Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Neolucid's F. Spitfire PvE guide [Post-Revolution]


Spitfire is a Hybrid class that utilizes both Strength and Intelligence. It's more common to go for a magic build because all your magical skills defines what a spitfire is (bullet enchantments, grenades, EMP storm electrocution, photon bomb), this guide will only address magic builds, mostly because I lack knowledge in the physical spitfire realm, but physical spitfires are gimmicky, and less suggested in the first place. Spitfires are the jack of all trades, they're decent at everything, but masters of none. Spitfires has really nice support with freeze nade, flashbang, flashmine stun, and can pull off pretty good dps , and can provide a burst damage with aerial fire x spamming. They can basically do everything decently, but can't excel at them. It's a good beginner class imo, since it allows you to have a little bit of everything. This Post revolution guide was made for the Nexon forums contest.

Section 1 - Basic F. Spitfire Information
  • 1.1 - Difference between F. Spitfire and M. Spitfire
  • 1.2 - The Status effect Electrocution
  • 1.3 - Playstyle in PvE
Section 2 - Skill Analysis
  • 2.0 - PvE Skill Analysis
  • 2.1 - Common Type Skills
  • 2.2 - Spitfire Type Skills
  • 2.3 - General Type Skills
  • 2.4 - Special Type Skills (aka TP passive skills)
  • 2.5 - Awakening Skills
  • 2.6 - QP usage
Section 3 - Recommended avatar stats

Section 4 - PvE builds

Section 5 - Recommended PvE Gear
  • 5.1 - Weapons
  • 5.2 - Armor
  • 5.3 - Accessories
  • 5.3.1 - Bracelets
  • 5.3.2 - Necklaces
  • 5.3.3 - Rings
  • 5.4 - Special equipment
  • 5.4.1 - Sub equipment
  • 5.4.2 - Magic Stone
Section 6 - Videos
Section 1 - Basic F. Spitfire Information

Section 1.1 Difference between F. Spitfire and M. Spitfire
Except for the obvious fact that F. spitfire is sexier, there are some differences in bullet and grenade capacity, and skills.
  • Females have a higher ammo capacity, but a higher cooldown on the bullet enchantment skills
  • Female throws grenades in the ground much more slowly than the male counterparts. This is not just for F. Spitfire, and applies to all F. Gunners
  • Females can load 6 G-14 buster at a time, while males load 5 at a time, Female g-14's do about 83% power of male counterpart's G-14
  • Females can load 5 flashbangs at a time, while males load 4 at a time. Female flashbang's do about 80% power of male counterpart's Flashbang
  • Females can load 4 freeze nade at a time, while males load 3 at a time. Female freeze nade do about 75% power of male counterpart's freeze nade
  • Females are able to throw grenades in the air, (maximum of 3 grenades in the air in PvE, 2 grenades in PvP) Throwing grenades in the air is much quicker than doing it on the ground. This is the biggest difference between Female and Male Spitfire
  • Females are able to throw a grenade during backstep. This allows you to cancel into a grenade, and makes the skill grenade cancel almost useless, since backstep grenade is faster since F gunners throw grenades while standing much slowly
  • Females get Photon bomb instead of Napalm Blast. Both are around the same, except Photon has a chance to stun with every tick, while Napalm has a slow effect
  • Females and Males get different awakening active and passives. Females get EMP storm, and Arsenal reinforcement, while Males get Special Force - Black Roses, and Dual flicker.

Section 1.2 The Status effect Electrocution
Electrocution is the most significant characteristic of an F. Spitfire, which is emphasized by the awakening, which is a super-electrocution shock. About half of your damage will come from flashbang electrocution damage. F. Spitfire is loaded with skills that has a chance to electrocute. With the awakening passive, silver bullet, and photon bomb will have a chance to electrocute. Silver bullet has an 18.9% chance to electrocute, which is pretty high considering how much spitfire's x spam. Although the damage of the silver bullet electrocution is seriously crap, it's easy to take advantage of it with accessories such as black ring: lightning, that has special effects against electrocuted enemies. Electrocution makes it so that when an enemy is hit by an attack, they take an additional 'hit' from the shock, and the damage from that is based on the status effect's listed power (though each proc of the status can only shock the foe a certain number of times, so for example a single flash bang's electrocution will end after 10 shocks to the enemy, even if there was still time left in the status's duration). Like other damage statuses it can be stacked with other sources of electrocution, but they won't add additional hits (so if you stack silver bullet's electrocution with flash bang's, each shock hit will be as powerful as both added together rather than 2 seperate shock hits done at once). Due to how high of hit counters spitfires can get, this makes abusing the status for damage very easy. Electrocution is based off your Str+Int, so a highly reinforced weapon won't matter for half of your damage basically, allowing under-funded spits to still be able to be at least decent. Electrocution is marked by a spark of electricity on the enemy.

