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Elemental Destruction

Table of Contents

  1. Class Overview & Introduction
  2. Skills
  3. Builds
  4. Gear
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Miscellaneous

1. Class Overview & Introduction

Elemental Bomber is a sub job of Male Mage that focuses on dealing high elemental damage like its female
counterpart. However he does not share any skills with his girly counterpart.

Pros to Elemental Bomber

  • Does VERY well on low budget and doesn't require any reinforcing at all to be decent.
  • Does not require cast speed accessories or avatars. Cast speed is completely optional.
  • Proficient in all Elements and does not require cards like Binoche for attacking elementally.
  • Pure Percent. Only fixed damage skills are general Male Mage skills.
  • Very flexible and forgiving build.
  • You can screw up in OV and get yourself killed all you want to as long as your revive is off cooldown.

Cons to Elemental Bomber

  • Low HP & DEF
  • No Mana Shield like effects exist.
  • Crowd Control isn't too hot.
  • No INT buffs except AM.
  • Spitfire-like gameplay. (Mashing X and another skill when it gets off CD)
  • No real combos. (PVP)
  • Mana can snowball down to 0 with the use of skills very quickly due to Mana Burst's effects

With that aside let's move on into skills.

2. Skills

General Skills

Basic Attack
Input: X
Shoots an orb of blue energy. This is a magic attack that is automatically aimed at the nearest enemy. The Basic Attack chain has 4 energy balls in total and the action of shooting the energy balls causes a slight knockback to close enemies that does around 15% of the thrown orb's damage. When used in the air, it will fire two orbs in quick  succession. Only one Basic Attack is usable in the air per jump. Dash Attacks will cause a small explosion to erupt around the Mage's palms. This will knock down enemies and is a two hit physical attack. This dash attack will always move you forward and cannot be preformed standing still unlike other classes (i.e Fighter, Slayer, Battle Mage)

Revives your character when you reach 0 HP. Upon revive all status effects are cured except Stun and Immobilize. Your cooldowns DO NOT REFRESH when dying this way. When revived you enter a state where you regenerate 50% of your MAX HP for 15 sec. If killed AGAIN during this state you will have to use a life token. PVE cooldown is 15 sec, PVP cooldown is 2 min, everywhere else is 60 sec.

Skill: Wind Strike
Input: Z
This skill creates a small tornado infront of the mage that launches an enemy into the air. This has super armor upon using and is a magical attack. Leveling the
skill does not increase tornado size but will increase launch height. This skill does have an automatically acquired cancel.

Skill: Water Cannon
Input: Left, Right + Z
Fires a ball of Water to deal magical Water damage. When ranked up, the sphere of water will grow in size. Acquired at level 1.

Level 5 Skills

Skill: Trap Strike
Input: (While holding Right) + Z
Grabs an enemy in front of you and throws them forward, and upon landing, deals magical splash damage. The grabbed enemy does not take damage from the resulting shock wave from throwing them and instead take damage from being thrown. Larger enemies are not thrown as far as smaller enemies (i.e A goblin will be thrown farther than a Toros Warrior). This skill's range is VERY short. A cancel can be acquired upon ranking this skill to level 5.

Skill: Concentrated Fury
Input: Down, Forward + Z
Fires five shots of your basic attack in quick succession to deal magic damage. Concentrated Fury deals slightly more damage than your basic attack. This skill is one of your most important skills as an Elemental Bomber when used in conjunction with your buffs. Pressing the skill key while firing will allow you to shoot faster. This skill can be used in the air and during Backstep. When used in the air it can be fired diagonally and straight down by pressing the directional button desired before the skill is used. Pressing the Jump key while firing will stop use of the skill. This skill's cancel can be used after getting this skill to level 3.

Level 10 Skills

Skill: Ghost Flame
Input: Down + Z
Creates two light blue flames around the mage. Each flame provides a bonus to Physical and Magical Defenses. Unlike Mana Shield or Bone Shield, pressing the skill key again will shoot one of the flames out to deal magic damage.

