Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Heart of Ice - A PvE Glacial Master Guide

So you want to know about Glacial Masters eh? Well you’ve come to the right place. This here guide will tell you all it can about the coolest (no pun intended) class in the game. Take in mind that this is a work in progress, and that it is mostly comprised of opinions that are backed by personal experience, and outside feedback.
“One day, ice will quench the fires of hell itself.”

Table of Contents

1. Intro
2. Pros & Cons
3. Skills
4. Builds
5. Equipment
6. Tips & Tricks
7. Videos
8. Credits
1. Intro

1.1 About Glacial MastersGlacial Masters are an advancement of the Male Mage class. They are fast, strong, and use almost exclusively water element based magic attacks. A Glacial Master can attack from afar or from right up close, making them lethal anywhere in the room. At level 50, Glacial Masters awaken to Hell Freezers, making them colder and more powerful than ever. They can solo with ease thanks to lots of freeze and speed, but they are also an asset to parties by being good damage dealers, and having holds, and suction.

1.2 About Me - My name is Just and I started playing DFO about a year and a half ago. I have firsthand experience with almost all the classes in the game and have three level 70 characters: a Rogue, a Female Launcher, and of course a Glacial Master. GM has to be my favorite class so far as it has everything I love. I’m definitely nowhere near the best in the game, nor do I fully understand everything about this character, but I hope to well inform you about this super awesome ice cold class. Hope you enjoy my guide.

1.3 Lingo

GM = Glacial Master
RWP = Raging Water Pillars
PoF = Path of Frost
SFS = Snowflake Spear
Resonance = Aqua Resonance
GS = Grand Shatter
That big huge hammer that's made of ice = Ice Crusher
OV = Otherverse
AM = Ancient Memory

2. Pros & Cons

2.1 Pros

  • Immortal
  • All attacks are element based
  • Great at holding with freeze proc and Ice Trap
  • Low cooldowns on heavy hitting skills
  • Little to no MP consumption
  • X-axis is your zone
  • Can lower enemy water resist and buff your water damage
  • Excellent awakening passive, and really good awakening active
  • Very high hit stun on skills

2.2 Cons

  • Immortality has a high recovery time in some dungeons
  • Only uses one element so places with high water resist are more of a challenge
  • Can’t freeze most monsters in OV
  • Not many y-axis hitting skill
  • Not enough super armor.

3. Skills

3.1 Common Skills

Immortality – Start off with it at level 1. Basically when you die, you go into a recovery mode. In this mode you take 50% more damage, and heal very quickly. If you die in recovery mode, you’re dead. 15 second recovery mode in normal dungeons, while in OV, Ancient dungeons, PvP, and Towers, it is 60 seconds.

 Wind Strike (1) – Your basic launch (z) skill. Leave at 1 or max if you really want to (not recommended)

 Trap Strike (1 or 5+cancel) – Common grab. You grab an enemy and throw them, when they hit the ground a shockwave is formed that deals damage. One point in this can save your life in some places. 5 + Cancel is an option but I don’t recommend it.

 Water Cannon (1) – Your first water skill! It’s terrible, don’t even get it. The damage is bad, and you don’t have enough sp, just leave it at 1.

 Concentrated Fury (0 or 1) – Neat skill; definitely not worth maxing since it adds little damage to yours. Besides, you can only fully take advantage of this if you’re an Elemental Bomber. One point can be useful for certain dungeons like Ghost Train where you have to jump over shockwaves to avoid damage.

 Teleport (1) – Get this. Great movement, it can move through obstacles, and avoid damage by dodging it. 25 SP, 1 level max. Acquire at level 10.

 Ghost Flame (0) – Summons two little blue flames to follow you around. They give you physical and magical defense but not enough to matter. Press the skill again and these guys fly out to deal some damage. It sounds good but it doesn’t scale well and the damage is pitiful.

 Flame Shield (0 or 1) – Puts up a flame shield that you can
hold for a second or two giving you increased ranged defense. After that, you throw the shield forward to deal damage. We’re an ice class, why should we even think about getting fire? One point in it can be useful in Reshpon and Altar of Ascension when you need to burn something.

 Magic Cannon (0) – Only real use of this is with EB’s Elemental Shift. Don’t get it.

Icy White Sword (Max, cancel optional) – Your first real skill. This one is bread and butter, low cooldown, high damage, great hitstun, and a chance to slow enemies.. With the ex passive it takes away third hit and repeats first and second, dealing some serious hurt. Cancel is preference; I don’t find myself using it even after I got it. This skill is a definite max, too good to pass up. Acquire at level 15.

