Upgrade's Immobility can work against you here. 
  • Remember to stay off his x axis as well and try to attack from y axis, because his anti cube is x axis only and can pretty much kill you if all the spears connect.
  • If you get caught in Spear Cage, your partymates have to break you out or you're going to have to tank the explosion afterwards. Consider using an Immortality Formula or Sacred Blessing if this case gets really bad. Usually this happens because his anti-cube/anti-awakening measures were on cooldown and no one could interrupt. If that's the case, preempt the cages by setting up White Tigers, cast Leap, and then jump in the middle of the tiger volleys. This way you can avoid the Spear Cage because if you're high enough they won't catch you and if you get caught White Tiger volleys will break the cage afterwards if you're strong enough.

There's really no need to use cubes at all in this room, and White Tigers here can safely but slowly take out Olli if you really lack experience in this particular room.

Room 4: 

  • Kill the summoner as fast as you can with any array of skills. Beyond that the room still takes a lot of time because the goblins don't really attack back and just have a lot of HP for no real reason...
  •  If by any chance she summons Aukusos, you have to kill them fast because they're the only thing that'll cause major problems in this room. They die fast so don't worry too much. Even Lv. 1 Awakening can clear them and the summoner.

Room 5: 

  • You can bomb by tossing in 3 Oils + 1 Bomb on the machine, and using Phoenix Hammer to avoid the explosion. 
  • If you're starting out though, I highly recommend using SitS/Smasher instead and start by heading to the right. Set up Suppression Amulet to slow the first wave of goblins, then toss oil/nut/bomb and then grab them immediately afterwards. Otherwise leave it to someone else if they can do a better job reliably.
  • If you want to do this the developer intended way. Kill everything. Good luck, have fun.


There are mainly two ways to this Boss:
  • Whittle down his HP until he goes into Healing Mode and mass summons goblins, usually this is around 55~60 HP bars. When this occurs, all your damage become counters and you get a big damage bonus out of this. If you're strong enough you can wipe him out in this state in one go.
  • Alternatively, if you use Tortoises they'll interrupt his Healing Mode and if he has lower than 55 HP bars or so, he'll get off his carriage and on his feet. This is slower but easier if you don't have enough burst to kill him on his carriage. At this point just spam all your skills and definitely do use Tortoises to bind him down. In any regard, this is still an easy area to clear no matter what methods you choose to use.

Room 1: 

Nothing special about this room, just clear it and buff yourself for next room.

Room 2: 

  • The best thing to do is to wall Baulthral and his minions and bind them down with dogs and Suppression Amulet. 
  • He's immune to slow so you'll need bremen to reduce his status resistance or use a black ring immobility if you wanna abuse his massive starting HP capacity. 
  • However it's more important to kill the Orange Suited mobs so he can trip over the bombs they leave behind and die faster. Beyond that, just watch out for his bleed because he'll tend to target a specific individual or you if you're soloing.
  • Lastly, use smasher to push him into the bombs. Even if dog snares midway through your smasher, it'll still connect and he'll lose hp.

Room 3: 

Clear this room with whatever methods you want. The snipers' attacks have a lot of hitstun but nothing that should phase you too badly.

Room 4: 

  • If you're in a party, you gotta agree on whether you want him along the very top or very bottom regions as those lanes are safe from the bullet barrages he summons. Either way, make sure you set up your amulets after you snare him with Tortoises. I suggest setting them as horizontally as possible to each other at the top/bottom because the impending bullet barrage will destroy them very easily.
  • This room isn't very hard anymore but if medipacks drop you should prioritize destroying them using anything at your disposal even if you have to awaken on them.
  • If the full screen nuke falls remember you need 3 people at the center to activate the bomb shelter and if it doesn't work then you can avoid the explosion with Phoenix Hammer anywhere in the room. 
  • Likewise you can jump over the bullet barrages to get around, and this is pretty easy since you're wearing cloth and have White Tigers unlike other classes.
  • He has very very high hit recovery and it's best to attack from the y axis if you can as to avoid his x axis attacks. Consider an AoE approach if it's really hard to nail him.