Skill: Teleport
Input: Right + Space
This skill teleports the user in any direction instantly. The skill's range of movement is 400px of X-axis movement and 100px of Y-Axis movement. Another very helpful skill. It caps at level 1 so no need to sink hundreds of SP into it. Unlike Phase Shift or Molting, this skill cannot be used when hit.

Skill: Flame Shield
Input: Right, Right + Z
Conjures a disk of flame in front of you, and over time, discharges it forward to deal fire damage and push back enemies. This skill is a bit unique because it can be held, and while held, incoming ranged attacks will deal less damage. Leveling this skill up will increase the distance it travels and how much damage is reduced from ranged attacks.

Level 15 Skills

Skill: Icy White Sword
Input: Up, Right + Z
Materializes a large sword of ice along the mage's arm and swipes three times to inflict water based magical damage. This skill has a chance of slowing enemies. The final hit of this skill deals more damage than the rest of the skill.

Skill: Magic Cannon
Input: Down, Down + Z
Shoots a larger version of your basic attack. This skill when used in combination with other Elemental Bomber skills, this skill can assist in providing excellent burst DPS.

Elemental Bomber Skills: Level 20 Skills

Skill: Elemental Protection
Passive Skill
Provides a an Elemental Resist rating of 10 against all elements. Maxes out at level 1.

Skill: Elemental Shift
Input: Right, Right + Space
This skill is one of the skills that makes you a better Spitfire than Spitfire. Using this skill allows you to choose an Elemental Property to imbue upon your Basic Attacks, Concentrated Fury, Magic Cannon, Elemental Shield, Concentration and Elemental Strike. However, this skill does not enchant your weapon with chosen element as if it had "Inflict Elemental Damage".


  • Strongest of the four elements when used with Basic Attacks and Concentrated Fury.
  • Next to last in terms of damage with Magic Cannon. Magic Cannon will cause an explosion on hit.
  • Will ignite Oil and change dash attacks into a fiery explosion.


  • Basic attack and Concentrated Fury are the second highest in damage.
  • Each hit from your Basic Attack or Concentrated Fury has a chance to Electrocute.
  • Magic Cannon's Electrocute effect is much stronger than your Basic Attack or Concentrated Fury. However the Magic Cannon itself does the least damage under Light Element.
  • Upon impact, Light Element has a stronger hit stun effect than the rest of the elements.


  • Each shot from Dark Element will pierce through anything it hits.
  • Each hit has a chance of curse.
  • Second strongest Magic Cannon.


  • Weakest Basic Attack and Concentrated Fury.
  • Each hit has a chance to Freeze.
  • Strongest Magic Cannon.

Skill: Crystal Crash
Input: Up + Z
This skill will drop three large icicles upon a blue circle upon casting. Sadly, this skill's target area can't be moved around like Fire Pillar and Quantum Bomb.

Level 25 Skills

Skill: Mana Burst
Input: Up, Down + Space
Mana Burst increases the damage your skills do by 1% per level. However, this skill also increases their MP cost by 10% plus 1% extra for each level after that. This skill is essential to your Elemental Bomber. Take care to notice that all skills casted while this skill is in effect will increase their MP cost. Apply this buff last.

Skill: Elemental Shield
Input: Left, Down, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv.2
This skill decreases the damage you are dealt by a percent in addition to preforming an effect when hit that changes on which element you chose to use when casting Elemental Shift.


  • Counter Attacks for fixed fire damage.


  • Completely stops an enemy's attacking animation for a period of time, making it possible to get out of the way of multi-hit attacks the instant the first hit would hit you.


  • Chance to cause Slow to any enemy who hits you during the Shield's duration at a 90% chance.


  • Causes a set number of hits dealt to you to deal 0 damage. 
  • This does not apply to status effect damage such as poison but DOES apply to dot effects such as Grudge of Dead. 
  • When this situation occurs, it does not subtract from the shield's damage negation ability.

Skill: Infernal Road
Input: Right, Down, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv.2
Generates a set number of flames in a horizontal line twice. The second wave of fire deals more damage than the first.

