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Age of Apocalypse: Avengers PVE Guide

\\Updated 5.10.15 (Skills)
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HOLY SHIT!  Look at this badass!  Yea, I'm sure most of you thought something around those lines when you were thinking about making an Avenger.  Well I'm here to make that transition from thinking to mastering the latest character to DFO.  I am definitely not the most geared Avenger on DFO but I absolutely love this class and have been studying it since its debut back in 2011, attaining tons of knowledge that I wish to pass on to you.  My Avenger's IGN is DaSpawn so if you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM or just whisper me.

As warning in advance, this is strictly a PvE guide.  I do not play PvP enough to give advice so I'd rather not even discuss it.  Also, skill advice are purely opinion and should be seen as a skeleton and not definitive.

  • Quite Decent DPS (Don't underestimate the power of Ozma.)
  • Utility (You can position enemies with ease.)
  •   Mana (This is never a problem and if it is there are so many solutions that don't involve pots.)
  •  Heavy Armor (Casting with heavy armor...oh snap!)
  • Holds (Ripper and Dark Authority will make OV rooms much easier to deal with.)
  •   DEVIL STRIKE (Little awakenings every time you activate it...YES.)
  •  AWAKENING (Most badass-looking and insane gimmicks to abuse enemies with.)
  •  Easy Buffs (buffs that end when cooldown resets making it easier to keep up.)
  • Solo (This class can do it with no problem.)
  •  Cosmetic effect (Not a big deal but it’s the only one you can see when out of range from other players.  Looks like they're all smokin’.)

  •   Low HP (Even though you wear heavy, you'll take damage similar to light armor classes.)
  • Shadow-based (Most end game dungeons are shadow based making it hard to own their life.)
  •   Movement Speed (Being this painfully slow makes it difficult to set up moves.)
  •  Super Armor (You have it on some moves you wouldn't expect and don't have it on moves you assume would.)

This class is a little SP-lenient.  You'll definitely max your high level moves but you'll have to choose among the Priest/General/low level moves.  Below are quick opinions on certain moves with recommended skill values for PVE, OV, and Tower of Despair/Suju.
But before we go anywhere we need to discuss the essence of Avengers: the Demon Gauge

See this?  No, not the penguin I'm fist bumping.  The gauge.  This is your Demon Gauge.  Whenever you attack enemies with Avenger skills it builds up.  Painful Rapture helps to fill this up as well. Your X attack will also fill it up (4, 2, 2, 4 based on the X attack order).  Now what you then do is during most of your skills (which i'll specify) you can press either Z (knockdown), X (Quickest) or C (Launcher) to unleash the amazing demon that is within you. 

Priest Skills

Slow Heal - 15 SP
A skill that looks very attractive at first glance because I just said we have Low HP, but wait there 1 minute.  Last time I checked you're not playing a Crusader.  This skill won’t give much HP when maxed and the SP sink is way too deep.  It’s great to have in Tower since you can't heal with pots.
PVE:  0
OV: 0
Suju/Towers: 0

Strike - 15 SP
Oh man, this skill.  I don't care if you play scythe or rosary, no one likes to miss their burst moves.  We have other ways to obtain hit rate now, but if you want the extra 5% go for it.  You'll thank yourself later.
PVE:  0-max
OV: 0-max
Suju/Towers: 0-max  

Cure - 15 SP
Alright this skill brings up some debate on forums.  To put it simply: If you are doing OV your party members will expect you to have Cure maxed since you're a priest.  Highly recommended to get, but not a requirement to succeed.
PVE:  0 or Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: 0 or Max

Wisdom Blessing - 20 SP
Increased magic attack and an intelligence boost?  SIGN ME UP!
PVE:  max
OV: max
Suju/Towers: max
Lucky Straight Punch - 15 SP
This skill is fun to use because its helps get you from Point A to B faster when using it, but it's a physical move and you roll that way.  This one should stay at the 1 you get for free. 
PVE:  1
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1
Second Uppercut - 15 SP
This skill is not recommended for Avengers because you can actually do Devil Strike during your dash attack.  While doing a dash attack press Jump to do a launch attack.  So you just got yourself a cool much stronger combo and you didn't even invest 15 sp.  Way to go you ;D
PVE:  0
OV: 0
Suju/Towers: 0
Smasher - 15 SP
I love this grab because it’s easy to use and grants invincibility throughout the whole motion.  You only need 1 point.
PVE:  1
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1
Giant Weapon Launcher - 20 SP
You get it for free and its does its job giving you super armor whenever you need it.  Leave it be.
PVE:  1
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1