Room 5: 

Clear this room, if you're having trouble with One-Shot-Kill Swagger here, just stay off his x-axis, he's basically Maron from Final Pursuit without the evasion.


  • Focus on killing Geminix first, because of her mind control it'll get very annoying. Afterwards, clear out the remainder of the room with what you can until Grigun is left alone. I suggest clearing out the room from the left to right, if Geminix is still alive, and brainwashing you randomly, quickly cure it because you don't want to run into land runners the Boss summons.
  • At this point he's gonna just start summoning World Strongest Land Runners, so kill them or outmaneuver them. Ideally you get a crew strong enough to burst him down in one go as you chain grab with Tortoises and this'd be pretty easy but if you mess up...
  • He's gonna summon Tempesters at around 40 HP bars, and you should clear those no matter what unless you believe you can kill boss fast enough. Their initial forms will be spread across 4 points on the map and they're very easy to kill. But if you fail to eliminate the Tempesters before they've fully spawned, then use Berserk Dragon Cries/GWL or jump up and hit them to knock them down then snare or keep them pinned with xx gwl etc. They're rather dangerous so try to avoid this for sure.
  • Lastly after about 26 HP bars or so he'll randomly summon a barrage of land runners with countdown timers at anytime. You can avoid this from occurring if you and your party time your grabs and kill him at the sametime, but if this occurs you gotta wait it out no matter what. It'll last from one to five waves, and you gotta find the broken landrunner that'll generate a nen guard to protect you. 
  • I don't suggest using White Tiger too much as his HP gets lower, because if you trigger the landrunner phase they might accidentally hit the broken landrunner and destroy it. This'll basically ensure the death of your party, but you can save yourself by using Phoenix Hammer when you see the timer on the nearby landrunners hit 0. If you accidentally hit any of them with Holy Amulet, watch out because the slow will delay the explosion and the timer themselves.
  • He'll only do the Tempester and Land Runner phases once, but if you're strong enough you can bypass either of them or deal with them slowly and wait for them to occur.

Room 1: 

The first room of this place is basically a giant trap unlike the other areas.
  • I highly suggest getting Cure for this place alone, because you can use an APC doll to get grabbed by Kamenai, then you and your party can all safely kill off his minions that spawn. Because unless you have a crusader at hand, you and your party will have to take turns cycling whoever gets grabbed and you'll be down an attacker in this room. 
  • Remember to oil/bomb the APC doll afterwards if it's still alive. 
  • Or you can let Kamenai kill the APC doll if you do not want to waste time doing it yourself. You can do this by keep one of the Kaumins alive and letting the APC get stabbed twice AFTER you are sure that that it is the last wave he'll summon by his HP bar indicator above his head. Set amulets and get grabbed afterwards to get a free heal and APC hassle free clear.
  • If you get caught randomly because of how large Kamenai's range is and the size of your hitbox, you are doomed unless your partymates can prevent it fast enough. 
  • Alternatively, you can wear plate and with Cure be a pseudo-sadar grab doll with a very very slow cast rate, there will be a huge weight cost on you but consider it if you have the C2 plate available found along the way. But I only suggest this if you're horribly weaker than your partymates and cannot really contribute to the run in any other manner except to clear this one room. However, that is still enough because this room alone can wipe out entire parties or prevent them from going on anyways. So do what you must to get ahead.

Room 2:

Let me start by saying all 4 Spirits are immune to slow. None of them have any super armor at all so it's very easy to hitstun and mob them with any skill and launch them very high even with Lv. 1 GWL.
  • Purple and Orange will USUALLY target the first player in party slot, usually leader but there are exceptions to this rule. 
  • In any case if it's you stay away and let the rest of your crew handle it.
  • If you're alone or attacking, kill them in the order of Blue > Red > Purple > Orange, Purple and Orange can swapped but it's usually party preference anyways. Focus on them one at a time because the rest will heal.
  • If you're sure you're an attacker then as you enter the room, run up and smasher the blue one to the right to start things off smoothly. If you whiff the smasher and the blue one teleports everyone, you can also just use Dragon Cries at the beginning to split them all. They'll heal but if it's at the beginning it won't matter anyways since they'll still have full HP.
  • It's very difficult to use AoEs in this room so I suggest just using Holy Amulet if it's too hard for you. 
  • Suppression Amulet is extremely useful here. You can abuse the immobility to prevent the others from en-roaching too closely to you as you're killing one or to stop that particular spirit from straying away.
  • You can xx backstep/GWL and cast Holy Amulet. This is very useful to and hitstuns them from straying away if you have anything on CD. Remember the second hit will launch and even the first hit has enough hitstun to prevent any of the spirits from casting.

Room 3:

 Your main focus is to split the fakes from the real ones. Remember to not cube in this room because if you do, they'll all mix up again making this very very annoying.
  • To start off, all the fake ones will spawn first so I suggest using Sky-Tree nuts to knock back all the fake ones to the right as they spawn. You can position yourself and nut twice, pushing the fake ones away and then knocking the real ones towards you, but this is very hard and while any class can do this method it does take a lot of practice.
  •  One Sky-Tree nut and then a Berserk Dragon Cry afterwards in succession also works well and has a good margin of error as well. This'll push the fake ones away to the right and the real ones to the left as they spawn and you're also in position to cast Suppression Amulet to slow the fake ones or cast True Black Tortoise for it to latch onto them and petrify them. As long as you time your True Black Tortoise before the real ones fully spawn, they won't react and teleport away in the crowd of fakes.
  • You can also instead Phoenix Hammer and utilize the shockwave to split the fakes and real ones if you time it correctly between them and then use a Berserk Dragon Cry to further separate them from there or just Smasher the real ones then etcetc.
  • Lastly, you can awaken to split them apart and deal damage to them all. This might sound insane but in fact it's quite possible unless you're too strong in which you do actually kill fakes. If you time and aim the explosion correctly, it'll knock away the fake ones and pull in the real ones while doing a substantial amount of damage to them all.
From there, use a combination of Smasher/Crucifix Wind to herd the real one to the left and kill it. HA > GWL > HA > GWL will hitstun/delay/prevent the real one from causing too much trouble and you can also cycle in other skills, but remember to NOT use cubes. Even using just x -> GWL generates enough hitstun to stop them from flying into you and knocking you everywhere though, so keep this in mind.

After a real one dies now, the fakes will temporarily vanish and you should focus on killing and herding the real ones that appear before the fakes re-spawn and ruin everything.

Remember killing a fake one will trigger a fullscreen lightning attack that'll usually wipe out your party. If you see one fake die, Phoenix Hammer immediately and you can save yourself, it's difficult to time seeing as there aren't any real cues but it can save you anyways.

If you fail to split them apart and have to find a needle in a haystack, you have to do this very painfully and slowly as to not kill the fake ones and slowly figure out which is which.

Room 4:

You have to kill them all at the sametime if you've actually been reading the general Outer guides I suggested that you should have read. Regardless, I have to explain what the mobs do since this room is the other giant wall that either wipes out parties or prevents them from going on ahead.
  • The yellow one will respond to cubes and jump across the screen left or right and use a full screen meteor attack. The white one stuns and camos, but you see its HP bar anyways. The blue one has a very powerful orb based breath attack that can kill easily in response to cubes and a suction based breath that'll pull you in and be very annoying.
  • Therefore, do not use cubes unless you believe you can handle the resulting backlash and it is ideal that you have someone else who can mob without using cubes.
  • If you're alone soloing or need to mob yourself in a party I suggest running in and nailing them all with a Berserk Dragon Cry, and then using Crucifix Wind to push to the right. 
  • Should the yellow one jump away from the rest, ignore the blue and white one and focus on herding the yellow one back to the others. If it's the blue or white one that gets away instead, make sure to focus on the yellow one anyways as he provides the most trouble.
  • I highly recommend using Super Armor Potions in this room as to stop their attacks from knocking you around if you're starting off too.
  • Rising Emblem is EXTREMELY useful here, the higher it is the easier it is to juggle them and that'll prevent them from doing any silly things. However as said before, you should not use Rising Emblem in a party if the launch is extremely strong because it might mess up party coordination/synergy and therefore it is something you should use solo.
You can kill them using xxxxxx with rosaries or any other weapon too actually. It'd take forever, but if you PvP a lot and know how to do OTGs and the such it's a slow but sure method of clearing this room as long as you have all 3 pinned to the ground.

