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Demolitionist - A Female Launcher [PVE] Guide

Ah, so many beautiful bodies all gathered together. A beautiful sight, indeed.
As if they were just there waiting for blow them all away. Lock and load!

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
A - Why play launcher?
B - Pros & Cons
C - Suggested Builds
II. Skills
A - General
B - Common
C - Class
D - Albert (Snatch Skill)
E - Special (TP)
F - Quest Skills (QP)

III. Equipment 
A - Magic Sealeds and Rares
B - Weaponry 
C - Key Accessories and Special Equipment
D - Avatars, What Stats to Select & Emblems 

 I. Introduction

A - Why Play Launcher?

So, you're thinking about becoming a launcher? Well, let me tell you more about us.
We're the type of class that likes to blow everything up in explosions, fires, and lasers. In general, we bring out the BIG guns all day everyday. We are able to kill enemies at a far distance, ergo snipe them. Also we are a fixed class so its not to hard to fund :) To sum it up if you like to blow crap up, look awesome, play with big guns, and not spend to much, and do EXPLOSIVE damage, we're your class.

B - Pros & Cons

Pros - (80%) Fixed class with explosive damage (cheap and high damaging)
           Tanky due to Heavy armor
           Great damage done to groups of enemies as well as individuals
           Easy to level because fixed skills are strong
           Great for supporting parties' damage, but if you master launcher, soloing isn't a problem at all 
            Look Bad-Ass with dem BIG GUNS & NUKES
           Is able to utilize and abuse the fire & light elements without needing an [Inflict] enchant

Cons - Fixed, so damage potential isn't as high as % damage classes w/ high reinforced weapons
            Extremely reliant on X axis
            Weak against super armor at times
            One of the slower classes     
            Soloing can be a problem for newer players
            Sometimes you're a siting duck 

C - Recommended Builds

These are the builds I am currently using.

Build 1

Build 2

(There is an error with the planner site, MAX lv or Lv1 Lancer EX upgrade costs 2 TP not 4 so dont worry about build 2 there is enough TP to go around lol)

II. Skills      

(I only mention skills that are relevant; I might add all other skills when I get more time) 

A - General     

Leap - (Lv 0 or lv1)  |  A Utility skill, sometimes you just have to jump that high. Not super needed so lv1 is fine if you really want

Physical Critical Hit - (MAX)  |  SUPER important, we are a 100% Physical class, the more we crit the better

Physical Rear Attack - (This all depends on your Play-Style)  |  If you apparently Back Attack with your Play-Style, go for it

Quick Rebound - (Lv 1)  |  Self explanatory, EVERY class needs this


B - Common

Marilyn Rose - (Lv5)  |  As a needed skill in order for BBQ you pretty much need to get it at Lv5

Topspin Kick - (Lv0 or Lv1 or Lv5)  |   Some Launchers see this as a good skill when enemies get to close for comfort, i however see this as an unnecessary skill and a waste of SP, but that's my Play-Style

Cancel Topspin Kick - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  If you got Topspin Kick, might as well get this

Rising Topspin Kick - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  If you got Topspin Kick, might as well get this       

 Spriaggan - (Lv1)  |  Its a Grab skill. The more grabs the better, can get you out of tough situations as well as provide an invincibility time frame 

 Cancel Spriaggan - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  Not really needed because we rarely tap X like other classes

Areal Fire - (Lv0 or Lv4)  |  This is just used for fast movement from point A to point B with your Handcannon, Lv4 provides 3 shots in the air with handcannon making it a pretty far travel distance, and quite fast as well, no Lv beyond lv4 is needed

Needle Sobat - (Don't Touch it or MAX)  |  Some Launchers seem to like it, saying it provides them with a "Push-back" for mobs, giving them more room, as well as claiming the damage is quite nice, I find it a waste of time and SP

Cancel Needle Sobat - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  Again another cancel skill, we don't tap X alot so I, Personally don't see why you would get this, but if you MAXed Sobat, I guess

Land Runner - (Don't Touch it or MAX)  |   There is a kind of Trend Launcher build which involves using [Conversion] and Land Runner to do Physical Damage. Since it now naturally does Fire damage it can abuse elemental damage, though the damage on it is crappy and its usually just Utility I find this useless for anything besides ToDes

Gatling Gun - (Lv5 or MAX)  |  This is one of our more powerful skills, the high number of hits and the damage per bullet is amazing. Now with Revolution, if you have an [Inflict] elemental damage on your weapon it will affect this skill, making it all the more better.  However, some don't like this skill and prefer to save the SP for awakening instead