Phoenix Hammer - 20SP
This skill is great in so many ways.  But the most important is the invincibility frames you get after you hit the ground and pull up your weapon.  This will save your ass in OV all day.  Maxing this skill is preference.  Because it is fixed and not shadow, it won’t get staked by your reinforcements or shadow buffs (unless you enchant your weapon or use Shadow Whisper Potions).  Avengers are heavy percent based classes so my advice to you is get this for leveling but drop it when you either hit 60+ or get a +10 weapon.
PVE:  put levels into it then drop endgame
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1
Rising Emblem - 25
Weird, right?  This skill seems like the last thing on your mind.  But people are claiming that it is light based which means it will be great to have in Reshpon.  Also it’s another cast move so if you have any proc gear, 1 more move can't hurt. 
PVE:  0 or 1
OV: 0 or 1
Suju/Towers: 0

Furious Grab - 15 SP
Oh hey it’s your first Avenger move.  Remember when you made a priest class and all you had was this and your imagination to tell you what Avengers could do?  Yea, good shit.  You need this skill at 1 for prerequisites no matter what.  This move is not Shadow based so maxing it won’t be viable endgame.  It follows suit with Phoenix Hammer:  fixed damage great for leveling, however endgame is another story.
PVE:  Max for leveling then drop to 1
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1

Painful Rapture - 20 Sp
And here's the other Avenger skill you got that you thought was shitty as hell.  Who in their right mind would sacrifice precious HP for MP?  Freakin' Avengers, that's who!  This skill, when maxed, will grant you a decent chunk of your Demon Gauge when you need it desperately.  Also, this is a skill that will make you never worry about mana problems ever again.
PVE:  Max when you get Echoes of Nothingness
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max


We don't do physical damage and we don't throw shit.  Jumping is not for us and we don't hit from behind.  Now that we got that out of the way on to the stuff you care about.

Ancient Memory - 25 SP
This skill gets shadowed by Wisdom Blessing and Falling Soul.  It’s a great boost on intelligence but the duration is so short that most people forget to even use it.  If you can remember to keep it up when you need it and have worked with it before without problem, then definitely get it.  Otherwise don't worry about it.
PVE:  0 or max
OV: 0 or max
Suju/Towers: Max

Magic Critical Hit - 20 SP
Magic critical is nowhere as easy as physical critical stacking, so this is hard to come by.  If you are eventually going to get a Scythe of Diabolous, this is a must max.  Otherwise it’s up to you. 
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: max

Quick Rebound - 10 Sp
Why hasn't this skill been given to us for free yet? 


Information will be given the same as above but with some extra features.  Devil Strike's (DS) use will mentioned for each skill.  Also Demon Gauge regeneration will be mentioned.  For low level moves its best to decide which of the 3 moves to max:  Shadow Render, Thundermine or Spin Cutter.

Scythe Mastery - 20 SP
Very straightforward.  your X attacks will be magic and you do more damage.  It was made so you don't need to hold freakin beads anymore (no hate on rosaries)
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Devil Strike - 25 SP
Finally, a must max skill.  This skill is probably the most important to master with your avenger. 
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Shadow Render - 25 SP
This skill serves two great purposes.  It gives you the ability to dish out up to 3 devil strikes and it also gives you some HP steal on each hit.  Be warned that during this move though you are super armored you will be stationary for a long time so plan accordingly. Towards endgame, you're only use for it is to unleash Devil Strike.  Also a cool little trick: if you mash the hotkey you'll speed up the attack.  It’s great for when you screwed up and just want to GTFO of the way.
DS:  Generates 6-8 points in gauge.  You can do 3 Devil strikes total. 
PVE:  10 or max
OV: 10
Suju/Towers: 10

Thunder Mine - 25 SP
This skill has great uses in utility.  It is a launch/push move that you can use to align enemies and a great setup for Lucky Straight Punch to get into the center of the mobs.  Damage-wise, this is decent and you'll most likely choose this or Spin Cutter depending on your preference.  Doesn't do Shadow Damage.  
DS:  Generate 8 points on hit.  You can do any move but can probably only squeeze out 2 devil strikes.
PVE:  1 or max
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1