Level 30 Skills

Skill: Chain Lightning
Input:Up, Right, Down + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv.5
Projects a bolt of lightning that arcs between a set number of targets, dealing light element damage. While using the skill, the mage will be in super armor. The tracking range of this skill is so great that enemies in the air and behind the mage can be hit by this skill. Chain Lightning will hit four times on each target. The number of targets you can hit will increase with level.

Skill: Dark Zone
Input: Up, Right, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv.5
Emits a sphere of darkness outward that blinds all enemies on screen and damages those within range. The range of this skill does not increase by leveling the skill. The blind effect occurs at a 100% rate. This skill also has a decent amount of super armor, making it handy when surrounded by multiple enemies.

Level 35 Skills

Skill: Crystal Sorm
Input: Up, Right, Up, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Crystal Crash Lv.5, Elemental Shift Lv.5
Casts an ice magic circle upon the ground that causes icy shards to fall from the sky and down on anything within. This skill drops 40 crystals within the circle and each crystal has a 50% chance of freezing an enemy. The skill's attack duration is 2.5 seconds at any given level, while the skill's Freezing Level and Time increases with rank. Very effective against large and immobile enemies. This skill has a small cast time.

Skill: Flame Circle
Input: Up, Down, Up + Z
Prerequisite: Infernal Road Lv.5, Elemental Shift Lv. 5
This skill creates a ring of fire that strike anything within range six times and then explodes to knock enemies away. This skill has super armor from beginning to end. Leveling the skill increases the speed at which the flame will rotate around you and the skills damage. A cancel for this skill is available upon leveling it to level 3.

Level 40 Skills

Skill: Lightning Wall
Input: Down, Up, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Chain Lightning Lv.5
Consumes 1 Clear Cube Fragment.
Materializes a large wall of lightning and pushes it forward to electrify enemies in its path. Creating the wall will electrify enemies and knock them down if they are close enough to touch the wall. Upon creating the wall, you will be in a super armor state. Status effects that prevent you from taking action and being thrown will make the wall disappear. This skill is very good on long horizontal maps as it passes through any object in its way. This skill also has a decent chance to cause electrocution for 3 seconds.

Skill: Shadow Globe
Input: Up, Down, Down + Z
Prerequisite: Dark Zone Lv.5
Consumes 1 Clear Cube Fragment.
Creates a black and purple gravity field that slows enemies that enter the area. After a few seconds the skill will create a large orb that pulls all enemies in to a single position, shatter and explode to deal Dark element damage and slow down enemies within. This skill does not have super armor so take care when casting this skill. It is possible for enemies to walk out of the initial gravity field, however it is not possible to escape the pull in effect. The slow effect lasts for five seconds.

Level 45 Skill

Skill: Elemental Rain
Input: Left, Right, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv. 10
Consumes 2 Clear Cube Fragments
The mage jumps into the air with super armor and throws down twenty elemental orbs, each of varying elements. Then throws down a large orb that deals a large amount of damage.

Awakening Skills: Warlock

Skill: Elemental Buster
Input: Up, Up, Down, Down + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv. 10
Consumes 5 Clear Cube Fragments.
Creates a large series of spheres that explode in front of and around the Warlock. The number of hits dealt varies upon the position of the enemy. You are in a super armor state upon using this. The elements will cycle through the elements with your current element chosen from Elemental Shift being last. Cycles in this order: Fire -> Ice -> Dark -> Light, and will skip over whichever is your current elemental attribute, saving it for last.

Skill: Elemental Chain
Passive Skill
Prerequisite: Warlock Awakening Quest
Increases your Elemental Damage stats upon using an elemental attack. The Elements buffed by this passive will be every element but the element you just used. Using Water Cannon will increase Fire, Dark, and Light elemental attributes, but not water. Each increase in elemental damage lasts for 10 seconds. Elemental Rain will cause all four elements to be buffed. Elemental Buster will increase elemental damage for each explosion for a total for four times. Magic Cannon and Concentrated Fury will activate this passive. Increases your element stats by 4 per level.