Room 5:

In the room before this one, summon both Tortoises.

Walk in and use Smasher/Phoenix Hammer/GWL, and let dogs grab him. Tear him apart with everything you have.

If Tortoises fail to grab this guy, do not use cubes or he'll clone himself for each time you do. I don't really wanna explain this sort of scenario because it's really easy to avoid such a case but regardless, just spam Holy Amulet and the such to kill him without dogs.

If you get brainwashed, cure it off and run to the appropriate coloured party member to avoid the electro damage. He's very weak to grabs and juggles so if you really need a method for this guy without dogs, then send them flying/keep him pinned to the ground/held down.


The Boss here is just a giant clusterfuck. There's nothing here that I can really explain compared what is stated in the general guides because of messy the room gets to be.

Petrilisk's half-screen petrification is very annoying and since you're playing a slow class you might or might be able to make it past him to avoid the petrification, and the indiscriminate lizards attacking randomly don't aid in the survival of your amulets either. Awakening here is risky seeing as this particular gimmick can petrify you in mid-cast as well.

When he summons his statues and periodically casts his AoE petrification, I suggest merely placing White Tigers on them and jumping in time before his cast bar fills. They should be strong enough to clear the statues for you, and if not, just use Holy Amulet.

You shouldn't really be struggling a lot in this room anyways, just make sure to be able to cure the petrification when he sends to the far left of the room. Use Number 28 if you need to, she'll basically annul all the damage that can occur in this room and cheese the entire room for you.

Compared to the earlier rooms, the Boss room isn't a major issue unlike Room 1 & 4.

6.3. Chronicle 3:

This place focuses on its annoying puzzle based gimmicks and usually does not require excessive amounts of gear, but because of this it'll always take the same amount of time across all roads.

Room 1:

As long as you don't break the walls, the pixies won't attack you. So use this time to buff up and prepare. Afterwards, I highly recommend the usage of awakening here if you have it. Otherwise break the walls, use a Dragon Cry to knock them back and quickly kill them.

The bleed and electrocution they inflict on you will be lethal on higher roads, so it's important to figure out how to quickly clear them all. 

Room 2:

If you're in first slot, then you're pushing:
  • Use a scythe and any combination of skills or attacks with high amounts of hitstun. Magic such as Holy Amulet will push the box but has very little hitstun and moves it a very short distance. 
  • However if you choose the close range approach using the scythe to xxx, watch out for Swaycle. You can temporarily immobilize him with Suppression Amulet and slow him from knocking you away. Remember to not hit the box that glows or you'll suffer a damage backlash.
  • Remember to use a Mysterious World Toy or Stun Potion if you get nailed by his full screen stun quake. Mashing out of it is not a good idea, and you should ideally learn to avoid it when the screen flashes red.
  • Do not use Tortoises at all in this room until one of the two boxes are gone. This is because if the Tortoises grab across the boxes while they are glowing, you'll suffer the same damage backlash as if you hit it yourself. True Black Tortoise's AoE petrification aura also constantly "touches" the boxes too so if an enemy is snared near the boxes, you will die very fast as a result of this.
If you're in second/third/fourth slot, then you're caged:

Usually for those that aren't pushing, you basically wait until you're free from the cage.

There's nothing much to do except stay out of the wait of the pixies and keep them aggro'd away from the person pushing. Since there is one pixie bound to each person in the party, what you should ideally do is move along the bottom of the map to trap them. There are crevices that allow you to snare the movement of the pixie that's bound to you if you align yourself correctly because of the tile based design of the map.