Cancel Gatling Gun - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  Again another Cancel, which are really just unnecessary for our class

M-3 Flamethrower - (Lv5 or MAX)  |  Pure Fire damage, this skill is also able to completely stop an Enemy in its tracks - completely immobile - as well as being able to take down large groups doing amazing damage. Again, some others prefer not to put SP into this and getting awakening instead

BBQ - (Lv1 or MAX)  |  This Skill is great, its a grab and if MAXed it will do awesome damage. Getting it or not getting it, it still must be at LEAST left at lv1, for the fact that it IS a grab.

Cancel BBQ - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  Aaaaaaaa must i really keep saying Cancels aren't necessary


C - Class

 Heavy Firearm Mastery -  (MAX)  |  MAX no exception this skill is NEEDED, saves MP and inflicts more damage with HandCannon

 Sub-Weapon Crusher - (MAX/Lv1)  |  Why would you not get it? It knocks enemies away from you by hitting them with your Subweapon skill

 Cannon Ball - (Lv5)  |  You need this skill to get Extruder, but frankly this isn't a good PvE skill

 Cancel Cannon Ball (Lv0)  |  Another cancel skill ._.                                         

Flame Piller - (MAX)  |  This is one of our MAIN skills: Fire Damage and High Damage, used to mow down EVERYTHING 

Steyr AMR - (MAX)  |  This is one of our very BEST skills, does Great Damage, Does Fire Damage, is Very fast, the Cooldown is Very Short, Knocks back Enemies a good distance

 Cancel Steyr AMR - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |   Another Cancel, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Laser Rifle - (MAX)  |  One of our more Famous Skills, and its well known for a reason, It does Seriously High Damage as well as being able to snipe from afar, also this is our highest percent skill, Inflicts Light damage as a bonus

Charge Laser Rifle - (MAX)  |  No reason what so ever why you would EVER not get this skill, Bigger laser, More Damage

Cancel Laser Rifle - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  aaaaaaaaaa another Cancel skill Because this one is just as useless as the others

Grenade Launcher - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  This is where your personal Taste come in, Some Love this skill, Some think its just downright stupid, I support it, it does fire damage as well as do a good job of taking down large groups of enemies, if you just AIM it correctly you should find no problems

 Eagle Eye - (MAX)  |  Its pretty common Sense to Max this, its pretty much our DBR, This skill is pretty much our most IMPORTANT Skill, have eagle eye on at ALL times, I mean, why would you not max a skill that pretty much says, INFLICT CRAP TON MORE DAMAGE!

Lancer - (MAX)  |  Ohhhh man Here we go, This is one of our Greatest skills, doing fire damage and alot of damage as well, is able to take down LARGE groups of mobs as well as Individuals and great against Bosses, if you let it go right and get as many bombs to hitbox the Enemy(s) as possible, the results are Superb, This skill is not to be compared to it's Male Counterpart because Stinger's story is a completely different deal

 Quantum Bomb - (MAX)  |  This is another one of our more well known skills, given the nickname "Nuke" this is our most Y axis skill, that gives high damage and a 70% Electrocution Rate, Also inflicts Light Damage

Extruder - (MAX)  |  Our precious Lv45 cube skill, does amazing and extremely high fixed physical damage, and is known to completely murder enemies. There is no reason why you shouldn't max this skill

  Overheat - (MAX)  |  Our Passive Awakening this is what makes us F-Launchers better than M-Launchers by far sure we take a hit from the durability but having +20% more damage to almost all of our skills is amazing

Ancient Trigger - (Lv0 or Lv1 or MAX)  |  Our Active Awakening nothing much to say about this skill its very big and flashy the damage isn't all that great your a sitting duck while using it and only the beginning lasers are able to "Phase" super armor some say that its good if you are in a party for support damage but for solo builds its best to just leave this skill alone

Arctic Booster - (Lv2 or Lv3)  |  Our Lv60 EX skill this skill is great it holds enemies in place with its 100% chance to freeze an enemy(s) The Damage isn't that good but if you want to milk all its got for damage Lv it to 3 if you want more freeze time Lv it to 2 but regardless this skill will solve a lot of your problems

Lancer SW - (Lv1/MAX)  |  Our Lv70 EX skill this skill is extremely high damaging, targets multiple or a single enemy(s) and just wrecks stuff it takes a little bit to get used to this skill but once you get the hang of it its one of your best friends