Section 1.3 Playstyle/Tips in PvE
  • Lots of x spamming is involved since bullet enchantment is most of your damage
  • Each grenade has its own use (flashbang for damage, freeze nade for freeze)
  • Cubes are used to clear out large mobs, or for it's status effects (C4 slow)

Section 2 - Skill Analysis

Section 2.0 - PvE Skill Analysis
In this section, I'll analyze all the skills that are recommended for you to get.
In Green will be Generally recommended level choices/viable choices
In Red will be My personal choice
Skill name will be bolded (General recommendation/My Personal choice[SP cost] is how I will organize every skill.

The reason why I have my choices and general recommendation separated is because all builds are based onpreference. I really can't emphasize this enough, Depending on your playstyle, different builds will suit you better.

2.1 - Common Type Skills

Marilyn Rose(1,5/5)[20SP]
You automatically start out with 1 level, only get 5 for pre-req for BBQ, if you don't plan on getting BBQ, leave it at 1. Skill is just for utility uses, it can be used to launch enemies in the air, or you can abuse it's super armor frame.

Cancel Rising Shot(0,1/1)[10SP]
I personally love this skill, it allows you to cancel into rising shot, this just comes in really handy, you can xxx cancel rising xxxxx for a longer combo, or you can just add rising shot after your x-chain which is not only more damage, but immobilize enemy for just a bit longer. if you notice in the middle of your x-chain that you ran out of bullet enchantments, you can cancel rising shot, which will knock down enemy, and recast bullet, and go back to x spamming. Some people love it, others don't find the use for this skill, it's only 10SP, it's not going to break a build, I highly suggest you get it and play around with it, if you don't like it, it's not a big deal since it's only 10 sp.

Spriggan(1, 10, max/Max)[15SP]
This is one of the best grab you could have, it breaks through superarmour, has a shockwave type effect to enemies near the enemy you are spriganning, and since most of your damage comes off of your bullets, spriggan can do really nice damage, not to mention magic conversions allows you to make it deal magical damage. The damage is Extremely nice, especially with Sprigan EX , I'd suggest maxing it, but if you don't have the sp it's viable to leave it at 1. If you have some sp , but don't want to max it, just get 10 and grab the EX with it.

Aerial Fire(Max(10)/max(10))[25SP]
This buff is amazing for spitfires, even more so for F. Spitfires due to aerial capabilities. Using this can provide you with amazing "burst" damage that can easily kill champion monsters, or heavily deal damage on bosses. It can also proc electrocution in an extremely fast rate (assuming bowgun/autogun). Must get for F. Spitfire, at max you get 14 shots in the air with bowgun, 12 shots with autogun.

Useful grab utility, provides you with a much longer invincibility frames than spriggan, and can come into use alot in OV. Nice to have, you won't die without having this grab since F gunners have spriggan. BBQ can not break through superarmor!

Steyr AMR(0,1/0)[50SP]
This is a steal skill that can only be acquired by doing Albert's steal skill quest. Although this skill is definitely not needed, it does help with mobbing, or a quick enemy push back. Only use this skill for utility! This skill really comes to shine if you use C4 a lot, since even the smallest bit of enemies getting closer can mean a huge difference in damage output with c4. This skill is something that really derives from my personal preference. I didn't have sp in my new build to get this, but nontheless it's a okay skill for mobbing, although most people do not prefer to get it, if you have sp to play around with, I'd get 1 point and see how it works out for you.

Section 2.2 - Spitfire Type Skills

Silver Bullet(5, Max/Max)[15SP]
The most basic bullet enchantment, silver bullet! Deals nice damage, it deals extra damage against undead, demon, and ghosts, making this a better choice if you plan to do more ancients. This bullet is more Single target based, with the awakening passive, it gives a chance to electrocute an enemy, although the electrocution damage is crap, it can be abused with black ring: lightning. Personally have it maxed, lvl 5 for pre-req at least.

Freezing Bullet(5, Max/5)[25SP]
Freezing bullet also deals pretty nice damage, and also comes with a freeze rate which does come in handy. It deals extra damage against, humans/beasts, which is mostly ghents area. With the EX passive, the freeze rate on freeze bullet is amazing, and the damage is great. It's really nice to have random freezes on enemies, and although this does not get buff'd by the awakening passive, the EX passive will make it almost equal damage to silver bullet max + ex silver maxed + awakening passive. This bullet is also more single target based

Blazing Bullet(Max/Max)[35SP]
This is a bullet that you must get, damage is really nice, procs electrocution faster since you have extra explosions with blazing bullet, thus more elec proc per shot, and is the best bullet choice for killing off mobs.