Metamorphisis - Obtained 
Alright boys and girls this is skill is a whole beast on its own.  When you obtain a full demon gauge bar you can active it transforming you into a half demon state.  While at this state your whole X-attack string is changed and you slowly lose your gauge per second.  Where this skill shines is that any move you use you can spam your Devil Strike and it cost nothing.  This move is a highly recommended boss killer move over your awakening as the damage output is significantly higher.
PVE: Already Maxed
OV: Already maxed
Suju/Towers: Already maxed

Spin Cutter - 30 SP
This skill is fun.  You shoot out your scythe, keep it there for a bit, then yo-yo it back to you.  If you launch an enemy and then do spin cutter, they'll ride the scythe and take decent damage.  You can actually control how long it stays out by pressing the hotkey to bring it back.  the damage doesn't skill well after level 60 so its best to drop it completely or just 1 for utility
DS: Generate 16 points on hit.  Can use any move and could probably get 3-4 strikes out
PVE:  Max then 0,1 end game
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1

Falling Soul - 30 SP
Your crucial buff to own life.  Basically this move works as a formula.  It'll take demon points (60 max) and convert them into intelligence and give you shadow damage.  It is best to use this skill only when you have 60 points.  Otherwise you aren't using it to its full potential.  This skill can still go through if you're interrupted.  As long as you see your demon points go down, you're good.
DS:  Takes up a maximum of 60 points.  Can let out 1 devil strike during the buff
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Thorns of Protection - 30 SP
A 360 degree move that immobilizes all enemies hit by it.  Massive damage along with the ability to shoot out Demon Strike.  This skill owns life.  Super armor on startup and really low cooldown for this monster of a move.  
DS:  Generate 16 points on hit.  Can let out numerous strikes.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Echoes of Nothing - 30 SP
An amazing passive buff that on proc gives more damage and movement speed.  This is great for our slow asses.  On top of that if you end up getting Painful Rapture, it gives you more bang for your buck (Actually this is glitched.  It doesn't reduce HP, it actually takes more but it at least gives you bonus MP).  Basically free damage. I'm down.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

High Speed- 40 SP
Oh, wrong picture?  Sorry, they look so damn similar.  Yes High Speed is essentially going Sonic the Hedgehog on someone’s ass.  A warning in advance, the startup does take time getting used to and the steering could be a bit difficult at first, but you'll love this move so much.  e.  Also when you get 1 point into its TP it allows you to slow down the speed by pressing the opposite directional key that you are moving
DS: Generate 20 points on hit.  Can use as many strikes during the animation.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Demonic Clutch - 50 SP
A terrific skill that holds enemies in place.  Two large arms grab enemies then crushes them dealing big damage.  This skill can be interrupted as it has no super armor so be warned.  Due to its gather and high burst its max in most builds.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Ripper - 50 SP
This is one of your ultimate skills.  I don't really want to say anything else other than how awesome it is.  You unleash two hits forward each doing damage and a finishing explosion if they hit initially.  This is the skill that will make you frustrated if you don't have high hit rate.
DS: Generate 26 points on hit.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Dark Authority - 60 SP
A crazy grab attack that just demolishes enemies.  If you successfully grab an enemy, they are raised above ground (Doesn't happen if the enemy is super armored or ungrabbable) while immobilized while many crystals tear them apart.  This skill is great for holding enemies for your party members.   Yes, it does suck that the enemies are raised up in the air, but it is not that high so many skills can still hit them.  A must max for all builds. 1 point in TP lowers down the orb so your party can attack. 
DS:  Generate 31 points on hit.  Can do many Devil Strike attacks during the duration of the attack.\
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Demonize - 80 SP
The most badass transformation awakening in this game.  Upon using this skill, you have 50 seconds to just destroy everything in sight.  Your skills are as follows: 
                X:  A 3 hit combo with the last one being a delayed uppercut.
                C:  A chargeable smash attack
                <- -> Z:  Execution: your Grab move.  Takes 90 Demon Gauge points to use.  Works on ungrabbable enemies like how Grab Cannon works on Grapplers.
                Dash X:  A dash attack that hits just enough upward to get your enemies stuck in an infinite combo if you time it right. This moves did get nerfed since old Avengers spammed this to room clear.
Also to note you can now do all of your skills while in your transformation.  They are different in set up and you can not do devil strikes no more.  Due to this its preferable to use this skill to room clear, but save your demon gauge to do metamorphosis on the boss.
DS:  Generate points upon hit.  Take 90 points to do grab move.
PVE:  Already Maxed... but come on you made an Avenger for this reason....
OV: Already Max
Suju/Towers: Already Max