Room 3:

In this room there are two sets of gas chambers that should be kept open at all times, otherwise the party will usually die due to the room gimmick. To keep them open you gotta attack them until they open to absorb the gas in this room.

What you should immediately do is set up White Tigers to keep one side open. This is enough to avoid triggering the full screen poison death that'll occur from leaving them closed.

When entering, you'll see Vanis Throck in the center. Then he'll jump away to either side of the map, usually he'll start off from the left side. What you need to do is to get him into the area between the gas chambers.

His gimmick is that he has three phases:
  • Yellow Phase: You'll know when you see this. Basically he'll reflect magic/ranged based attacks in this form. But during this form you can juggle him towards the center of the room with melee attacks and the such. Crucifix Wind is ranged, so don't use it against him in this form.
  • Purple Phase: You should avoid attacking him in this form because I think he's a bit glitched in this form. What you can do still is try to lure him to the center of the map or wait it out until he switches to Yellow Phase to grab him into the center. He'll enter this phase if you let him linger too long in the gaseous regions of the room. These are the areas to the left and right of the gas chambers, away from the center.
  • Black Phase: This is when he has no colour and it is his only frame of vulnerability to any attack. He'll enter this state if you get him into the center and wait for his other phases to transition into this one. He is extremely susceptible to OTGs and juggle based assaults. This'll also stop from being able to change or jump away and you can actually kill him off in one go if your party can co-ordinate it. 
While this might seem hard, you could actually do this very slowly without much risk. White Tigers, while they keep the chambers open can directly assault Vanis without setting off his damage backlash at all. However, this isn't the case for Lightning Amulet so don't try it. So you can instead have White Tigers damage him as you juggle him into your set up. Black Ring: Immobility is extremely useful here if you're having troubles seeing as you cannot use Black Ring: Slow without risking Holy Amulet killing you.

For Yellow and Purple Phases, Vanis will have a cast bar above his head indicating how long that form will last. However for his Black Phase, this is not the case and at any time he is standing in this phase he has the chance to jump away to either side of the map.

You can snare him with Tortoises if you time it correctly as he becomes vulnerable and is in the center of the map. However, you better be sure your party can eliminate him before the Tortoises let go because if they grab him while he's in Yellow/Purple Phase, you'll suffer a damage backlash as well.

Lastly, if they accidentally snare him to the regions left and right of the gas chambers. Do not attack, Vanis is technically forced into a standing phase when Tortoises snare him so he can change from Black to Purple/Yellow in the gaseous regions of the map. I suggest at this point you lure away the Tortoises for a while and just keep White Tigers set up. 

Otherwise my insane but easier method is have maxed Floor Smasher, set up White Tigers in the middle and then just OTG/juggle him to the center and keep him pinned down while Tigers destroy him.

Room 4:

This is pretty much the only room where you do require a mild amount of gearing and damage to pass.

Conatius Invo isn't really much alone honestly. He'll try to knock you back and down and cast projectile auras that follow you around/below the map and deal damage over time if you linger too close.

The main gimmick of this room however, is that there's an emblem in the center of the map. Over time standing out of it, you'll generate a skull token over your head. Once you reach five, you'll take a 5k damage tick over time for being out of the emblem.

To remove the tokens, you gotta stand on the emblem, and this'll keep the tokens from generating above you too. However you gotta watch when 3 or more people stand in the center because an energy shield will form and damage/kick out all those that are standing in it.

Finally, at set points of HP loss Conatius will summon Poison/Healing Wisps in sets of two, twice for a total of four. They'll spawn in the corners of the map and they do what their names suggest. Healing Wisps will heal Conatius and Poison Wisps will poison the entire party when they finish casting. There's nothing you can do as an exorcist to stop them from finishing their casting aside from killing them outright fast enough.

And of course you must kill the Wisps first before Conatius as they provide him a massive defense boost that make it difficult to kill him. Combined with the Healing Wisps this room can become difficult if you don't have the firepower to deal with it on higher roads.