G-14 Buster(5, max/5)[20SP]
Just your average grenade. Skill is really only used for mobility in air, or for immobilizing enemy, since buster launches enemy in the air higher than any other grenade. It does get a burn status proc with awakening passive, which is okay damage, if you plan to get solar prominence bowgun, which inflicts 10% more against burning enemies, maxing this is more viable. In general just stick with 5, it's not worth the sp dump really.

G-35L Flash Bang(Max/Max)[25SP]
Maxed, no question asked. Extremely nice Electrocution damage, the grenade itself won't do much, but it's all about the electrocution. The elec proc from flashbang will be around 40% of your damage output. In parties, you can seriously spam flashbang and freeze nade everywhere and still do alright.

G-18C Freeze Grenade(Max/Max)[25SP]
Another Maxed, no questions asked. Freeze rate is extremely high, the damage of the grenade itself is decent, but that freeze utility is just amazing. With Freeze grenade, you can keep normal monsters immobilized the whole entire time (as long as your not using blazing bullet breaking freeze)

Cartridge Expansion(Max/Max)[25SP]
This is a passive skill that increases bullet per buff count. I don't see any reasons to not max this, saves you more time, mp, and you don't have to risk buffing while fighting. definitely a max!

Booster Bullet(Max/Max)[20SP]
There used to be skills called pierce booster and immobility booster, booster bullet just put those 2 skills together. Contrary to the yellow skill icon in, this is a PASSIVE skill. At max this gives 40% piercing rate, and 70% immobility. the immobility is barely noticeable, but you should max this for the insane 40% piercing rate. Piercing rate is essential to have due to how much x spam you do. If you don't know what piercing is, it's the chance of a bullet going through an enemy and hitting the enemy behind. Hand cannons has the highest pierce rate (100%) , then muskets, then autogun/revolvers, then bowguns.

Flash Mine(5, Max/Max)[25SP]
This skill plants a flash mine on the ground, and if an enemy walks nears it, it explodes causing damage and has a chance of stunning. The damage for this skill is "okay" not really that great because it's a physical skill. The stun rate on it is amazing, it's really nice to have another way of immobilizing enemies other than freeze nade. Also, The AoE for Flash mine is actually pretty big, whenever you are in danger, you can just sprigan -> flashmine and most of the enemies will be stunned, giving you some breathing time. 5 for pre-req to get M-61 Mine. The damage is not great, but the stun utility is amazing. Even if you have freeze nade, blazing bullet breaks the freeze so stun is nice to have.

Crossmore(5, Max/5)[25SP]
Great utility skill for pushing back enemies, or for mobbing. The skill covers a wide y-axis, and also hits mid-air enemies. This is a physical skill, damage is decent when enemy is up close, but not worth the sp dump imo, most people just use it for mobbing and not for damage. It can have some decent damage if maxed, but if you don't spam it a lot, just leave it at pre req

C4 Remote Control(5, Max/max)[40SP]
Sets C4 explosives on enemies ( 3 at max on one enemy) , and you can explode it whenever you want. Really good at killing off mobs, and it also comes with a slow effect that's useful against bosses, especially if stacked with the EX skill Flying C4. It can be somewhat dangerous to use since you have to get pretty close to the enemy to attach the c4, but you can overcome that danger by planting flashmine, or freeze nading beforehand. I maxed this after patch because the slow comes in help in c3 a lot.

Neil The Sniper(0, 1,Max/0)[60SP]
One of the most creative cube skill in the whole entire game, Neil the Sniper! Skill allows you to snipe enemies with the assistance of Neil the sniper. Although this is a physical skill, and fixed, overall will do nice damage. This skill is really spammable since it can be used really in any situation, single target or multi-target, it's still decent. The skill is supposed to have a 100% stun rate, but it doesn't, although it may not stun, it will provide a huge hitstun. Make sure you are in a safe position before using this, since you can't cancel out of it. I used to have this maxed, but I dropped it to 0 to get sp to max c4 and other stuff, the skill didn't get nerfed at all in PvE afaik , it was just a personal choice. Neil is still a good skill to max, and you can just get 1 if you really just want the skill for show. If you plan to make neil do massive damage, aim for powerful force force and zooming neil pieces to get insane amount of shot that deals a lot of damage

Basically a better version of flashmine, does really good damage even at lvl2, I'd strongly recommend trying to max it unless you are extremely sp heavy, since the damage really is nice, like seriously much better than normal flashmine. It also has a very high stun rate.