EX Active Skills

Skill: Concentrate
Input: Right, Left, Down, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv.20
Throws an oblong orb of elemental energy that bounces twice before exploding on the second bounce. Elemental damage is the same as the element you chose in Elemental Attribute. Consumes 1 Clear Cube Fragment.

Skill: Elemental Strike
Input: Right, Left, Up, Right + Z
Prerequisite: Elemental Shift Lv. 20
Creates a quintet of elemental orbs that drop down in a pentagon and then converge in on each other to produce an elemental explosion. The element of this attack is the same as the element chosen in Elemental Shift.

EX Passive Skills

  • Wind Strike: Increases damage by 10% per level. Requires Lv. 10 Wind Strike.
  • Water Cannon: Increases damage by 10% per level and increases size by 5% per level. Requires Lv.10 Water Cannon.
  • Trap Strike: Increases damage by 20%. Requires Lv. 10 Trap Strike.
  • Flame Shield: Increases damage by 10% per level, Increases incoming ranged damage by 1% per level and holding time by .1 second per level. Requires Lv. 10 Flame Shield.
  • Concentrated Fury: Increases damage by 10% per level. Requires Lv. 10 Concentrated Fury.
  • Ghost Flame: Increases Damage, Defense, and Duration by 10% per level. Requires Lv. 10 Ghost Flame.
  • Icy White Sword: Removes the third strike of the skill and preforms the first and second strikes again for a total of 4 hits. Requires Lv.10 Icy White Sword.
  • Magic Cannon: Increases the size and damage of Magic Cannon by 3% and 10% per level. Requires Lv. 10 Magic Cannon.
  • Infernal Road: Adds two rows of fire and deals 24% more damage.
  • Elemental Shield: Increases duration by 3.3, decreases damage taken by 1%, Increases Fire Damage Counter attack by 10%, Increases the number of times damage is set to zero by 1, Increases the stop time by .5 seconds, increases slow chance by 3%, and increases Slow Level by 2 per level. Requires Lv.10 Elemental Shield
  • Crystal Crash: Increases number of ice shards by 4 and decreases the damage of the skill by 45%. In total this actually increases the entire skill's damage by 28%. Requires Lv. 10 Crystal Crash
  • Flame Circle: Increases number of hits by 1 per level and increases explosion damage by 14% per level.
  • Dark Zone: Increases damage by 12% per level, Increases Blind Level by 2 per level and increases duration of blind by .5 seconds per level. Requires Lv. 10 Dark Zone.
  • Crystal Sorm: Decreases skill duration by 1.5 seconds, decreases cooldown by 3 seconds, increases freeze rate by 10% and increases Freeze Level by 2. Requires Lv. 10 Crystal Sorm.
  • Chain Lightning: Increases damage by 12% per level, Increases number of targets by 1 per level and increases skill duration by .1 second per level. Requires Lv.10 Chain Lightning.
  • Lightning Wall: Increases attack power by 24%, electrocution Level by 2 and electrocution Chance by 10%. Requires Lv.10 Lightning Wall.
  • Shadow Globe: Increases damage by 12% per level, pull in range by 5% per level, slow level by 2 per level, and slow duration by 10% per level. Requires Lv.10 Shadow Globe
  • Elemental Rain: Increases energy ball number by 2 per level, increases energy ball damage by 12% per level, and increases giant energy ball's damage by 14% per level. Requires Lv.10 Elemental Rain.

3. Builds

Skeleton Build: This build has all the basic things you'll need to do damage. It has 3465 SP left over, which allows you to pick and choose your skills.

My personal build for those who are wondering.

I actually think this class is legitimately bad at PVP so I won't bother with PVP builds.

4. Gear

Gear listed here are things you should make an effort to acquire or are helpful in some way.
Gear listed here are things you should make an effort to acquire or are helpful in some way.