Nightmare - 30
A great complement towards your awakening. First off, it helps fill up your Demon Gauge faster by adding 1-2 points more for each move you have.  Also, when you awaken it increases the attack of all your moves by a pretty decent percent.  The issue with this skill lies in its SP usage towards endgame (2nd awakening patch).  You simply do not have enough SP to max all your crucial skills and this passive only affects awakening, which I explained prior is more of a room clear and not much of a heavy damage dealer anymore.
PVE:  1
OV: 1
Suju/Towers: 1

Pandemonium - 80 SP
Unleash a portal from hell and shoot out souls at your enemy.  This move is a great distance move and can be used while in your awakening.  One issue is that you have no super armor during it, so getting hit will cancel the whole thing.
DS: Generate 26 points on hit.  NO DEVIL STRIKE
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Calamity - 120 SP
Another Amazing move that you can use while in your awakening.  Jump up into the air and drag enemies into  your circle before you come crashing down.  You do not have super armor during start up so you be careful when casting.
DS:  Generate 16 pts on hit.  NO DEVIL STRIKE
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max


These are a mixed bag so I'll only mention the ones that make sense.

Devil Strike Upgrade
You will be using this skill all the time and its damage is already so strong.  This is a must max for TP.  Only costs 6.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Furious Grab Upgrade
This one depends on if you want to keep Furious Grab when you're at a high level.  You get more damage and also some immobilization and vacuum but those effects have decreased.  Not recommended to max but give it a try if you want to keep Furious Grab.
PVE:  0
OV: 0
Suju/Towers: 0

Ripper is a great skill that you'll do each time your cooldown resets.  It increases the attack by 12% for each level for a total of 24%.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Dark Authority Upgrade
Similar to Ripper Upgrade.  12% increase per level.  You will love this skill so much you won’t even think twice about getting the upgrade.  Also when you get a level of it the raise volume decreases allowing your party members to destroy whats captured
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

Cure Upgrade
If you decided to get max Cure then you should get just 1 point to grant abnormal resistance to your party.  Since we have an odd amount of TP, this will most likely be your dump TP since most skills are even.
PVE:  0, 1
OV: 0, 1
Suju/Towers: 0,1 

Thorns of Protection Upgrade
This is a questionable skill.  If you like to stay in close quarters then this skill is going to be used frequently.  Among this, Spin Cutter and High Speed, it is the most recommended.
PVE:  Max
OV: Max
Suju/Towers: Max

This skill alone is more for utility but has decent damage output.  You'll get this skill if you want to keep distance from your enemies and not be in close quarter combat.
PVE:  0
OV: 0
Suju/Towers: 0

I can see this one being a must max if you get the Chronicle sets that boost the damage and hits of High Speed.  Otherwise keep it at zero.
PVE:  1 or Max
OV: 1 or Max
Suju/Towers:1 or Max

For the quick version of what to get follow the builds posted below


These are not all what I recommend.  These are my opinions on many of the end game weapons you'll encounter. 
Scythes: The Speed Weapons

Cutting Soul (70):  Gives +6 to shadow damage, +2% to critical hit and +1% hit rate.  Also gives us skill levels in Thorns of Protection and Ripper.  A good end game scythe to start with.

Spirit Harvester (70): The magic seal scythe.  If you want to roll for stats, go for Smash or Armor Breaker to benefit the most out of it.  If you're too lazy, for that then just get some intelligence or magic critical hit and call it a day.

Scythe of Diabolus (60): The infamous scythe that everyone talks about.  This scythe will give a 20% bonus to critical damage.  That is pretty impressive if you can stack enough magic critical hit.  Also, because it is a 60 pink, it will shine only if it’s reinforced to at least +12.  If you don't want to sink that much money into it, don't get it.