Flying C4(max(1)/max(1))[120SP]
A much better version of C4, not only can you throw from farther away and still attach c4, flying c4 ricochets off targets and every c4 throw it can ricochet up to 3 times to 3 different enemies. This kind of works like Enhanced Magic Missle if you have a witch. Great damage, amazing mob killer, and also has a slow effect thats useful against bosses, definitely worth getting. You can plant all 3 flying c4's MUCH faster than normal version c4

Buster Shot(0, Max/0)[35SP]
This is the new skill that spitfires got after revolution patch. Buster shot basically shoots multiple elemental bullets in one shot, for a burst damage. Buster shot does bring out some nice damage, but it's sometimes hard to hit enemies with it, nor is the damage AMAZING and worth the 630 SP to max it. The skill does have a 100% pierce rate, so if used on mobs it will do pretty decent damage to the whole entire mob, not only just to the first enemy in front of you. If you can utilize the skill correctly, and use it a lot, it's worth a max, I personally just didn't like it and left it at 0. DON'T get just 1 level of it, it will do terrible damage, unless you want it for looks.

Armor Piercing Rounds(0/0)[30SP]
Enchants a physical damage dealing bullet that does more damage against building/ armor type monsters. This should be left at 0. To begin with, this will override your elemental bullets, not stack with them, so you can't use it to get some extra damage on top of your elemental bullets. The damage is physical, making it pretty bad, and the ammo capacity is very low, this skill was made for physical spitfires, don't touch it, even if it deals extra damage against building/armor, it's not worth getting at all, nor is there much building type monsters end-game to begin with

2.3 - General Type Skills

Ancient Memory(0, Max/0)[25SP]
Another buff skill that you can spam other then aerial fire. At max, gives you +150 int for 20 seconds, which is decent. Using this before Photon bomb( if maxed ) can result in much better damage. This skill is more of an sp dump, other things take priority first, and if you have extra sp, it goes here.

Magic Critical Hit(0, Max/0)[20SP]
At max, gives 10% more m crit rate, which is pretty good. This again is another SP dump skill, other skills take priority before this, after you have got the major skills and have extra sp left and don't know what to do, just dump it here.

2.4 - Special Type Skills

With the recent revolution patch, spitfires have way too much tp left ( I have 2 tp left and have nothing to put it in)so just maxing w/e the hell you want will probably work out til we get new EX passives.

Silver Bullet Upgrade(max(3)/max(3))[1TP] Must get skill if you are getting silver bullet, 15% damage increase @ max. Although this seems to be a very small increase compared to EX blazing/Freezing bullet, silver bullet EX does not make you consume 2 bullets per shot, unlikes the other bullet EX's.

G-14 Buster Upgrade(0,max(3)/0)[1TP]
Gives chance of throwing 2 buster grenade at once while consuming 1 grenade, Only get if you're maxing G-14 Buster

Magic Attack Charge(1/1)[0TP]
This passive converts your EX active skills, M-61 Mine, and Flying C4 into Magical damage, costs NO TP AT ALL! free skill, why not get it?

Cartridge Expansion Upgrade(max(3)/Max(3))[1TP]
Extra bullets per reload +18 bullets at maxed EX passive which is just really nice. with EX freezing/Blazing bullet, which takes half of your bullet count away, this skill is an absolute must.

Photon Bomb Upgrade(0,max(2)/max(2))[1TP]
This skill increases the tick damage, and not the burst damage which is really dissapointing, but provides a decent AoE range increase, which is really nice since bigger AoE means more enemies get hit by burst, and more enemies get tick damage'd. Obviously only max it if you maxed photon bomb. Even if you do have maxed photon bomb, it's viable to just get 0 since it doesn't increase the burst damage, but with the amount of tp you should have after revolution, not getting this if you maxed this would be dumb.

Blazing Bullet Upgrade(Max(2)/Max(2))[1TP]This skill increases the damage of blazing bullet by 30% per up, which is insanely good. It will also create a 3rd explosion with blazing bullet. The EX passive also provides a disadvantage though, it will consume 2 bullets per shot, heavily reducing your bullet count. Even with having only half of your normal bullet count, you will be able to always keep up a bullet enchanted, so no need to worry about that.

Freezing Bullet Upgrade(0,Max(2)/0)[1TP]This skill increases the damage of freezing bullet by 70% at max, and increases the freeze rate by 10%. Seriously, the freeze rate with this maxed is godly and is extremely useful. Just like blazing bullet EX, this will consume 2 bullets per shot sadly. Only get if you plan to max freezing bullet.