3.2 Glacial Master Skills

Icy Aura – Changes your lame orb attack to something more up close and personal. Your hands are covered in ice as you punch the snot out of enemies. Also changes your forward dash attack to a stabbing icicle and your air attack to two punches in the air with ice on your hands.

 Snow Flower Spear (Max, cancel optional) – 3 second cooldown for some major damage; Snow flower spear creates a spear and you charge in with it. As you level it up, it adds more hits from 4 hits to 7 hits at max level. This skill is a must max because its cooldown is so low and its damage is so high, especially if you get all 7 hits in. Attacking frozen or super armored enemies is a pain with this though because you have to take a step back and then use it to get the most hits out of it. You get this as soon as you advance.

 Windmill Spear (3 or Max, cancel optional) – The Glacial Master creates two javelins that spin around and around, then he puts them down and they move like a wheel does. This skill is part ranged and part melee. Its damage is best right up close, as you can get in several hits. The damage isn’t too great, and it’s got a high cooldown (8 seconds) for the amount it does. Some people max it, I got it to 3 for pre requisite, and maxed it in my non awakening build.. Acquire at level 25.

 Path of Frost (5 or 10) – As you walk, you leave behind ice on the ground. Monsters that walk on it get slowed, and it drains your MP a little but not too much. This skill is terrible, until you get the ex passive for it. It adds a 50% chance to freeze anything that walks on the path of frosty goodness. It’s quite useful in Tower of Despair and Dragon Tournaments. 5 for pre requisite, 10 for ex. Maxing it only increases the slow level. Acquire at level 25.

Insight (Max) – Passive bu
ff that gives 110 intelligence at max level and -8% MP consumption. Definitely max this because more damage and less MP as a passive is a godsend. Acquire at level 30.

 Broken Arrow (Max, cancel optional) – One of my favorite skills, Broken Arrow creates a bow and arrow that you shoot 4 times at an enemy, and then rush in at high speeds to smack his head in with the bow. It’s great as an approach does really good damage for 1v1. You have super armor as you rush in. The EX passive adds more arrows making it even stronger. Acquire at level 30.

 Grand Shatter (Max or quit the game entirely) – One of the greatest skills in the game in my opinion. Grand Shatter is so strong up close and so useful from afar. Basically, the Glacial Master creates a huge chunk of ice, and then rips it apart to send shards of it flying out in a conic shape in front. This skill is so strong and is even stronger if you use it as a shotgun by freezing an enemy and then walking right up to him and smashing him. Shoots out 2-4 shards per wave with about 6 waves of terror (12 to 24 shards of pure awesome). Acquire at level 30.

 Aqua Resonance (Max) – This is a buff and debuff all in one. When you cast aqua resonance, monsters around you lose water resistance while you gain water damage. At max you gain 10 water damage and enemies lose 20 water resist. Long duration (60 seconds) low cooldown (10 seconds), and a large range of effect. Should be used almost every room of a dungeon and definitely on bosses. In a later patch where the level 80 cap is implemented, Aqua Resonance's buff goes from 10 water damage to 24. Acquire at level 30.

 Ice Crusher (Max) – Your first cube skill is a great one. The Glacial master casts a huge ice hammer on his hand, and then rushes in with super armor to smash enemies. Does two hits, first is the hammer which is a huge percentage number, and second is the shockwave which is a nice fixed damage number. The shockwave is huge even though it might not look like it. 18 second cooldown and it’s got huge burst damage. Acquire at level 35.

 Ice Crash (1) – The Glacial Master turns into a drill and zooms forward taking enemies with him and dealing damage. This skill is really weak, but so useful. It does 8 hits of really weak damage and one final hit of still weak but stronger than the 8 hits damage. 1 level because it groups mobs really nicely and can grab most super armored enemies too. It’s nice to use Ice Crash into Ice Crusher for some nice damage. Acquire at level 35.

 Ice Trap (0, 10, Max, or preference) – This skill is great. The Glacial master puts down a circle of ice that has a high chance of trapping enemies and hold them in place for the duration of the skill. He then builds a mountain of ice, and smashes it to pieces dealing some nice damage. This skill is quite useful solo, and in parties. Solo, you can pretty much immobilize any monster in the game. While they’re being held, your awakening passive can work its magic and freeze them for even more holding. In parties, the holding works to allow other classes to deal some huge damage. Problem with this skill is that a few people can crash from it, as one of the frames is buggy, so if you suffer from this, then don't get points in it. That's the ONLY reason why you shouldn't get points in this great skill. This is the skill I take points out of if I need SP, unfortunately. Acquire at level 40.