Room 5:

Alright, assuming you've already read the deonpa general guide first, the demons now spawn on their panels when you first enter.

Since Black can't be grabbed, it's pretty ideal as a M.Exorcist to be the one to eliminate it. Since this one is in the upper left corner, it's easy to layer amulets and quickly kill it as it spawns. For Red, using Super Armor to deal with it is pretty necessary due to the hit stun his meteors induce.

As for the rest, you gotta lure and know how to move/mob them onto their panels. This can get frustrating if you mess up and kill them off panel or they recover from being caged so I definitely recommend using Super Armor potions to alleviate the constant hitstun from their attacks.

Having physical utility helps a lot in this room, but if you're pure magic then you still have Smasher to work with and that's still enough to get through this room.


There's nothing that I can really suggest here that'll change much. This boss stage is pretty much the same in general for any class. Oh, and good luck on the memorization part for Phase 2, it's the same for any class like I said.
  • You have White Tigers, so set them up everywhere for the extra movespeed if you wish. This is useful as you're running around during Phase 1 & 2.
  • You can use charged GWL if you have Lurking Dragon to keep yourself pinned onto place for Bomber Panels in Phase 1.
  • I suggest using a Chronicle 3 scythe for extra EP and for Phase 3 when breaking boxes apart.
  • If you're soloing the place, then in Phase 3 where you can't break the boxes alone instead of eating the damage and dying or using a blessing, you can alternatively just strip and use a low level hp potion to mitigate the entire HP drain when it occurs.
  • Alternatively you can just destroy a few boxes through sheer damage and just kill the boss afterwards with that remaining HP.
There's nothing much to mention about the Boss he's pretty easy really.

Room 1:

Clear the room, mob them up or awaken and kill them all.

Room 2:

If you choose to do so, you can summon Black Tortoises in the room before. Once they snare onto him, he's open to all attacks and you're free to cube all over him without triggering his anti cube shield.

Do not using Rising Emblem if you have it. If you knock him down, he'll Quick Rebound himself and just cause problems for everyone. Aside from that, the awakening is the only other move that'll knockdown this guy. All of your remaining skills have standing properties, meaning they're fine to use as they won't knockdown or launch him.

Room 3:

If you have the aura or plan on taking it, kill the stalkers with Holy Amulet and pass with someone else at a regular interval. At about 500 damage ticks would be enough time to kill the stalkers yourself and swap with your partner.

When the room darkens, immediately stop attacking to assess who has the aura. To make it easier for others to pass onto you, I suggest running into a corner away from the Neiser and charging GWL or use Super Armor Potions if you wish to.

If you're focusing on attacking the Neiser instead though, then do not use White Tigers or Lightning Amulet. This'll limit you to Furious Grab/Red Phoenix Amulet/Piercing the Darkness/Holy Amulet, but this is enough to deal with him.

Room 4:

Only thing you can do to really aid in this room is set up White Tigers for the extra movespeed for everyone. There's not much for me to suggest since it's roughly the same for everyone in this room. Layer Amulets and awaken when his dopplegangers spawn.

As for order and direction for running when Purple Boxes spawn this is party preference but I suggest left to right or right to left from when they spawn.

You can use charged GWL to pin yourself during Yellow Boxes if his dopplegangers are spawned. They'll usually use shockwaves and various attacks to knock you and your partymates out of the boxes, but they have to be killed otherwise you cannot proceed since they'll just infinitely spawn the extra two boxes at random points. 

Room 5:

I highly suggest against being the runner since there's not much you have at hand to force movement. But if you are running, then remember to set up White Tigers as the Ice Sigil appears. If you're being buffed with enough attackspeed, Lucky Straight Punch can help but otherwise just run to left if you can.

If you're running, I suggest macroing the //setcharacter command for this, immediately after getting the ice ring and not being hitstunned you can use it warp back to the entrance once a run. Otherwise the above applies if you have to run several times if you can't kill him fast enough.

//setcharacter is limited to once per party member, meaning if you or the designated runner already used their macro then someone else can use their chance. This totals to four chances a run so if you end up using them all... then start running like normal if you haven't died to Ashcore yet.