Scythe of Futility (60): A procing scythe.  Attack with a 10% chance to reduce the enemy’s physical defense by 5k and their magic defense by 3k.  Also, attacks with a 3% chance to increase your intelligence by 6% for 20 seconds.  This scythe is pretty much a Bremen for you.  It is more party-based since it helps out physical party members and the intelligence boost is really nice too.  Stacks well with Ancient Elven Ring.  Still needs to be heavily reinforced to do any decent damage end game.

Corrupt Blood Smasher (65): +1 Dark Authority, create an aura to increase strength by 30.  When casting Smasher, increases your attack, movement, and casting speeds by 3%, 3%, and 5% respectively for 4 seconds. 10% chance on hit to bleed enemies (level 70 bleed).  Decrease Dark Authority cooldown by 3 seconds.  This is good burst scythe only if you plan on getting some chronicle 3 gear to boost Dark Authority.  Otherwise, the bleed proc doesn't mean much for us and that Smasher boost is just silly to have.  Still this is the highest pink scythe we have in the game, so at least the damage is good.

Legacy: Poise Scythe of Salim (65):  Gives +1 to all priest skills except special skills.  Sounds nice, but this is expensive as hell and the magic attack is too low.  There are better choices out there.

Witch Hair (65):  Attack with a 5% chance to summon a Burnt Villager.  I don't know what that is and if you do get this drop please post online to show us all.  I can't analyze the scythe's usefulness without that, but that is the only thing going for it.  The attack on it is decent if reinforced.

Black Scythe of Nilvas (50): Attack with a 3% chance to decrease the enemy's HP by 20% (1/3 to champions and 1/6 to hell monsters).  This scythe is terrific in OV since that takes down 10+ bars if it procs.  We don't proc as well as monks and the damage on this is low, so only get this for procing purposes only.

Redeath: Scythe of the Grim Reaper (55):  Counter attack strength +40%.  Basically a Halgi Scythe.  Pretty cool stuff, but remember Avengers don't have much super armor so you'll need to bring your own super armor pots along.  It also gives +2 to Scythe Mastery, which is great. 

Death Blossom (55):  +2 to Dark Authority, gives a 7% magic critical aura, defeat an enemy with a 20% chance of healing the party by 3%, and increase Dark Authority's crystal count by 4.  This is a great weapon to have.  If you pair this is Flow of Calamity Chronicle 3 set you will be unstoppable.  This weapon has burst characters in mind.  Still low attack, so needs to be reinforced heavily.

Water Torture Scythe (60): Inflict water damage, +8 to water damage, +1% hit rate, +2 to Thorns of protection, and +2 to Dark Authority.  This scythe was not meant for us and all Nexon did was gives us 2 skills.  We don't need the water damage since we'll be working our ass off trying to stack shadow damage.  Please don't get.

Scythe of Tau'lune (65):  30% more damage against beast enemies (not many end game), Attack with a 5% chance to summon a random Tau for 40 seconds.  +6% strength for 60 seconds when attacking.  When Ripper is cast, you get +60 intelligence for 60 seconds.  This scythe has some use but not much for endgame.  Because it is lvl 65, it will scale the best for reinforcement.  The intelligence boost is nice, but you won’t need the beast damage bonus or the strength. 

Rosary: The Power Weapons

Jataka (70):  This rosary gives no skills to Avengers.  It is however the highest damage you can get from a purple weapon.

Calabaza (70):  A better option for Avengers since you can roll your own stats.  Definitely recommended as a cheap end game weapon for burst damage.  Just reinforce to >11 and you're good.

Sinjang's Gift (55): Cast with a 10% chance of increasing casting speed by 10% and increase intelligence by 50 for 20 seconds.  This is a bit low level for the intelligence buff to make sense.  Probably not recommended for end game.

Cannibal Skull Rosary (60):  Only benefit of this is 4% magic critical.  We don't get any skills.

Rosary of Mercy (60):  Respond to enemy attacks with a 100% chance of increasing your magic attack by 3% for 20 seconds (stacks 10 times).  This is a really good weapon to have for end game.  You'll have the ability to do 30% more damage against enemies.  Just reinforce this well and you’re set.