Crossmore Upgrade(0,max(1)/0)[2TP] Only get if you're maxing crossmore, reduces damage for increased # of hits

2.5 - Awakening Type Skills

EMP Storm(Max/Max)[80SP]
Definitely one of the best awakening in the game, EMP storm dishes out amazing damage. If you didn't know, the damage doesn't actually come from the bomb exploding, but the electro-magnetic shockwave it sends out when it lands, which mega electrocutes enemies in the same x-axis of emp storm, it can be just a little out of place but it doesn't have a wide Y-axis so try to match up the enemies with emp storm as much as possible. The mega-electrocution provides up to 20 electrocution ticks for 20 seconds, which is really easy to proc all 20 of them so no worries about not getting the full potential damage. One of the reason why this awakening is unique is that it's independent of your actions after you land it, unlike most awakenings that forces you to stay in one position. Getting 1 is viable, since the electro-shock will still electrocute on enemies no matter how high their level is since the mega electrocution technically doesn't count as a status effect, but why NOT max it?

Arsenal Reinforcement(1, Max/Max)[30SP] The awakening passive increases attack strength of blazing bullet, silver bullet, g-14 buster, and Photon Bomb. It also adds a chance to burn an enemy with blazing bullet, and g-14 buster. It gives electrocution rate to silver bullet, and photon bomb. If you don't plan on going silver/blaze bullet, maxing this becomes less appealing, also not getting photon makes it less appealing. It's really up to you whether you think it's worth it or not, and depends on what skills you max. You start out with 1 level when you awaken. Note that in only costs 240 sp to max, which really isn't that much. I personally think this would be a must max even just for the blazing bullet damage increase

2.6 - QP usage

Intelligence QP(Max/Max)[B]
should be an obvious max, almost all your high damage dealing skills are magic.

Vitality QP(Max, 0, qp dump/Max)[B]
Leather is a squishy class imo, nor do spits have any other form of skills that increase our defense. It's nice to be able to take more damage for OV/ancients since pots can be off CD, nor do you want to be potting a lot even in normal dungeons so I'd suggest maxing this, but if you're confident/doing fine without it maxed, you can leave it at 0, or qp dump it after getting other QP that you want more.

Mcrit QP(Max/Max)[B]
only costs 175 QP to max, and gives a decent damage boost, should definitely max this.

Hit Rate QP(Max/Max)[B]
Spitfires have no skills/passives that increases hit rate, maxing this is vital since misses can mess you up a lot, and can lead to massive counter attacks

MP regen QP(Max, 0, qp dump/Max)[B]
costs only 160 QP to max it out, after revolution patch I noticed that I've become much more mp heavy, which has to do with the stat stones being removed. If you don't mind using mp pots a lot, you don't have to get this.

Elemental Attack QP(Max, 0, qp dump/Max)
It costs 700 QP to max this, which is EXTREMELY a lot , for around a 5% damage increase (20~22 elemental damage = 10% damage increase with said element). this gives + to all elemental damage, making it very useful for spitfires who use 3/4 elements. If you prefer to use the massive QP somewhere else, that's your call, builds are supposed to be based on preference.

Spirit QP(Max, 0, qp dump/0)[B]
Spirit increases max mp, magic defense, and Mp regen. If you think MP regen QP is not good enough, max this too. I'm fine with just mp regen, so I left this at zero.

QP skills that you SHOULDN'T get
All elemental resist - not worth the QP , can be much better spent

All base attack strength - not worth the QP, nor is spitfire a complete fixed class, so we don't even benefit for all our skills

Movement Speed - Spitfires don't particularly need movement speed, nor do most classes. It can be better spent getting other things.

Section 3 - Recommended avatar stats
  • Hat/Hair - INT. Don't get Cspd, not really worth losing out on all that int
  • Torso/face - Atkspd
  • Top - Neil the Sniper, Freeze Grenade
  • Bottom - Silver bullet, max MP/HP
  • shoes - strength

Section 4 - PvE builds

^ My personal current build, I think i'm going to dump the extra TP into basic attack upgrade, since that's the only thing I CAN upgrade lol

^skeleton build, has all the essential must max skills, you can build on with your preference starting with this build ( stuff like c4 vs photon , silver vs freezing bullet )

^ this is probably the most party supportive build possible. maxed freezing bullet for more freezes, maxed c4 for slow, maxed flashmine for the stun, maxed neil also for the stun, and hitstun, also almost maxed photon for the stun chance. If you want to be of most use in OV, this is the build to go
Section 5 - Recommended PvE Gear

5.1 - Weapons
With the revolution patch, lvl 65/70 magic seal'd autogun/bowgun/muskets are now end game tier weapons if you have nice stats on them. Stats you should be looking out for are

death blow
armor breaker
smash (additional damage, works like screaming necklace)
+ spitfire skills, preferably something like freeze grenade
+ elemental damage of the element you are stacking

Jericho Crawford's Machine Gun Lvl 65 Boss Unique Autogun
gives +2 arsenal reinforcement, and 25% bullets in the air. This is on the same level with megabolt for being the best f. spit weapon, it drops in shrouded heiz, if you don't have money but need an end game weapon, might as well try here.

