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Grace of Protection - A Guide for Support Crusaders

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Terminology
  4. Skills
  5. QP options
  6. Builds
  7. Weapons
  8. Gear
  9. Enchantments
  10. Avatars
  11. Emblems
  12. Creatures
  13. Chronicle gear
  14. Tips


This guide will give you some general information about FS saders. I may not be the best one, but I'm here to provide you with knowledge on the class. This is my first time writing a guide, so any reasonable constructive criticism will be taken with pleasure, go easy on me!. Anywho, lets begin. As for me, my in-game-name is iBuffForGold. I'm probably not very well-known of a crusader, and nowhere close to the richest or the best, but I do know enough to inform some beginners. Most of this guide will be based upon the observations I came across. Keep in mind I'm only giving you recommendations, a big portion of FS crusader is preference.Anyways, this guide will be discussing the support half of the class. So if you want to become a battle sader you should probably stop reading. Well let's start off with some pros and cons!

Pros & Cons


-High demand (people want FS saders in their parties)
-Can increase party's DPS by ALOT
-Can increase party's defenses by ALOT
-Lots of utility
-Healing powers!
-Divine Invocation
-Not as expensive to fund as other classes


-Not really good for levels 50 and under.
-Practically the only class that can't exactly solo dungeons
-Some call it boring.


I'll try not to use too many abbreviations in this guide, but some general ones you should know for saders and non-saders alike are:

Sader- short for crusader
FS- Full Support
DI- Divine Invocation
WB- Wisdom Blessing (...or welcome back...)
OV- Otherverse
Apoc- Short for Apocalypse
FoL- Fountain of Life
HW- Healing Wind
HH- Heaven's Harmony
LoD- Light of Divinity
RoL- Revenge of Light
SoP- Sign of Protection
SoV- Spear of Victory
DPS- Damage per second
QR- Quick rebound
QP- Quest points
STR- Strength
INT- Intelligence
SPI- Spirit
VIT- Vitality
AH- Auction Hall

Will add more as others notify me or I remember some.


Note: The skills I don't mention probably aren't worth getting or are completely out of the question

Common Skills:

Slow Heal - 15 SP

 Restores HP over time. Contrary to popular belief and half of the skill name, most of the time, you will not be using this skill to heal! The EX passive of this skill grants spirit and vitality to its target. So you'll be using this on yourself alot to improve your own buffs. The level of this skill is based solely on preference, as a higher skill level grants more uses per dungeon. Usually you'll use this alot in otherverse, but some people don't plan on running it.
Recommendations: 10 TO Max. 

Strike - 15 SP
Main physical damage buff! This skill adds strength, hit rate and patk. Which scales up with your own vitality. 82 strength at base at level 30!
Recommendations: Max
Wisdom Blessing - 20 SP
Main magical damage buff! Skill adds a whopping 133 int and 28 matk at base, scaling up with your own spirit.
Recommendations: Max
Cure - 15 SP
Debuff remover. This skill is a godsend for your party. Saves your party from heavy damaging burns/bleeds/poisons/everything! EX passive improves abnormal status resistance after casting. This skill really shines in otherverse, saving your party in the first rooms of almost all of the dungeons.
Recommendations: Max

Crusader exclusive skills:

Grace of Protection - 100 SP for level 1, 20 SP for each level after
This skill gives you free additions onto your vit and spirit. Why not? +119 vit/spi at level 17. Free stats!
Recommendation: Max
Grace of Courage - 100 SP for level 1, 20 SP for each level after
Provides int and str. You don't need either of these, leave this skill to the battle saders.
Recommendation: 0
Heaven's Melody - 20 SP 
Provides the target with additional max HP and max MP. This skill gives your party the hp too when it raises the max. Meaning that using melody on a target can raise hp from 100/100 to 110/110 NOT 100/110. Which is great. This skill is extremely useful in otherverse, where people are in dire need of more hp. But outside of otherverse, the skill is still good, but there are better skills to get. If you're going to get this, max heaven's harmony as well.
Recommendation: 5 or Max
Spear of Victory - 25 SP
Throws a spear towards the ground in front of the crusader. This skill is amazing. You should get 10 + EX for support too.
omg buffy ur such nub spear obv battle skill why such nub taek it omg nub sader kkkkkkkkkkkk.
But with level 4 of the EX passive on this skill, speared enemies will remain speared for 1.6 seconds. That's awesome! You can help pin down fast monsters for your party or render enemies useless (useful in otherverse). This is a must.
Recommendation: 10