Constance Beads (65):  Cast with a 6% chance to increase intelligence by 3% for 50 seconds.  Probably our best fit pink rosary for Avengers.  It has a high magic attack to start with and you can stack intelligence which if you have an Ancient Elven Ring will make you have crazy high intelligence.  Definitely worth getting for rosary builds.

Dark Sky Orb (55):  +9 shadow damage, +10 light damage, light attack with a 2% chance of giving +15 light damage to the party for 20 seconds, shadow attack with a 2% chance of giving +15 shadow damage to party for 20 seconds, deal light attack with a 10% chance to inflict +1200 extra damage; this rosary is a mixed bag.  You can get 24 shadow damage (which is about 10% more damage) so it is decent, especially if you're in a dark party.  Other than that not much is going for this rosary for Avengers.

Trigram Divination Rosary (65):  Only useful thing for us is 5% chance on attack to plague an enemy.  Don't know what that is, but if it's similar to Delezie's plague then it would do major Debuffing.  Also, it has very high magic attack. 

Cross: The odd weapon group.  Its only gift is giving skill bonuses.

Priest's Judgment (60):  Gives us +2 to Echoes of Nothing and cast with 5% chance to give +35 strength and +30 intelligence.  The Echoes boost is very nice, but since the magic attack is low and the intelligence boost and passive on the cross isn't that high, this weapon isn't recommended.

Crux Fidelis (60):  +2 Strike, +1 Thunder Mine, +1 Thorns of Protection and +20% damage for light attacks.  We don't do light attacks.  And the skills, though nice, won’t make that much of a difference.

Recovery Cross (65):  +2 Cure, +1 Thorns of Protection, +1 Ripper.  Good for OV only because of that cure.  Not worth getting for the skills.

Glimmer of Hope (50):  Weapon attack scales with character level (+2% magic attack per level /+3% physical and magic defense per level).  In total that’s 140 more damage and 210 more defense, making the cross have a total of 627 magic attack strength.  This is lower than a purple 70 scythe.  Don't get.

Cross of the Fallen Angel (50):  +2 to Ripper, cast with 4% chance of fire explosion on all enemies, cast with 4% chance to cast dark thunderbolt on all enemies.  Since all our skills are casted this is pretty decent to proc.  The ripper also adds a good bonus, but this cross is more for LOLZ over anything else.

Impending Punishment (55):  +1 Wisdom Blessing, +2 Echoes of Nothing, cast with 10% chance of increasing strength and spirit by 50 for 10 seconds, reduce cast time of High Speed by 2 seconds.  This is a decent cross because of its bonus in Echoes and making High Speed faster to summon.  The spirit boost is helpful if you decided to max spirit QP.

Wooyo's Cross (60):  Cast with a 5% chance to give invincibility to entire party for 10 seconds at the cost of 10 Clear Cube Fragments.  A great OV weapon to take with you and makes many of the rooms so much easier to deal with.  You’re using this only to proc invincibility then you switch to your main damage weapon to wreak havoc. 

Redemption Cross (60):  +2 to Thorns of Protection and +1 to Echoes of Nothing.  Good skills but low magic attack strength, so reinforcement is necessary if you want to use this.

Dead Man's Grave (65):  +1 Ripper.  Cast with a 5% chance to damage enemies at 3k per second for 7 seconds.  Cast with 5% chance to increase attack speed and movement speed by 8%.  Reduce Thunder Mine cooldown by 2 seconds.   This cross is questionable because though the procs are alright and the damage is mediocre, it still doesn't scream Avenger. 


Sinister Reaper Set (70):  This set gets shadowed by a 70 magic seal set and is only recommended if you have no money to roll for stats.

Heavy armor level 70 magic sealed set:  Recommended stats to roll for are intelligence, intelligence aura, magic critical aura.  Magic critical is the priority, then intelligence. 

Black Plague Set (68):  I think of this set as the placeholder for chronicle gear.  It gives great perks, but it is a pain to obtain.  Better to just run those OV levels with a magic sealed set.

Legacy Vulcan Set (60-65):  This set if for the rich people out there.  It gives great intelligence boost and +1 to Thorns of Protection and +2 to Dark Authority. 