 Raging Water Pillar (Max) - The Glacial Master gets super armor and casts this amazing skill. A huge circle is formed with you in the center, and two massive pillars of water crash up through it. They spin around and around sucking in all enemies to the center, and when the pillars meet in the middle, they crash with water exploding all around. It’s kind of like a toilet, but freaking awesome. This skill is a must max because the damage is fantastic and the suction is really useful. The circle also has a chance to freeze enemies. I have yet to try out the cancel but I doubt it’s of any use. The skill continues even if you are canceled out of it, as long as the circle has been formed. Acquire at level 45.

 Level 60 EX skill: Ice Orb (1 or Max) – For this skill, the Glacial Master throws an ice orb in front of him that pokes and prods enemies that are around, dealing ok damage, and then finally exploding in their faces. This skill is pretty weak for its cooldown and mp consumption, and I don’t think it’s worth maxing. 1 point in it is great for holding enemies because the hitstun is fantastic. Max this only as a SP dump, unless you really love this skill and can’t live without it. Acquire at level 60.
 Level 70 EX skill: Ice Field (Max) – Ice Field is great, because it does great damage, has a large range, and freezes at a high chance. When you use this skill, you throw down mist along a large field in front of you, and then the mist freezes into spikes and shards that hit your enemies doing one large hit of 6500% damage. That’s a lot of damage, and the range is excellent too. Acquire at level 70.

3.3 General Skills

Ancient Memory (0 or Max) – Useful for most magic based classes; get it if you want that extra 150 int. I don’t think it’ll do much since we already have huge amounts of intelligence. Get it if you’ve got extra SP.

 Quick Rebound (Max) – It’s 1 point, 10 SP. Just get it because it’s gonna save your life countless times with its 3 second invincibility. Also it’s involved in a lot of OV gimmicks.

 Magic Critical Hit (Max) – For 200 SP you get 10% magic critical hit, which you can’t raise with potions like you can with physical critical hit. It’s an overall increase of your dps for a small amount of SP.

 Indomitable Spirit (0) – This skill gives 100% chance of super armor when casting for 55 seconds at max level. It sounds great but we really don’t cast enough for it to have that much use, and when we cast, we usually have super armor coming right up.

 Magic Rear Attack (0) – Even though this skill adds 20% magic critical when attacking a monster from behind, we don’t do it nearly often enough for it to matter. It’s too situational and your SP is best spent elsewhere.

 Leap (0 or 1) – Some people like this so they get one point in it for fun. Mostly for escaping over stuff which is done more in PvP than PvE. Only get this if you really want to but I recommend not getting it.

 Other General Skills (0) – These are just skills that no magic class ever needs (or any class for some of them). Skip them entirely.

3.4 Awakening
"Flowers Bloom in the Abyss.
Because of the nature of the Abyss, eventually its shapeless form will coalesce into something real.
Of course, this is not something that naturally happens. There is nothing natural about anything they do.
Once the Abyss is solidified, the land that they walk upon, the air that they breathe in,
even the blood that runs through their body will crystallize. They will neither be alive nor dead.
They will exist only for the purpose of magic...
Imagine the grief of mages who gave up part of their physical being just to survive.
A cold heart is all that is left after their change so drastically.
They become more and more detached from others.
They can hardly be considered human, really.
So far from being alive, the mages are closer to being spirits.
In the heart of the mages who have given up everything for magic,
only the Abyss is real, suspended as though an icy flower in a dark place.
These are the Hell Freezers."
Glacial Masters like all other classes awaken at level 50. They become Hell Freezers, a more powerful and much colder refrigerator... I mean Glacial Master. They acquire two new skills that are both quite useful.
To awaken:
Talk to Sharan.
Bring her 10 White Cubes, 10 Red Cubes, 100 Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron pieces.
Clear floor 30 of the Tower of the Dead.
Clear the Moonlight Arena and speak to Albert there.
Bring 100 Chaos Stone Debris and 200 Spirit Crystals.
 Awakening Passive: Frozen Soul (Max) – In my opinion, this is one of the best awakening passives in the game. It creates an aura around the Glacial Master that freezes enemies after a set duration. It also gives extra damage to frozen enemies. At max level, it gives a 90% chance to freeze an enemy after 2 seconds of them being in the aura. The freeze lasts 5 seconds and the extra damage to frozen enemies is 10%. The freeze level is 71 so you can freeze monsters in level 65 OV but not level 70 OV. It takes no MP and it can be turned off and on by right clicking the skill in your skill tab. Acquire at level 50.
 Awakening Active: Ice Chains (0, 1 or Max) – Ice Chains is very powerful. It can take down a boss’s health entirely if you manage to get all the hits in. The Glacial Master summons 3 small shurikens that find a target and spin around them dealing moderate damage, and then come back to the Glacial Master to form a huge shuriken that spins around and sucks in enemies close by. From here, the Glacial Master throws the massive shuriken to deal tremendous damage and final explode in the enemy’s face. The Glacial Master has super armor throughout the duration of the skill. I recommend maxing this at lower levels, but this skill loses its uses at level cap. I can’t use it in Despair or the Dragon Tournaments without waiting three minutes for the cooldown. I can use it in otherverse quite well because I have party members to hold down the enemy while I use it. Hitting with it while you're soloing takes some practice, because sometimes a boss will have super armor and you’ll miss the main hits. I find the trick is to start the skill and hope the enemy is frozen by the time you use the giant shuriken. In a very future patch where the level 80 cap is implemented, this skill is turned into a percentage skill. It'll also allow another mini shuriken to be formed if it's at a certain level. Acquire at level 50.