D - Albert (Snatch Skill)

Freezing Bullet - (Lv0 or Lv1)  |  The only reason for getting this skill is for Altar of Ascension's Noa Menoa room regarding fire and water damage usually players that enter that dungeon have a inflict fire and inflict water weapon in hand, well launchers don't need that our skills do plenty fire and once the water guy is down cast Freezing Bullet and troll the heck out of the Fire guy

 Backup Land Runner - (Don't Touch it or MAX)  |  Only get this skill if you have a land runner conversion build it comes in handy for it and is actually pretty funny


E - Special Skills (TP)

Now this is where you really have to make the choice for yourself, which skill to get, its pretty hard to resist getting that certain skill when you know you want to spend TP on another skill and not have room

 BBQ EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  Really nice if you maxed BBQ but if you didn't its not super useful for you

 Gatling Gun EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  If you got Gatling Gun MAXed I highly suggest that you get this skill since Gatling gun is one of our most high damaging skills geeing an EX for it just makes all the better its super cheep also

 M-3 Flamethrower EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  If you got MAX flamethrower and you like that skill a lot, then this is your skill it makes flamethrower a lot more bigger, more damaging and increases the already massive hit stun

Steyr AMR EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  I personally LOVE Steyr and will always have the EX for it, the damage increase is amazing as well as the increase in explosion size, bleed chance and bleed Lv is great

 Laser Rifle EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  If you love laser like most people then you'll love this it increases your laser's damage as well as makes it a lot bigger

 Fire Piller EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  The one skill you'll be finding us use almost all the time, its a great option to put TP into because of the overall damage bonus as well as it increases the movement speed while you are using the skill

 Lancer EX - (Lv0 or Lv1/MAX)  |  Lancer by itself is awesome but the EX passive for it is just a super boost for it, adding 2 more missiles just sounds good already 

 Quantum Bomb EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  A lot of people tend to think that Quantum bomb or Nuke isn't really strong or all that great, well with the revolution patch the natural skill itself got better and with the EX skill here it is no longer a skill to be trifled with

 Extruder EX - (Lv0 or MAX)  |  The already super damaging skill gets an upgrade, increasing the suction range and damage its a great place to put TP into

F - Quest Skills (QP)

This is pretty basic and a lot of classes have a similar QP build depending on Phy or Magic class

 Strength - (MAX)  |  Free Strength for a fixed physical class no reason not to max it 


 Physical Critical Hit [QP] - (MAX)  |  Free critical hit rate for a physical class no reason not to max it

 Elemental Attack - (MAX)  |  We launchers can abuse the element of Fire and Light a lot so more bonus damage for us no reason not to max it

All Base Attack Strength - (MAX)  |  Base attack strength is damage bonus for us fixed classes the more we have the higher we hit so no reason not to max

 Hit Rate - (If you want it MAX)  |  If you happen to see yourself missing alot even with eagle eye on you might want to considering to invest in this

 Movement Speed - (MAX)  |  Free Movement Speed Yay


 II. Equipment 

A - Magic Sealeds and Rares

This is pretty Basic and Simple, Magic Sealed items have a large variety of options the only stats you want to go for or really care about are:

 Strength : Adds Strength 

 Physical Crit : Adds Physical Critical Hit rate

 Grizzly : Gives an Added Strength Aura in Dungeon

 Falcon : Gives an Added Physical Critical Hit rate in Dungeon

Fire Boost : Increases Fire Damage

Light Boost : Increases Light Damage

Pound (weapon): Adds Base Attack Strength 

Smash (weapon): Increases Physical and Magical Damage (Fixed and %)

Armor Breaker (weapon): Attack with a chance of breaking the enemy's armor lowering their defense for a set duration

 B - Weaponry 

Recommended Cannons

Miracle Dragon Wagon - Our Lv65 Epic Handcannon and the effect is Amazing +15% damage on Eagle Eye is just wow, but its most likely Multiplicative not Additive the formula is as follows, instead of 25% +15% = 40% you have 25% * 1.15 = 28.75% it still isn't bad though I just don't see the why the hype is so big about it when I learned this math  

 Portable Dradanelles Gun - Lv60 Unique Pink cannon this cannon's damage potential is great +20% more damage on critical attacks and critical hits are already OP adding more damage is just icing on top of a cake

Titanic Poche Ballista - Lv65 Unique Pink Cannon it gives +1 on eagle eye skill which is pretty sweet, and as well it gives alot more Base Attack Strength than other Handcannons which is also a nice advantage