Space Ruler Set (60):  This set grants you the ability to slow all enemies on the screen by procing.  This is a very hard set to obtain and the effects will not be as powerful as chronicle sets.

Chronicle 2 sets:

Chronicle 3 Sets:

All 6 sets are amazing as hell and gear towards different play styles.  But some tips on each set:

Maniacal Ruler:  This set will justify maxing Shadow Render. It also adds 55% damage to Devil Striker and reduced gauge consumption by 20% which is awesome.

Flaming Devil Breath:  This set if viable if you get the 9 piece set for the changes to High Speed.  Also 6 more dark crystals are amazing to have in combination with Death Blossom.

Dark Avenger:  Don't be fooled by the Falling Soul effect. That’s only 8-10 shadow damage, which isn't worth getting 6 pieces for.  Plus the Furious Grab is still a mixed bag for some. 

Protection of Death:   This makes Shadow Render worth maxing if you get the 9 piece.  Devil Strike gets a 50% boost and 35% reduced gauge consumption.  The Echoes of Nothing boost is very good to get as well.  One of the most recommended sets to go for.

Seething Thorn:  Oh man, this set is BAMF.  If you like High Speed, then you'll this set.  It makes you more powerful with two procs.  If you get all 9 pieces, your High Speed will do 40% more damage, have a reduced cooldown by 50%, increase move speed by 75%, reduce startup time by 50%, hit 4 more times, and move 40% further.  This thing is sexy.

Flow of Calamity -Destruction:  This set is geared towards burst damage.  It is highly recommended to use a rosary to get more damage out.  The 9 piece set is the only one that boosts your EX actives so it’s definitely something to look into.  Falling Soul conversion rate is nice, but too little of an amount (roughly 20-40 points on intelligence)

Non set Chron 2 Gear:  You can never go wrong with Ripper, Dark Authority and High Speed.

Non set Chron 3 Gear:  Red Devil Strike is great to get.  Other than that, any of your high level moves.


You'll mostly be aiming for Chronicles but there are certain pieces that are stronger:


HeartNeck Mask (58):  Reduce elemental resistance by 6 for 10 seconds.  This is stackable (I believe twice) and is great for dealing out heavy shadow damage.

Bracelet of Deadly Screams (58):  +7% magic and physical critical hit chance.  This is the easiest pink to get since it’s a quest and it is actually highly recommended for end game, especially if you go with Diabolus.

Soul Power of Phantom (64):  5% chance on attack to generate an aura increasing intelligence by 36 for 20 seconds.  This is an alright bracelet to get if you randomly find it, but Screaming Bracelet is a much better investment.


Siev's Masterpiece - Proof of Concept (55):  The highest recommended necklace to get.  +12-18 shadow damage (adjustable based on quality).  A must get for dark classes

Necklace of Deadly Screams (58):  +8% physical and magic damage.  This a great necklace to get but it does not stack with Smash or many other bonuses with the same effect. 

Swift Necklace (65):  +10% attack speed in dungeons and +3% movement speed. A decent equip if you want to equip a rosary without the drag. 

Enhanced Titan Necklace (65):  Gives +61 base attack strength.  Not as good for percent classes but it sure helps out the awakening.

Yellow Dragon Pattern Necklace (70):  Gives +6 to all elemental damage.   A purchasable pink, so something to look into if you need an alternative to Siev.

Soul Chaser (55):  +20% attack strength at only the cost of 1 Spirit Crystal a minute.  This is definitely the best necklace to get

Brisingamen (60):  Gives 4% magic critical hit and +3 to Ancient Memory.  Both skills are great if you use Diabolus and have Ancient Memory maxed.


Lala Miss Dragon (20):  Physically attack with a 3% chance to increase intelligence by 15% for 30 seconds.  Problem is if you use a scythe you'll be doing magic attacks, so this can only be proced by other weapons.  Still though, 15% is a major boost.

Swirling Soul (55):  Attack with a 5% chance to cast camouflage on self and increase movement speed by 3%, attack speed by 3%, casting speed by 5%, physical critical by 5%, and magic critical by 7% for 20 seconds.  Recommended if you're using Diabolus.

Black Pearl - Mist (55):  Counter magic attack strength +20%.  I can see this viable for Thorns of Protection, High Speed, Ripper and Dark Authority since these are the only times you have SA the entire time.