3.5 EX Passive Skills

Icy White Sword Ex Passive (Max) – For 4 TP you can get rid of that third hit that knocks down enemies, and instead replace it with a repeat of the first two hits, increasing your damage by a whole lot. It gets rid of the slow proc but slow is just a poor man’s freeze. Definitely get this to make your bread and butter skill even more powerful.

 Broken Arrow Ex Passive (0, or Max) – This passive adds more arrows to broken arrow’s quiver, and also increases the amount of time the arrows stay on an enemy’s body (more hitstun and more time for you to rush in and bash their skulls in). The only downside is that you're standing still for a longer period of time, but it's nothing huge. With this maxed you get a total of 7 arrows which is beastly. Highly recommend maxing this if you use Broken Arrow a lot.

 Grand Shatter Ex Passive (Max) – If you have used Grand Shatter before, then you know exactly why you get the ex passive. More damage for my favorite skill ever? Yes please.

 Path of Frost Ex Passive (0 or Max) – A lot of people give Path of Frost a hard time because they don’t think they need the extra freeze. False, you do need the extra freeze. I got to 70 no problems without it, but as soon as I started Despair I knew I needed this. It’s 4 TP for a level 70 freeze that’s good for interrupting enemy attacks and saving your hide in a tight spot.

 Snow Flake Spear Ex Passive (0, 1 or Max) – If you’re not getting Path of Frost EX, you’ll have extra TP so this is a good spot to put it since you spam this skill like crazy.

 Aqua Resonance Ex Passive (0, 1 or Max) – Also an alright TP dump, it increases the water damage buff and the water resistance debuff by 10% per level making it a good passive that affects all your skills.

3.6 Quest Point Skills

 Intelligence (Max [27, 20 QP]) - Glacial Masters are a magic class. Magic classes use intelligence. Max this for more damage.

 Magic Critical (Max [5, 35 QP]) - Magic classes don’t have the benefit of a potion to increase their critical rate like physical classes. Getting magic critical qp is a good idea to increase your overall dps because criticals do 1.5x damage.

 Elemental Attack (Max [10, 70 QP]) - Glacial Masters use only water attacks so getting 10 extra water damage adds approximately 5% more damage. This is a no-brainer, definitely get it.

 Hit Rate (Max [20, 35 QP]) - Unlike some classes with masteries or skills that buff hit rate, Glacial Masters are left instead with rods that lower hit rate by 1%. This is a must max if you want to actually hit more often than not.

 MP Replenish (Max [8, 20 QP]) - MP replenish is great because with it, you’ll almost never need to use a MP potion ever again.

 Spirit (0, 5, 10, Max [27, 20 QP]) - With spirit, it’s up to you to decide. More spirit gives more magic defense, mp replenish, and max mp. I have mine at 10 right now and I do pretty fine. I recommend 5 or 10 to boost your mp and magic defense a bit more. Max only if you have enough QP.

 Movement Speed (0, Max [5, 20 QP]) - For 100 QP you get 2% movement speed which might not sound like much, but it makes a difference in a lot of places like otherverse, and just trying to outrun something like Giant Nugol’s needle spin in Screaming Cavern, or running in Despair. I highly recommend maxing it, because it’s only 100 QP to do so.

 Vitality (0, or preference [27, 20 QP]) - I heard some people got this, and I’m pretty surprised. I’ve never needed this because Glacial Masters are immortal so this is pretty much useless in normal dungeons, and in OV, I can take off gear to heal. Raising your max hp, hp regen, and physical defense should not be a priority as a Glacial Master, but if you feel you need it, then by all means put some points in here. I’ve never had issues so I don’t know why you do.