The thing with White Tiger aura is that it'll affect even your party members, so there is also not much reason in you running unless no one else has experience.

He's also invincible during his Ice Sigil gimmick thing, but this allows you to set up amulets and whatnot whenever the person who is running is done. I highly recommend timing your awakening at him as this finishes since it's a safe time to use.

Also, do not use Black Tortoises in this room. Once snared he's basically invincible anyways, so unless you want to use the time he's held down for various other set ups I recommend against this line of thought.

Aside from that, he's very much alike to Room 2 with regards to attacks so use only standing based attacks as to avoid knocking him down. It's entirely possible to constantly hitstun him and prevent him being able to do anything however, so keep this in mind if you and your party can do this.


I highly recommend the usage of Faris as you run to the Boss if you wish to, but she's not necessary either.

Beyond that, try to set up your amulets and Tigers, but he'll usually decimate them upon landing down on them or be on the other side away from them anyways.

You can use Phoenix Hammer to avoid his Meteor Barrage if you see him use it, otherwise run to the appropriate safe areas to avoid it.

Other than his DDR and keyboard mashing gimmick, there's actually not much I can really suggest anyways, this Boss is a straight out damage fight. Super Armor potions are highly recommended to avoid being constantly hitstunned by his attacks, but since you're wearing cloth and he's a boss that deals massive damage at times... this is individual discretion.

Room 1:

Clear this room in whatever manner you wish to, try to avoid getting hit if you can but it's not much to fret over. 

Room 2:

This guy is extremely susceptible to grabs in general, so spam Smasher/SitS/Tortoises to chain them into another if you can without annoying party members. Always keep White Tigers up since they are amazing for this room because of movespeed bonuses and damage.

If you don't constantly spam grabs to interrupt him though, he'll get a chance to snare the entire party except for one. If you're the one who's running, good luck. It doesn't really help most of his attacks hitstun a lot and knock you away from him so consider Super Armor Potions if you really wish to grab him.

At about 5~10 HP bars though, he'll use his reaper gimmick where the party has to attack each other to save each other etc. I suggest using a Mind Stimulant after this point since it's the safest point in time in this particular dungeon since afterwards he'll stop using his snare gimmick and just basically be open to all attacks.

Room 3:

Berias is invincible to all your attacks until he transitions into his Tornado Phase and summons ghosts that latch onto you and your party members. Make sure beforehand you try to set up Tigers and Amulets as he summons ghosts while avoiding his various attacks. He'll try to use this ground eruption attack to kill you before his Tornado Phase, but you should be able to avoid since it traces your movements.

After ghosts are latched onto you, Berias' attack pattern changes to trying to knock the ghosts off you and your party members by naturally using knockback based attacks.

Absolutely do not summon Tortoises while he's summoning ghosts because if he's being snared while summoning ghosts they won't actually summon and he'll just walk around and attack as before as usual with a Tornado around him as an added nuisance.

The HP drain from the ghosts are pretty intensive but make sure you have one latched onto you so others don't get two or more. Make sure you cluster together in an agreed location so the ghosts gather towards you guys. After you're sure you have one latched onto you, I suggest awakening or using Super Armor Potions to keep it onto you.

Since the HP drain is pretty bad, I really suggest using HP Potion of the Heavens etcetc as you nearly die or Sleepy Clam Flesh to force yourself into an OTG state which basically removes all the ghosts on you but then they'll latch onto party members and Berias will be invincible again.

After a while, the ghosts will disappear and you'll have to start the entire cycle all over again with this guy until he dies.

Room 4:

This is important, try to interrupt her with a grab when you first enter. Otherwise if you fail she'll curl up and begin her annoying gimmick.

If you haven't used a summon yet, then Faris is a good APC to use to stun her when she's vulnerable and in fact if you can snare her with SitS when you enter and then summon Faris she'll stun her if you can beat her a bit out of her invincibility.

If you succeed, bind her down with dogs before she causes more trouble and kill her in one go if you can otherwise once the mutts let go she'll go back into her casting phase, so don't always summon dogs unless you believe you can kill her outright.