  • Sealed Purples with INT stats are ideal.
  • These are good on everyone. Why not get it?
  • Isadora's Rod - Have a 30% chance to electrocute, burn, blind or freeze a target for 4 seconds when attacking. Good for a level 50 Rod. Comes obviously from Isadora.
  • Vortis's Blaze - Cast Flame Circle with a 50% chance to increase it's size by 25%. Lv. 65 Boss unique from Beornan.
  • Skasa's Ice Spear - 12% chance to cast Skasa's Breath upon a normal attack. Lv. 55 Spear. Drops from Skasa.
  • UM-0 Electric Bomb - Attack with a 5% chance of causing an electric explosion. Lv. 65 Pole from UM-O Ultimatium.
  • Arc Reactor - Attack with a 5% chance to summon lightning around you. Drops from Enzo Sipo, Lv. 65 Staff.
  • Localist Magic - Gives you 5 additional seconds of Mana Burst and 3% more damage. Handy I suppose. Lv. 65 Staff.
  • Yellow Pattern Dragon Necklace - +6 All elemental Damage. Why not? Lv. 70 Necklace.
  • Death Dragon's Chain Ring
  • Esper Ring
  • Black Pearl - Mist
  • Ancient Elven Ring
  • Tender Green Ring
  • Shining Mystic Ring (Needs Translation)
  • Locky's Bone Ring (Needs testing.)
  • Black Ring: Lightning
  • Blazing Soul
  • Frozen Soul
  • Bracelet of Deadly Screams
  • Soul Power of Phantom
  • Yellow Dragon Motif Bracelet - +7% damage on Humans...
  • Floo's Spirited Seal
  • Blue Dragon Cape
  • Riot Captain Shread's Gloves
  • Crawford's Time Bomb
  • Mechanic Gloves - Maybe? (Better on Exorcist)
  • _____ Tear - There's an all in one epic for these.
  • Titan's Reinforcement Bead
  • Harmony Stone of Domination
  • Black Plague Dark Hair Set - Yeah. It's good for everyone.

  • Fierce Fire Road: The cooldown is already low. Make it even lower to spam it forever.
  • Specialty or Zooming Darkness Mantle: Bigger area, larger pull in area. 
  • Elemental Ball Expansion: This set essentially doubles the damage of your basic attack string or Concentrated Fury (Testing Needed) allows them to fire faster and gives you an additional Water Shield damage negate.

    3: Multi-Hit Magic Orb Count +1
    Firing Interval -12%
    Elemental Shift Attack Strength +17%
    Fire Attribute Attack Strength +10%
    Water Attribute Freeze Chance +1%
    Shadow Attribute Curse Chance +1%
    Light Attribute Electrocution Chance +1%

    6: Multi-Hit Magic Orb Count +1
    Firing Interval -15%
    Magic Cannon Attack Strength +30%
    Explosion Size +30%
    Cooldown -1 sec
    Attribute Explosion Range +10%

    9: Multi-Hit Orb Count +2
    Firing Interval -20%
    Elemental Rain Magic Orb Firing Distance Decreased
    Magic Orb Count +12
    Cooldown -8 sec
    Attribute Attack Strength +20%
    Explosion Range +10%
    Elemental Shield Barrier Damage Decrease +5%
    Water Attribute Complete Defense Count +1
  • Ultimate Elemental: Elemental Rain becomes extremely useful with this set. Remember that Concentrated Magic Orb will only bounce ONCE with this set. However it will tax your mana.

    3: Attribute Activation Attack Strength +22%
    Mana Burst Attack Strength Increase +3%
    Mana Consumption + 5%

    6: Elemental Rain Jump Height Decrease
    Magic Orb's Direction Modification
    Attack Strength +40%
    Cooldown -20%
    Large Magic Orb's Explosion Size +30%
    Mana Burst Attack Strength Increase +5%
    Mana Consumption +8%

    9: Concentrated Magic Orb Bounce Count -1
    Attack Strength +50%
    Cooldown -20%
    Final Explosion Range +30%
    Elemental Strike Attack Strength +40%
    Cooldown -20%
    Explosion Range +30%
  • INT
  • Mana Burst
  • Preference.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Miscellaneous


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