 Base Attack Strength (0 [10, 70 QP]) - Base attack strength affects fixed damage. Glacial Masters are a percent class so this is pretty much useless to us. The only thing it would affect is our awakening, the second hit of Ice Crusher and the last explosion of Ice Trap.

4. Builds

Skeleton Build - This build has everything a GM must have, with extra SP for you to decide where to put it based on what you've learned from my awesome guide. Ice Trap is at 10, so it's up to you to either leave it, raise it, or drop it completely if it crashes you. Awakening is also not in this build so that's also something to decide, as well as PoF level 10 for the EX. Finally, windmill spear is only at level 3 so you can take it up, or leave it there. There's also the choice of SFS, Resonance or PoF Ex with the extra TP.

Awakening Build - This build includes the awakening, and has 15 levels in Ice Trap. Another option is to drop the 5 levels of Ice Trap for max AM. You could also take Ice Trap to level 12 to get level 10 PoF for the Ex.

My Awakening Build - 15 in Ice Trap, maxed awakening, no cancels. TP in Aqua Resonance for overall damage increase.

My Non-Awakening Build - Max Ice Trap, max Windmill Spear, PoF Ex, and level 2 ice orb as an SP dump. Great build for Despair and Dragon Tournaments in Suju. Pretty much stuff that's level 70 only.

5. Equipment

5.1 Avatars

Hat/Hair - Intelligence for more damage because we're a magic class. Cast speed is a nono because it only affects a couple skills, and we're mostly attack speed based.
Face/Torso - Attack speed. Almost all our attacks are based on how fast you attack. There's no second option, just get speed.
Top - There are a few choices for the top. You can get Insight for a nice passive increase to your int and another -1% mp consumption when you max it. You can also get Aqua Resonance for more water damage and to reduce more water resistance. Another great top to get is Grand Shatter because it scales nicely and it's our core skill. Finally, Raging Water Pillar is a good choice because it deals high damage. In order I'd say Grand Shatter > Insight > Raging Water Pillar >> Aqua Resonance in terms of top. This is my opinion, some people might not think the boost from insight is significant.
Bottom - Icy White Sword is the best choice by far. If you find that you can't get this, then HP up or P.Def are OK alternatives. MP up is kind of useless because Glacial Masters almost never run out of MP.
Waist - Evasion so you don't get hit, or maximum weight so you can carry more. It's really up to you.
Shoes - Movement speed. GMs don't need strength, and they never jump. Vitality is also pretty useless.
Skin - Physical Defense reduction is recommended so we don't get stomped as easily, but magic defense is alright too.

5.2 Weapons

A Glacial Master's preferred weapon is a Rod. They have Very Fast attack speed, a lot of Intelligence, and high Magic Attack. If one does not find a Rod suitable, one may also use a Staff. Staves have very high Magic Attack, an OK amount of intelligence, and slow attack speed. I myself use a Rod because I don't like how slow Staves are. If you don't mind the minor decrease in attack speed, then by all means use a Staff. Because the GM class is mostly percentile, reinforcing is necessary in order to fully realize the potential of this class. You can still do OK with a +0 level 70 magic sealed item, but +10 is recommended at later levels to be able to really lay some hurt on your foes.

Here's a list of Rods you can use endgame each with a rating out of 10 and the level in a color corresponding to their rarity:

Magic Sealed Grape Lolipow LVL65 : 1/10 normal stats, 5/10 smash/deathblow
Magic Sealed Biuret Steel LVL70 : 6/10 normal stats (int/pixie), 8/10 smash/deathblow

Breath of the Dawn LVL55 : 3/10. Too low level to be great endgame, unless reinforced to +12/13.
Black Cat Rod LVL60 : 4/10. No great bonuses to GM. More m.atk than BotD, but still needs reinforce to +12 or so.
Caspar Rod LVL65 : 9/10. Great bonuses to GM. Definitely endgame weapon. +10 this and you'll be ok.
Sorcerer's Spirit Cache LVL68 : 9.5/10. Higher level than Caspar, meaning reinforces scale higher. Good bonuses too.

Vortis's Blaze LVL65 : 6.5/10. It's a rod made for fire users. We're ice. Exact opposites. Don't go looking for this thing. It's not that great.
Skewered Fish LVL65 : 8/10. Nifty little rod from Quong'Qng. -2 seconds on ice trap cooldown is nice, but not good enough for you to go hunting for this. If you find it then that's great.