Elemental Bowgun lvl 65 boss unique bowgun
attack with 1% chance of casting nature orb, glacier orb, or lava orb (just like how agram the witch in abandon mine summons those orbs) 
I haven't actually seen the effect before, but the fact its a lvl 65 pink by itself makes it viable for end game tier since it has higher base stats

Blood Judge Lvl 55 Pink Bowgun
Attack with a 5% chance of bleeding the target, and Bleeding targets taking 10% more damage. Even more of a nerf'd cold smile, since there is no way to inflict bleeding w/o the bleed proc from the bowgun. This isn't end game tier, unless highly reinforced as in +12 or higher. I don't think the bleed will proc a lot in higher level dungeons , but I've never had this bowgun so don't take my word on it.

Solar Prominence Bowgun Lvl 55 Epic Bowgun
bonus stat of +2 cartridge expansion, +1 blazing bullet. Attack with a 2% chance of Burning an enemy, and Inflict 10% more damage against Burning enemies. This is kind of like a nerf'd Cold smile, since burn effect is harder to achieve. If you somehow get this, you should try to get maxed G-14 buster, good choice for endgame, but it's probably gonna be costly upgrading epics >.<

Naiad- lvl65 rare bowgun
+1 cartridge expansion, +1 flashbang, +1 freeze nade bonus, which is pretty damn good, decent weapon, is better than a lvl 65 magic seal imo, the bonus skills are just way too good.

Imperial Wisdom lvl 65 Pink Bowgun
aerial fire +2 bonus stats which is okay, since its a lvl 65 pink, it has a higher base matk/patk, and more str than naiad, also, When you have more than 70% of your total MP, increase your strength by 40 and intelligence by 60. And, Attack with 3% chance of recover 60MP per minute for 15 seconds. Pretty cheap from what I've seen in AH for a lvl65 pink, a viable choice if you're too poor for a megabolt.

Cold Smile Lvl 60 Pink Bowgun
This can only be made through gabe recipes, so might be a bit expensive. Only get this if you plan to go freezing/blazing so you can use it to the full potential. Attack with a 5% chance of Freezing an enemy, and Inflict 10% more damage against Frozen enemies. With the EX freezing bullet, and Freeze nade, freezing things shouldn't be a problem.

Secret Skill Of Veteran Archer Lvl 60 Pink Bowgun
This pink is pretty cheap for a 60 pink, and comes with a nice bonus stat of +3 neil, and +2 blazing bullet. Not really the best choice for end game weapon, but viable if highly reinforced.

Heritage Of Curio lvl 55 Pink Autogun
+2 intial cartridge is nice for more x spamming, nice pink if you want easier time doing 55-60+ dungeons, not end game tier unless really high reinforcement.

Burning Bullet Heckler lvl 60 epic autogun
Attack with 5% chance of burning the enemy, and Inflict 10% more damage to burning enemies. same situation as solar prominence bowgun, except autoguns tend to have higher matk, and gives int instead of str, so this is a better version of solar prominence basically.

MegaBolt lvl 65 pink autogun
This is one of the best gun for F. Spitfire. Although all the bonus skills are for mechs, it comes with Attack with 15% chance of electrocuting (Status level - 69) the enemy for 4 seconds. This + Silver bullet electrocution + flashbang allows you to constantly keep enemies under electrocution, allowing you to abuse black ring: lightning for OP damage. Megabolt + Black ring: Lightning is basically what you should try to aim for. If you can't buy a black ring with the megabolt, it's better to just get a naiad/magic seals imo. There is no point in having 15% elec if you can't abuse it, the damage is not as bad as silver bullet elec, but it's not as good as flasbhang elec. Black ring should come first, then the megabolt.

Commando Snipe Scope
has +2 neil, and Accurately hit Neil the Sniper with 30% chance of slowing down the enemy, and inflict 30% more dmg to slowed enemies. This also reduces 1 Default ammo. This probably goes extremely well if you get full force and zooming neil set.

Death By Musket lvl 55 epic musket
gives 40% more crit damage, which is amazing, grandis doesn't sell it so it's probably hard to come by though.

Laos Gun lvl 65 Pink Musket
+3 photon bomb, increase duration of photon bomb by 25%, decrease max # of C4 by 2, but increases dmg by 80%. Pretty nice musket that gives really nice benefits to your cube skills, definitely an option for end game if you plan to go musket.