Sudden Burst - Lv55 Unique Pink Cannon The This cannon might not be much to look at in first glance but its effect "Long Range Attack Strength +10%" is pretty useful, its a great choice if your looking for a budget pink

 Magma Cylinder - Lv55 Epic Cannon This thing is just in my opinion is packed full of crazy awesome effects, Gives a 10% bonus to critical damage, Adds fire damage, Inflicts Fire damage, +3Lvs on Nuke, +5% critical hit rate, Increases Movement Speed of Fire Piller, and to top it all off "Makes a Lava Pool" and its all sold at Grandis's shop

Extreme One's Cannon - Lv55 Epic Cannon The original Armor & Weapon breakers of DFO The Extreme One's Series along with the additional effect of breaking armor and weapon of the enemy there is also a 5% proc chance to increase your physical attack by 30% which is pretty extreme

Chronus Cannon - Lv65 Unique Pink Cannon, this cannon is specifically for Light Lovers with its + on light damage, as well as its +2 on Charge Laser rifle skill not all that good for your everyday fire launcher though

Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer 

Set Chronicle 3 - To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the cannon itself is pretty useless, but its nice to look at

(No Image Available) Twin Bomb Cannon - Lv55 Epic Cannon Can be purchased from Grandis, the effect is very simple cast nuke with a chance of summoning 2 nukes instead the more nukes the better


*Update more gear once i can*

C - Key Accessories and Special Equipment 

Bracelet (there isn't much to choose from here)

Heartneck Mask - Lv58 Unique Ancient Dungeon Pink it decreases the elemental resistance of enemies you hit at a rate, not bad since we abuse the fire element a lot

 Screaming Caves Bracelet - Lv58 Unique Quest Only Pink it gives a pretty good Critical hit rate, thus it being very nice, also very budget too but you got to work hard for it

 Charment Armlet - Lv55 Epic Sold at Grandis this item is pretty nifty due to its Generated Strength Aura in dungeon

 (No Image Available) Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer 

 (No Image Available) Set Chronicle 3 -To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the item itself is pretty useless, I recommend bracelet slot as to finish a 3/6/9 set the most because face it, there's nothing really worth equipping here 


Pel Los Glory - Lv55 Unique Pink Necklace Arguably the Best necklace you can get your hands on, the amount of Strength it procs is massive

 Screaming Caves Necklace - Lv 58 Unique Quest Only Necklace The original [Smash] effect and a pretty reliable necklace, also budget just gotta work hard for it

Silent Sparks Necklace - Lv60 Unique Pink Necklace a lot of people go like "what is that" to this particular equip but it actually isn't bad, its fairly good on the contrary with +3% Critical Rate and +2% hitrate

Enhanced Titan Necklace - Lv65 Unique Pink Necklace Its one of the Rare items that give Base Attack Strength 

 Soul Chaser - Lv55 Epic Necklace Currently this does nothing for us but once we get the big patch it will also effect Fixed damage

 (No Image Available) Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer

 (No Image Available) Set Chronicle 3 - To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the item itself is pretty useless


 Krazy Ivan's Explosives - Lv58 Unique Ancient Dungeon Pink that gives a crap ton of fire damage

 Burning Wave Ring - Lv60 Unique Pink Ring it also has a similar but not as potent effect as Krazy Ivan's Explosives but offers more Strength, Exorcism, M Def, and a bit of speeds as well 

 Enhanced Titan Ring - Lv60 Unique Pink Ring it is another rare item that gives Base Attack Strength 

 Ring of Black Abyss - Lv64 Unique Ancient Dungeon Pink Sort of a Disregarded item, but I myself was considering to get this ring, if your in it to survive and last longer, weather it be solo or even in Otherverse this ring can benefit you quite well, I think of it as a personal Crom's top, don't let the 1% proc scare you, don't underestimate how often we launchers hit you

 Tender Green Ring - Lv65 Unique Pink ring it procs all elemental damage +10 for a set duration when you attack at 5%

 Fire Spirit Ring - Lv50 Epic Ring Sold at Grandis More fire damage at budget price, just gotta farm

 Light Spirit Ring - Lv50 Epic Ring Sold at Grandis More Light Damage at a Budget Price, just gotta farm

 (No Image Available) Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer

 (No Image Available) Set Chronicle 3 - To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the item itself is pretty useless