Cheshire's Grinning Cat LVL55 : 5.5/10. It's epic, it reinforces well. I don't recommend it unless you happen to find it.
Electric Paradigm LVL55 : 6/10. Same as above. I only recommend it if you happen to find it.
White Cat Rod LVL55 : 6.5/10 Starts to give some bonuses but still not enough. Same as previous epics.
Silver Gloss Skull LVL55 : 5.5/10. It's epic, it reinforces well. I don't recommend it unless you happen to find it.
Neco Neco LVL60 : 7/10. Higher level epic means it scales better with reinforces. Only recommend if you find it.
Ice Dragon Rod LVL65 : 9/10. It has the highest m.atk of any rod in the game. It's really rare so unless you're ready to grind a lot for it, or you have the luck of 1000 leprechauns, then I don't recommend you spend your time looking.

Chronicle 2 GM Rod :
6/10. Awfully low M.atk but you can find some alright pieces to enhance a skill's damage potential.

Chronicle 2 Set piece Rod : 6.5/10. Only use this weapon to complete a chronicle two set.
Chronicle 3 GM Rod : 7.5/10. If you double imbue one of these and reinforce it, it'll be a pretty nice weapon. I don't exactly recommend it but it's an option.
Chronicle 3 Set piece Rod : 7/10. I only recommend using this weapon to get 9 piece set effect. Other than that don't use it.

Now it's time for Staves. Same thing as with the rods, rating out of 10, level and name in color corresponding to rarity:

Magic Sealed Dried Ivy Staff LVL65 : 2/10 normal stats (int/pixie), 6/10 smash/deathblow.
Magic Sealed Kant LVL70 : 5/10 normal stats (int/pixie), 8/10 smash/deathblow.

Elemental Harmony LVL55 : 4.5/10. As with Breath of the Dawn, this weapon is only viable if it's reinforced to a high number. The +Water damage is nice though.
Mana Absorber LVL60 : 6.5/10. The effect would be nice if we casted more often. The only pro about this weapon is its high m.atk and its reinforce scaling.
Song of Echeverria LVL60 : 4/10. Don't use this. Leave it for those nice summoners out there to play around with.
Renee's Second Staff LVL61 : 7/10. Aura of +30 Int is nice, and it's got higher m.atk than level 60 pink staves. It also scales better than them.
Localist Magic LVL65 : 8/10. Crazy high m.atk. Problem is that it's got no bonuses to Glacial Masters at all. I highly suggest leaving this to Elementalists and their bomber friends.

Felty/Silky Martel's Magic Wand LVL 60 : 6/10. These are pretty bad. They don't give much other than the m.atk of a level 60 unique staff.
Arc Reactor LVL65 : 8/10. Same m.atk as Localist Magic but still not as great as it is for Summoners.

Big Mouth Wary LVL55 : 5/10. It's got high magic attack, but it still has pretty bad effects.
Contract Seal LVL55 : 4/10. High m.atk, but again, no good buffs for GM. It's got some nice ones for contract summoners though.
Angered Chatterbox Werry LVL55 : 5.5/10. Gives +70 int when you use icy white sword for 6 seconds. Icy white has a 4.4 cooldown with staves so you can almost always have +70 int on.
Staff of Great Wise Man LVL60 : 7/10. It's got super high m.atk, and it gives a 50% chance to cast Ancient Memory at +5 levels. Good if you use ancient memory a lot.
Witch's Gold Staff LVL65 : 12/10. The highest magic attack on a mage weapon currently in our game. Its effect is a whopping 12% additional damage when attacking. If you get this you use it. No questions asked it is the best GM weapon in the game.

Chronicle 2 GM Staff : 6/10. Awfully low M.atk but you can find some alright pieces to enhance a skill's damage potential.
Chronicle 2 Set piece Staff : 6.5/10. Only use this weapon to complete a chronicle two set.
Chronicle 3 GM Staff : 7.5/10. If you double imbue one of these and reinforce it, it'll be a pretty nice weapon. I don't exactly recommend it but it's an option.
Chronicle 3 Set piece Staff : 7/10. I only recommend using this weapon to get 9 piece set effect. Other than that don't use it.

5.3 Armor

There aren't so many choices for armor as a Glacial Master, but here's a list and rankings anyways.

Magic Sealed Western Leather Armor Set LVL65-70 : 6.5/10 (Something normal like int B). 8.5/10 (Three lined int, pixie, and something else S rank).
Legacy: Suede Vulcan Set LVL60-65 : 9/10. Very very pricey, and only a bit better than getting a magic sealed set. Worth it if you've got the money to spend.
Other Legacy sets : 6.5/10. I'm lazy so I'm putting all other legacy sets in here. If you aren't getting the 65 set, then just get magic sealed.