Ancient Elven Ring (55):  Magic Attack with a 6% chance to increase intelligence by 9% for 30 seconds.  This doesn't give as high an intelligence boost as Lala, but it's easier to proc and works on all your moves.  Definitely recommended for the convenience.

Enhanced Titan Ring (60):  +53 base attack strength.  Similar recommendation as the necklace.

Shining Mystic Ring (65):  Physically attack with a 3% chance to increase intelligence by 12% for 30 
seconds.  Same as Lala and just as difficult to proc for Avengers.  Also lower intelligence boost, so it’s not really  recommended.

Dark Spirit Ring (50):  +11 Shadow Damage and a 20% chance to summon a Stalker when hit.  Great for stacking shadow damage.

Sub Equipment

Suju Exorcist Gloves(60), Blood Curse Charm(65), Suju Exorcist Escort's Gloves(70), Moien's Slaughter Gloves (60), Teida Massacre (65) Saint Aura (60)These sub equipments all do the same thing but increase magic attack.  Definitely a great equip to boost damage.

Secret of Awakening (60), White Paper: Priest (65), Wise Fonazo - Priest (70):  These all give +1 to awakening which is great to swap to when you're about to awaken.  Equip one of these, awaken, then equip any of the subs above to keep your damage.  You won’t regret it.

Seal of Enlightenment: Avenger (70):  Gives +1 to Devil Strike Upgrade.  This is a pretty awesome TP upgrade to have since you always unleash Devil Strike.

King's Secret Book - Doom Guardian (60):  +1 to Demonize and +1 to Falling Soul

Ancient Wonder - Doom Guardian (65):  +1 to Demonize, High Speed and Thorns.

Transcendence's Real Intention - Doom Guardian (60):  +2 Demonize and +2 Ripper

Floo's Spirited Seal (65):  The 20% magic defense proc is too good to pass up on if you can manage to get this.

Magic Stone

Elven Warrior's Medal - Avenger (65):  +1 Pandemonium

Iris's Memento - Avenger (65):  +1 Pandemonium +1 Disaster.

Stalker Tear (65), Pluto Crystal (70), Sheyd's Tear, Dead Murker's Tear (65):  +Shadow Damage in the following order:  7-11, 10, 20-30, 36-45.

Necklace, Bracelet, Ring:  shadow damage

Weapon, Top, Bottom: Magic attack strength

Shoulder: magic critical hit

Shoes, Belt: spirit/evasion/vitality

Sub Equip: Anodron of Darkness (obtained by Heaven medals)

Title:  Zekes

Avatar and Emblems

Hair/Hat: intelligence w/intelligence emblems

Face/Torso: attack speed w/attack speed emblems

Top:  Scythe Mastery, Echoes of Nothing, Falling Soul or Devil Strike w/magic critical emblems and any of the mentioned skills for Platinum

Bottom: HP or MP w/magic critical emblems

Waist:  evasion w/hit rate emblems

Shoes: movement speed w/hit rate emblems

Skin: Either

Aura: intelligence, attack speed, or magic critical emblems


Ozma’s Minion: Get this from turning in 7 Drill points to Loton.  Procs level 10 Bremen  (-7284 magic defense).  Great title to start out with.

Wonderland - Red Queen:  This is one is all about that magic critical buff that you get every 50 seconds.  Great when paired with Diabolus.

Apostle's Descendent: Cain:  Gives tons of good stuff but where it shines is procing to boost magic critical damage by 20% on counterattack.  One of the best titles to get if using Diabolus.

Wonderland - Alice:  Mainly getting this to deal 50% more damage if proced.

Iron Scale Captain:  Mostly for the magic critical buff.


Marbas:  +20% attack?  Come on why wouldn't you want that?

Luceas (evolved form of Aveas):  -15 elemental resistance overskill.


Well there’s my rundown of Avenger.  In conclusion, Avenger is a very fun character to play and I hope this guide makes it easier for you to learn and master this class.  Happy Dungeon Fighting!


  1. Thank you for making this guide! I'm just getting back into DFO after a long break, and I'm even more excited to play after reading this guide for the new Priest subclass. I really enjoyed my physical Exorcist and the potential exists that the Avenger may be even better of a gameplay experience. :D

    It's both informative and informal, well done!



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