Sub Equip 

Chief Bwangwa's Armband - Lv60 Epic Sub Equip Adds Massive Stats Best raw Stat Sub in Game 82+ stats

 Heinrich Family Armband - Lv65 Unique Pink Sub Equip The lv65 Pink Sub in the game that gives the LARGE amount of Stats over 67 to each stat

 Suju Royal Armband -  Lv60 Unique Pink Sub Equip The lv60 pink sub in the game that gives LARGE amount of stats over 57 to each stat

Song of Hitman Stella - Lv60 Unique Pink Sub Equip This sub makes M-3 Flamethrower a hella lot stronger so if your gearing toward that skill this is the sub for you

Kings Book of Secrets - Lv60 Unique Pink Sub Gives Eagle eye skill +1 which is already great, also gives +1 to active awakening skill

Ceave's Talisman - Lv65 Unique Pink Sub Gives Flamethrower skill +2 and Steyr EX +1 pretty nifty

 Ancient Wonder - Lv65 Unique Sub Equip Gives Fire Piller +1 Extruder +1 and Ancient Trigger +1 not to bad, but sort of slacking

Book of Transcendence - Lv60 Epic Sub Equip Ancient Trigger +2 Nuke +2 ehhh its pretty cool if you actually found it though but it kinda sucks

War Lord Talisman - Lv60 Epic Sub Equip M-3 Flamethrower +2 M-3 Flamethrower EX +1 Steyr EX +1 pretty nifty 

Audrey's Assault Gloves - Lv60 Epic Sub Equip Best Physical Attack stacking Sub Equip although Physical attack stacking isn't the best for us its still pretty nice, consider yourself SUPER lucky if you actually do happen to find this

Five Bloody Bullets - Lv60 Unique Pink Sub Equip the third best sub equip for stacking Physical Attack 

Death Gazer - Lv65 Unique Pink Sub Equip The Second Best Sub Equip for Stacking Physical Attack

Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer 

Set Chronicle 3 - To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the item itself is pretty useless

 Magic Stone

Harmony Stone of Destruction - Lv65 Unique Ancient Dungeon Pink The Best stone for almost any physical class the strength boosting effect is absolutely MASSIVE as well as the natural high as hell Strength stat on it

Diamond Totem Pole Fragment - Lv65 Unique Pink Magic Stone The Magic Stone in the game that gives massive amounts to all stats

Selist's Tear - Lv65 Unique Pink Magic Stone Gives High Fire Damage the second highest you'll find in the game

Enhanced Titan Bead - Lv65 Unique Pink Magic Stone This Stone actually gives you a very high amount of Base Attack Strength

Evil-Spirited Flame Stone - Lv65 Unique Ancient Dungeon Pink it gives a fair amount of Fire Damage as well as a side effect that deals more damage to demons

Platoni's Gold Stone - Lv65 Epic Magic Stone The highest of the high gives 108+ to all stats consider yourself SUPER lucky if you find it though

Samm Jang's Meditation - Lv65 Epic Magic Stone The Best Base Attack Strength Stone you can get your hands on consider yourself SUPER lucky if you find it though

Flame Hulk's Tear - Lv65 Epic Magic Stone the Highest fire damage stone there is so far consider yourself SUPER lucky if you cone across it though

 Elven Warrior Medal - Lv65 Unique Pink Magic Stone it gives +1 our lv60 Ex Skill Arctic Booster which is sorta meh but its ok I guess 

Iris's Memento - Lv65 Epic Magic Stone gives a +1 to both of our active EX skills Lv60 and Lv70 which is pretty damn good consider yourself SUPER lucky if you find this though

Chronicle 3 - Self Explanatory have almost any skill effect on it weather it be eagle eye or Gatling gun whatever your prefer 

Set Chronicle 3 - To Finish a 3/6/9 set effect of a Chronicle set if needed other than that the item itself is pretty useless

D - Avatars and Emblem Stats 


Hair - +MP per min/Spirit/Cspd

Hat - +MP per min/Spirit/Cspd

Face - Aspd

Torso - Aspd

Top - Eagle Eye (best choice) or any other launcher skill if you cant get your hands on eagle eye

Waist - Evasion Rare/KGs+

Bottom - MP MAX

Shoes - Strength

Skin - Phy/Mag Damage reduction


RED - Strength

YELLOW - Aspd/MP per min

GREEN - Physical Critical Rate

BLUE - Hit rate


Welp Thats it for the guide  I will add more when I get more time

Current finished Ver 1.1


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