Chronicle 2 GM pieces LVL65 : 7/10. If you get a full set of pieces for Glacial Masters from OV2, then you've got some good armor. Chronicle 2 GM pieces are only OK though, nothing too great.
Chronicle 2 3/6/9 set pieces LVL65 : 6/10, 7.5/10, 8/10. 3 piece of a set along with magic sealed or more chronicle pieces is great. 6 pieces is even better. 9 piece I don't like because that requires you to use a chronicle weapon which normally suck.
Chronicle 3 Glacial Master Tainted Dimensional pieces LVL70 : 8/10. Now here's the good stuff, Chronicle 3 armor. With this you can do wonders, like increase the amount of fragments Grand Shatter shoots out, or increase damage of a lot of your skills. Getting a full set of this is excellent.
Chronicle 3 Ice Floral Hell set LVL70 : 10/10. My absolute favorite chronicle 3 set. It works solely on Grand Shatter and your ex skills, increasing damage and decreasing cooldowns. Look in the video section for a demonstration of the set's 9 piece. I myself have 5 pieces and am nearing getting a sixth.
Chronicle 3 Ice Arrow Shot/Mage's Ultimate Ice set LVL70 : 9/10. These are both really great sets. Ice Arrow Shot works on things like Broken Arrow and Windmill Spear, while Mage's Ultimate Ice set works on your 35/40/45 cubes. I still think Ice Floral Hell is the best set there is for Glacial Masters, and if you watch the video you'll probably think so too.

5.4 Accessories

Same as above, rating, color, and level.

Magic Sealed Blue Lagoon Pendant LVL70 : 5/10. You can get INT and magic critical on this. Still doesn't compare to other necklaces out there.

Blue Snowstorm Necklace LVL65 : 8/10. Adds approximately 14 water damage. Pretty good if you ask me.
Necklace of Deadly Screams LVL58 : 10/10. Also known as SC Neck, this necklace increases your damage by 8%. Unfortunately it does not work with Smash, so if you've got a smash weapon, you ought to avoid using this necklace, or reroll smash to something else. This beats Soul Chaser if you have a highly reinforced weapon (i.e. +13 pink or higher). Acquired through a long quest where you run Screaming Cavern several times.

Soul Chaser LVL55 : 10/10. The BEST necklace currently in the game. It boosts your attack by 20% at the cost of one spirit crystal every minute. If you get this your damage will be massive. The only downside is that it doesn't work with piercing damage. This plus a weapon with smash is a very good combination.

Chronicle 2 GM Necklace LVL65 : 7/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 2 GM set piece Necklace LVL 65 : 7.5/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 GM Necklace LVL70 : 8/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 Ice Floral Hell Necklace LVL70 : 10/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 Ice Arrow Shot/Mage's Ultimate Ice Necklace LVL70 : 9/10. See explanation in armor section.

Magic Sealed Kunzite Armlet LVL70 : 7.5/10. If you get Magic Crit S/Talisman S, this is one of the top bracelets. Its magic critical boost is higher than Screaming Bracelet with those stats.

Frozen Soul LVL55 : 5/10. The effect is ok, but you're probably better off with something else.
Terranite Bracelet LVL55 : 6.5/10. Adds attack speed and movement speed along with magic crit. Tough to grind for, not necessarily worth it.
Heartneck Mask LVL58 : 7/10. Decreases enemy elemental resistance by 6 at a 15% chance when you attack. Nice for us because we use elemental damage.
Bracelet of Deadly Screams LVL58 : 7.5/10. Gives a lot of Magic Critical (7%). Useful for magic classes.
Brave Lion Armlet LVL60 : 6.5/10. Neat effect, we normally don't like being at low health as a GM.
Soul Power of Phantom LVL64 : 7/10. Int buff is nice, but it's nothing huge.
Skeleton Bracelet LVL65 : 6/10. Useful for certain gimmicks where you need abnormal resist, but that's about it.
Sorcerer's Glass Beaded Bracelet LVL68 : 5/10. Whenever we cast, we usually have super armor following. This really isn't worth the price for Glacial Masters.
Yellow Dragon Motif Bracelet LVL70 : 6.5/10. Most endgame mobs are human outside of OV. You can fool around with this if you'd like.

Chronicle 2 GM Bracelet LVL65 : 7/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 2 GM set piece Bracelet LVL 65 : 7.5/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 GM Bracelet LVL70 : 8/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 Ice Floral Hell Bracelet LVL70 : 10/10. See explanation in armor section.
Chronicle 3 Ice Arrow Shot/Mage's Ultimate Ice Bracelet LVL70 : 9/10. See explanation in armor section.