5.2 - Armor
End game Armor what you essentially want to get is either a decent stat ( talking about A rank+) Int/mcrit magic seals, c2/c3 pieces, resphon unique armors, or Legacy sets.

Magic seal'd Armor stats you should be looking out for

Pixie ( Int aura)
Talisman ( mcrit aura)

Spitfire Chron 3 sets: Spitfire Chron 3 sets!
Spitfire Chron 2 Sets/ drop locations can be found here

C2 non-set pieces you should be looking for are
Force blazing/freezing/neil (more damage)
Extensive blazing/freezing (more ammo per cast)
Fierce blazing/freezing (lowers cd/mp usage)
Zooming neil the sniper (More neil shots, decrease hit duration)

C3 tainted gear (non set pieces) you should imbue with
red aura blazing/freezing/silver/neil (more damage)
green aura blazing/freezing/silver/neil (more ammo per cast, green neil is more shots)
blue aura blazing/freezing/silver (lowers cd/mp usage)

If you plan to imbue with bullets and not neil, do 1st imbue red and 2nd imbue green/blue when you have an extra piece.

neil green aura is the same effect as c2 zooming pieces, +1 bullet on armor/acc , +2 bullet on weapon

Level 50-55 Sets, Golden Hagenith Set
Level 55-60 Sets, Rex Cetum set
Level 60-65 Sets, Noble Soldier Set

^ these are the purple full spitfire armor sets, they do decent skill bonus and int, but Decent stat Magic seals can easily outdo them simply by getting a bunch of armor with int/ mcrit stats

5.3 - Accesories

On magic seal'd accesories the stats you should be looking out for are

Pixie ( int aura)
Talisman (mcrit aura)


Heartneck Mask lvl 52 unique
Attack with a 15% chance of lowering the enemy's elemental resistance by 6 for 10 sec.
Can stack twice. Lowering elemental resistence = more damage for spitfires who almost always uses an element

HeartNeck Fang lvl 50 unique
Increases electrocution, burning, and poison damage by 10% (5% in PvP)
Increases bleeding damage by 40% (20% in PvP)

10% more elec damage is a decent boost in damage, the pink is more gear'd towards mbrawlers imo, but if you really want you can use this

Gunslinger Bracelet of Illusion lvl 63
Gives +1 freeze grenade, you have to grind blood sands/abandon mines to get this bracelet, stacking freeze grenade is nice for higher freeze rates, it's a possible choice if you can't find any really good magic seal'd bracelet. There really isn't much good bracelets out there, although +1 freeze nade seems meh it's a decent choice

Hyde's Crystal Ball lvl 50 epic
+39 MP per Min.
All Elemental Resistances +13
All Abnormal Status Resist +11
Hit Rate +2%

this can be bought from grandis, the abs res helps out for resh

Bracelet of Deadly Screams lvl 58 pink
Magic Critical Hit +7%
Physical Critical Hit +7%
bonus stat is pretty decent, but the quest line for getting screaming accesories are pain in the ass and costs a lot, still worth all the pain and suffering of doing this quest.


Necklace of Deadly Screams lvl 58 pink
Same quest as the Bracelet. Increases physical and magical damage by 8%, really can't go wrong with this, but sky image is much better for an f spit

Sky Image lvl 50 Epic
Jump str +30, Add 15% more damage to Jump Attacks.. This is probably the best necklace for F. Spitfires, and Grandis sells this epic so it's not hard to get.

Soul Chaser lvl 55 Epic
Increases your Attack Strength by 20% for 60 seconds by consuming 1 Spirit Crystal. Best Necklace for almost all classes.

Terra Cotta ID lvl 45 rare
Increases your Magic Attack Strength by 100 for 30 seconds by spending 1 Clear Cube Piece per minute.
This is the easiest necklace to get, just a quest item, but gives a very nice boost. I'd suggest you just use this until you can farm hells for sky image

Blue Storm Necklace lvl 65 pink
Water Damage +10-12 , it's not really worth the price imo, but if you want to stack as much water as possible, it's an option


Lala Miss Dragon lvl 20 pink
Physically attack with a 3% chance of increasing your Intelligence by 15% for 30 seconds. Spitfire is a pretty x heavy class, and benefits from int buff, definitely a good choice, but if you plan to OV, this thing has no exo

Krazy Ivan's Explosives lvl 52 pink
+18 Fire Elemental Attack at max , More blazing bullet damage!! If you plan to stack light/water, then do not get.

