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Damage Bonus Interactions

There's a lot of confusion about what bonus damage items stack, and this guide should help clear up any confusion and disappointment after finally obtaining expensive/grindy items.

Original guide written by Mikan, and all credits for the exhaustive research go to him.
I've translated and updated with what extra epics I have access to, and any further data people can provide on missing items from this list (with screenshots, please) would be appreciated.

works with doesn't work
Base=Base Damage (percent)
Piercing=Piercing damage (percent) 
Fixed=Fixed damage
Stacking=Stacks with other boosts of same category
SC Neck=Stacks with SC Neck and similar effects
PT=Works in a party without needing aggro.Since revolution this is no longer a factor.
3 Main Types
①Damage Supplements = Secondary damage numbers : A
②Damage Increasers = Damage number modified : BCD 
③Stat Increasers= Stats increased (visible in stat window) : EF

6 Sub-Categories
A-Damage Supplements
B-Critical Damage Increase
C-Damage Increase
D-Stylish Damage Increase
E-Base Attack Increase
F-Piercing Attack Increase

①Damage Supplements
A -Damage Supplement (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck ) 
※Damage shows up as a seperate number

Alice Title(50%) ※2% proc chance
Red Bug(10%) Corrupt Blood Sweeper(10%) 
Ghost Sword Elenore(30%) Daksha's Symbol(20%) Awake One's Scribbling(30%)  
Crushing Fist(Old 150 New200) ※That's +200, not 200%!

2-Type Restrictions
Magic Sealed Racial Hatred % Bonuses (Variable) (NOT Smash!)
Hero of the Bantu(Dragons 10%)

Corrupt Blood Gauntlets(Human 20%) Grandis' Silver Cross(Undead 50%) 
Dark Spirited Thunder Stone(Undead 10%) Evil-Spirited Flame Stone(Demon 10%) 

Sirebros Karis (Demon/Undead 20%) Banishing Finger(Demon 30%)  

3-Special Restriction
Corrupt Blood Revolver(Air/Downed 20%) Death Wish(Downed 5%)
Hyper Mecha Tau Gauntlets(Counter 40%) Totem of Gold and Sand(Counter 15%) 
Sahpiro's Justice(Counter 25%) Nilbas' Bloody Scythe(Counter 8%) 
Crux Fidelis(Light Attacks 20%) 
Black Devil's Hand(Back Attacks 20%) 
Sky Image(Jump Attacks 15%)
Rocke the Champion(Counter New 40%/Old 50%)

4-Status Restriction
※Assumed that all "bonus damage while bleeding/burned/etc" are in this category.

4-Special Title
Apostle titles (7%)
※For some reasons the stylish increases stack normally on Ozma and Anton.

② Damage Increase-Ⅰ
B-Critical Damage Increase (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck ) 
Infractus(20%) First Step for Counterattack(10%) Scarverator(10%) Chrysalis(10%)
Portable Dardanelle Cannon(20%) Wolfgand's Will(20%) 
Scythe of Diabolus(20%) Assassin's Greeting(10%) Kidney Dagger of Mercy(20%)

Magma Cylinder(10%) Angry Witch's Red Blouse(10%) Hathor's Bell(20%) Death by Musket(40%) 

② Damage Increase-Ⅱ
C-Damage Increase (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck )  
1-Close/Melee Attack Strength  ※Projectile/ranged attacks do not apply
Chosen One's Greatsword: Gram(20%) Evil Sword Aphopis(10%) Mystic One's Flute(25%)
Lasmer Big Hammer(10%) Immortal Skull Sweeper(10%) 
Scramo Boos(20%) Assassin's Greeting(10%) Milita Captain's Blood Dual Blades (?)(10%) 

Invincible Iron Arm(23%) Divine Totem of the Jungle(25%) 
Titanica: Axe of Destruction(30%) 

2-Long Range Attack Strength   ※Projectiles/non-weapon hits only
Sudden Burst(10%) Oil Roller(10%)
Death Dragon's Bow (50 Bowgun) (10%) 

3-General Damage
Necklace of Deadly Screams(8%)
Magic Sealed Damage "Smash" % Bonuses (Variable)
Ghastly Gaze title (10%)

D -Stylish Damage Increase (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck )
1-Back Attack
Chaos Overseer(20%) Filthy Holdout Dagger(20%)

2-Back Attack Counter
Filthy Holdout Dagger(50%)

Sword of Revenge: Fragarach(20%)  Reshpon Belt(10%)
Redeath: Scythe of Reaper(40%) 

4-Magic Counter 
Black Pearl Mist(20%)

③ Stat Increasers
E -Base Attack Increase (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck)
Extreme One's Greatsword(30%) Extreme One's Gauntlet(30%) Extreme One's Handcannon(30%)
Unstoppable Reaver(30%) Extreme One's Dual Blades(30%) Lumberjack's Gray Axe(30%) 

2- P.Atk Booster
Dagger King Iniesta (5%~30%) Soldoros's Decision (10%~50%) 
※Bonus damage not available when others info you, but shows on your own stat sheet.

3- Counter P.Atk Booster
Locky's Bone Ring (30%) Halgi's Bone Ring (50%) 
※Does not stack with Iniesta/Soldoros.
Kuro Ring (40%)
※Unconfirmed, but assumed to be same as Locky.

4- M.Atk 
Terra Cotta ID(M.atk+50) 
※Limited uptime.

5-P.atk and M.atk
Soul Chaser(20%)  
※20% of base attack, including enchants and subequip.
※No additional bonus from weapon masteries.

F-Piercing Attack Increase (Base Piercing Fixed Stacking SC Neck)
1-Increases magic and physical piercing  ※Determined by weight in your stash. 
Gravity Armor(60%) Gravity Weapons(80%) 
※Max weight required for armor 432、for weapon 576+


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