Magic Sealed Veril Ring LVL70 : 5/10. Much better rings out there that you can use. This can get int/mcrit etc.

Swirling Soul LVL55 : 7/10. Very nice effect that is quite useful for GM.
Terranite Ring LVL55 : 5/10. The grind is long and the bonuses it gives are meh compared to other rings.
Ancient Elven Ring LVL55 : 10/10. The effect is amazing and we have tons of int so it's even better. Plus Glacial Masters hit often so it's easy to proc the 9% int for 30 seconds at a 6% rate. Definitely get this if you can.
Ring of Deadly Screams LVL 58 : 6/10. Same as terranite, the grind is long and meh stats.
Black Pearl - Mist LVL60 : 6.5/10. Glacial Masters are a magic class that counter sometimes. Not enough to make this ring the very best choice
Ring of Mermaideia LVL65 : 8/10. The water damage boost on this ring is quite nice.
Locky's Bone Ring LVL65 : 7.5/10. Same as Black Pearl - Mist except this one gives more damage from counters.

Water Spirit Ring LVL50 : 10/10. Gives a nice boost to water damage (+10-16). Costs 450 radiant eyes in Grandis's shop, so if you've got it I highly suggest buying this ring. It's a great ring.

6. Tips & Tricks

Along my journey as a Glacial Master, I have acquired a few tips and tricks to clearing tricky parts of certain dungeons, and how you can help in parties for OV and such. Here's a list of them:

1. Your x attack can be used to juggle endlessly if you time it right. This is extremely useful when waiting for your awakening passive freeze to proc.
2. Use Aqua Resonance as frequently as possible. The buff/debuff together increase your damage by a whopping amount.
3. Path of Frost EX can be incredibly useful in interrupting enemy attacks. Double tapping dash over and over again can lay down a thick layer of freezing goodness that'll definitely stop your enemies.
4. If you're fighting an enemy and they freeze right when you're about to use Snow Flower Spear, don't fret. Take one or two steps back (use backstep once or twice) and fire away. You'll get at least 4 hits in.
5. In OV2, Glacial Masters are great. We can feed quite nicely in Goblin Kingdom by using our x attack to juggle, and trap strike to feed (very low cooldown). We've also got SFS, Ice Crash, Windmill Spear, and wind strike which all push goblins forward. Glacial Masters can also bomb well because we are immortal, which leads me to point 6.
6. In any OV, immortality recovery is quite long. Taking off your equips that give exorcism parameter makes you heal in record time. So basically when you die, take off your equips and you'll heal very quickly. Just make sure the room is clear or you'll die in one hit.
7. You can teleport past many barriers in dungeons, such as the Vilmark barriers, or Shrouded Heiz Zejo room. Speaking of Zejo...
8. Path of Frost can be used to push and turn things. An example is Zejo's room in Shrouded Heiz, with that wheel. Just double tap dash on it, and it'll turn. In OV3 Void Rift, you can push blocks by doing the same. Just run into them and they'll move. Path of Frost also kills things that take 1 damage only very quickly, such as Patch in Midnight Assault, or the toys in Frozenheart.
9. Freezing enemies and then using Grand Shatter right up close is the best way to deal 1v1 damage for a GM. It's fast, and low cooldown.
10. Glacial Master skills have HUGE hit stun. Take advantage of that by using it to stop enemies. Broken Arrow and Icy White Sword are great to use in Tower of Despair because of their huge hit stun.
11. If you get knocked down from Broken Arrow and you have the EX for it, you can quick rebound to get back up and use the finisher if you don't wait on the ground.
12. Ice Crash is great for grouping and can knock a lot of enemies out of super armor.
13. Cancels are very optional because your first x attack launches enemies into the air. If you go x -> wind strike, you can just use skills from there. Less fluent but still works very well.

7. Videos

FinalHowl's Glacial Master at Arden!

ShiroiKoori Solos Ghost Train King's!

ShiroiKoori Back Again for Reshpon!

8. Credits

Uh, I guess credits to Puritas for the site. Also credits to DFO World Wiki. I copy pasted that paragraph about Hell Freezer awakening from there even though I saw it on nexon site a while back. Finally credits to for their awesome DFO build creating site. Also big thanks to AzraelxNox AKA FinalHowl for his help in getting dungeon run videos and proof reading my guide, and to ShiroiKoori for his ancient dungeon runs (dat armor breaker so strong!). If you'd like your name down here contribute some useful information or videos and I'll gladly write your name in this section.


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