Fire/light/water Spirit Ring lvl 50 epic
+16 respective elemental damage @ max . Can be bought from grandis, also has a chance to summon a wisp/ador/naias (respective to the elements) when hit.

 lvl 60 pink
Burning Wave Ring
+9-+12 fire dmg, again nice blazing bullet dmg, dont get if you're stacking another element

 lvl 65 pink
Tender Green Ring
all elemental damage +10 for 10seconds at 5% rate upon attack , since spits utilize 3 elements, would be pretty nice to have

Black Ring Lightning lvl68 Pink
This is probably the best choice ring for F. Spitfire. attack a electrocuted enemy, 10% chance to consume 1 clear cube fragment to reduce enemy's Hp for 10% (1/3 to champion monsters and 1/6 to hell monsters. Does NOT apply to bosses or in the arena). Silver bullet + flashbang allows you to keep enemey electrocuted most of the time, very useful in OV/ancients , doesn't shine that much in normal dungeons, still helpful though. This ring is godly with megabolt because megabolt elec + silver bullet elec + flashbang elec, can't have enough electrocutions!! If your curious at how much this thing procs, watch some of my videos, the weird red bar thingy that pops up above the enemy's head indicates that black ring has proc'd.

Napalm Igniter lvl 40 Epic
Increases the explosion range of Napalm and Photon Bomb by 10% Pretty decent epic if you have maxed photon, and a high reinforced weapon. I have bad history with this epic so do not want to talk about it Q_Q

Ancient Elven Ring lvl 55 pink
Magic attacks with a 6% chance of buffing your intelligence by 9% for 30 seconds. decent pink, works somewhat like lala, except its magic attack and a less int boost.

5.4 - Special Equipment

Sub equipment

Magic seal'd sub equip/magic stonese are definitely end game tier equipments, If you can roll a very nice stat

Stats you want are Mcrit, or Int

Imperial Palace Guardian Gloves lvl 60 rare
Physical Attack Strength +20-22
Magical Attack Strength +20-22 , more matk/patk for better bullet dmg! Basically poor man's route is to get this

Upgrade Amulet - Spitfire lvl 60 purple
+1 Silver Bullet EX, only get if you're silver/blaze obviously, decent boost, another cheap sub equip if you're poor

Secret Of Awakening - Valkyrie lvl 60 purple
+1 to EMP Storm , decent purple again. Can't have enough of emp cooked rice :3

Triple Scar lvl 65 rare
Increases Electrocution by 3 Levels and Damage by 11%
Increases Poison by 3 Levels and Damage by 11%
Increases Bleeding by 3 Levels and Damage by 11%

That elec dmg + level increase is nice

Royal Rose lvl 65 rare
better version of palace gloves, 
Physical Attack Strength +23-29
Magic Attack Strength +23-29

Veiled Inheritence: Female Spitfire lvl 65 rare
Cartridge Expansion EX +1 , Decent boost, really royal rose is better, but still a viable choice

Duke's Dirty Cloak lvl 68 rare
Attack a bleeding, burning, poisoned, or shocked enemy with a 10% chance of consuming 1 clear cube fragment and applying a random non-damaging status effect. This proc is amazing and has saved my life plenty of times. 

Duke's Disgusting Cloak lvl 68 pink
Attack a bleeding, burning, poisoned, or shocked enemy with a 30% chance of consuming 1 clear cube fragment and applying a random non-damaging status effect. better version of dirty cloak!

Five Bloody Bullets lvl 60 pink
Physical Attack Strength +55-67
Magical Attack Strength +55-67 A lot of Patk/Matk for better % damage skills.

Death Gazer lvl 65 pink
Physical Attack Strength +55-67
Magical Attack Strength +55-67 same as FBB, but higher level and better base stats

Any of the "ancient wonder, ceave's tailsman, king's book of secrets etc etc." for F. spitfire is viable.

Magic Stone

Wisp/Ador/Naias Tear lvl 65 rare
wisp adds +11 light damage (at max stats)
ador adds +11 fire damage (at max stats)
naias adds +11 water damage ( at max stats) , choose the tear of the element you are stacking.

Alicia/Selist/Ratria's tear lvl 65 pink
alicia adds +30 light damage (at max stats)
selist adds +30 fire damage (at max stats)
Ratria adds +30 water damage (at max stats) , choose the tear of the element you are stacking.

Tear of Glarine/Aquarius/Flame Hulk lvl 65 epic
glarine adds +45 light dmg (at max stats)
aquarius adds +45 water damage (at max stats)
Flame Hulk adds +45 fire damage (at max stats) 

Elven Warrior's Medal: Female Spitfire lvl 65 pink
+1 Flashmine EX, good choice if you're too poor to afford an elemental tear.

Section 6 - Videos

More OV videos will be added later when I start running more often again, My gear right now is pretty poop so don't really wanna record them either lol

Credits to: F. spitfire forum regulars who helped me out w/ some of the info, and Kasumei for the guide layout.



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