Assuming you fail, she'll begin casting and summon Fears of Death and then you gotta run away and the such until they disappear. If you get slowed down, I suggest you try to make the most of it and try to Smasher her at the apex of the slow when you're frozen too as to allow partymates to wail on her while held like that.

Back attacks or counters supposedly remove the orbs above her head, and once they're all gone you can freely damage her again. The easiest way I can suggest is to either chug a Super Armor Potion and spam the hell out of Holy Amulet or set up White Tigers and Lightning Amulet far across the y axes and stand in between them. If you set them too close, then as she haphazardly streaks across the room with her blades she'll destroy them very easily. But she'll usually teleport behind those who backattack/counter her and attack wildly which can get annoying without Super Armor.

Berserk Dragon Cries are extremely useful here since they counter/back attack very easily and remove an orb without much effort due to their expansive coverage.

Room 5:

How to deal with Michael: Burst him to death. Try to anyways.

If you're lucky and the coins flip gold, then you can snare with Tortoises as he spawns and gets outta his initial invincibility and go all out as long as everyone is huddled together. You won't have too much liberty in setting White Tigers up because if you stray too far, you'll detonate from the gold coin gimmick and destroy all your Amulets/Tortoises that you've summoned.

If the coins flip silver, you gotta either stay away and let the others handle it or if you can, range with whatever combination of available skills you own. However, if you're the one who's designated as the main offense and allowed to be close to Michael during silver coins then just go as usual as if it was gold.

In either case, I recommend the usage of both Super Armor Potions and Immortality Formulas since it'll save you from a bunch of his attacks and allow you to constantly string a fluid assault without pause.

As for his variant on Righteous Judgement, I hope you placed a White Tiger nearby because it's a struggle to get away. If you must, use //setcharacter to teleport away once to save yourself if it hasn't been used yet.


Watch out where you're standing for the first 5s, pillars will rise up out of the spot you are standing at that moment and confuse & damage on touch. Stay away and bait it then head to Ozma.

It takes roughly 20s until Ozma triggers his Betrayal Aura phase. However, if you can break his barrier apart (which is very very easy with Holy Amulet) and summon either Tortoise to grab him at around 15s~18s it'll interrupt him and skip that particular phase.

If you have problems timing this, remember you can alt + click up to five skills that aren't hotkey'd to see their cooldowns. If you hover over one of those skills with your mouse while it's on CD, you'll get a timer in seconds that you can use to countdown from.

My method to ensure my timing is to use a Mind Stimulant and reduce SitS's cooldown to 10s, then I just use SitS when I enter the boss room as an easy countdown. Then when the cooldown is off, and you've broken the barrier by then you should quickly summon dog to grab and interrupt. This still takes a lot of practice but the nice thing about dogs is that your other team mates can also chain their grabs and extend the interruption period to skip Phase 1.

In fact, you can technically skip every phase that passes with this method. Every phase's duration is exactly 20s as well, but there aren't any actual cues to signify each phase since you... skipped them.

However, at the very least you can let the 4th player of your team transform and time off of that. Before they transform back to normal, snare and interrupt Ozma to skip the 1st player phase altogether again.

If that fails though, I sincerely hope you have enough firepower to wipe out Ozma in one cycle before shit hits the fan, it'll become very grueling indeed as your only safely controlled skills to use are limited to Holy Amulet/Piercing the Darkness/Red Phoenix Amulet/Furious Grab/Rising Emblem.

Beyond that crucial tip, I suggest watching out how you set up White Tigers/Lightning Amulet due to their indiscriminate nature and the fact that combined with betrayal aura it'd ensure party wipe outs. Other than that, they'll usually shatter very quickly due to Ozma's attacks as well unless you have Chronicle mods to enhance their survival.


Also, I'm aware of spacing errors. I'll fix that later. And make everything else pretty. When I can.

Other than that, if you wish to contact me or ask a question I'll be in-game as Luther or on DFOS as Capricorn.


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