Spiritual Sacrifice - 25 SP
Upon death of the crusader, nearby allies will be restored HP and MP. As holy as this skill sounds, you should stay away from it. Not only is the heal bad, but leveling up this skill also passively lowers your spirit and vitality, not good at all. Sadly however, this is a prerequisite for awakening active.
Recommendation: 0 or 1
Revenge of Light - 25 SP
Creates a chance of lightning to strike the target's attacker when hit by a magic attack. Additionally, when the target attacks with a basic attack, there is another chance that lightning with strike. This skill also grants mdef to the target. Wow, this skill is pretty damn good. However, with the recent updates, many crusaders are actually leaving this skill at 10 as prereq. Maxing is still a good option, but now there's just many other places you can put sp.
Recommendation: 10 or Max
Sign of Protection - 25 SP
Increases the targets defenses and makes it so that a portion of the damage dealt to them is taken by the crusader. In addition, this skill grants spirit and vitality to the target,  so you'll be using this alot on yourself too. Great skill to have
Recommendation: Max
Light of Divinity - 25 SP
Creates a bubble around the target, shielding them from physical damage. Amazing skill, saves party members from so many things its crazy. Also gives your party members a sense of safety. Some choose to not opt for this though.
Recommendation: 0, 1, Max
Fast Heal - 25 SP
Immediately heals the target. This will be one of your emergency saves for your party. Slow heal still heals more but, well thats slow. However, with the latest advancements in the field of "strip healing", this probably will only be used as a emergency heal. For that reason, many people choose to not max this. Your decision though.
Recommendation: 10 To Max
Deflection Wall - 30 SP
Creates a wall that slowly moves forward, pushing enemies in its path. Although a battle skill, this skill can be used for pushing enemies around for your party. However, the wall possesses mediocre HP and so this skill should only be obtained if you want pressure wall
Recommendation: 0 or 5
Divine Invocation - 30 SP
Increases the STR and INT of all party members near you, including yourself. This skill. There's nothing that will make your party happier than 500+ str,int. Seriously, this skill is the best. Why would you not take it!?
Recommendation: MAXMAXMAX
Heaven's Harmony - 100 SP for level 1, 10 SP for each level after
This skill causes heaven's melody to become a party buff instead of a single target. Getting Heaven's Harmony also increases the values of the max HP/MP increases by a percent. Must get for those getting heaven's melody
Recommendation:0 or Max
Fountain Of Life - 50 SP
Target ally will be granted an aura that grants hit recovery, movement speed, and attack speed. In addition, when the target dies, he/she will respawn! Great skill, at level 16 this grants 16% aspd/mspd in an AURA, awesome. People really enjoy the speed buffs. You can put this on scared party members or members you think are going to die. Then once they  come back to life, you can use light of divinity on them for more protection. There's even a card that adds +1 to this (tamer gallua). This skill has 6 uses at level 15, and 7 uses at level 16, 8 uses at level 21. So you can choose to keep it at 15 and get +1 for it through the card. This does cost alot of SP however, so some choose to not max it. Your choice though.
Recommendation: 1, 15, or 16(Max)
Healing Wind - 60 SP
Restores HP/MP to all party members around you. Afterwards, creates a barrier that protects party members from incoming damage. This is your emergency heal, so so so useful in otherverse. Can't explain how useful this is, saved my party too many times. Gotta get this.
Recommendation: Max
Aura of Conviction - 30 SP
Causes the crusader to passively emit an aura that grants nearby party members increased strength/intelligence/vitality/spirit. The stats given are higher if the crusader is closer to full hp. Basically the more hp you lose, the buff gets weaker. The stat growth for this is pretty low, meaning you could possibly leave it anywhere in the middle, and still be fine. A great option anyways.
Recommendation:0 to Max
Apocalypse - 80 SP
Upon use, creates a crystal of light that projects a light circle. Party members inside the circle will be granted increased strength, intelligence, physical defense, magical defense, attack speed and movement speed. After 10 seconds the crystal will transform and start shooting LAZERZ, ending with a grand explosion. This skill grants 247 str/int at level 11, which is pretty worthwhile. Although some people have trouble fitting this into their builds. I guess this could be used as an SP dump, as it's still good if not maxed.
Recommendation: 0, 1 to Max
Pressure wall - 80 SP
Creates 2 deflection walls that gradually converge onto each other, resulting in an explosion. Personally, I'm not a fan of this skill. Many crusaders however choose to get it to move around or group up monsters for their party members. Its really all preference. Get it if you want, but it costs way too much SP for simply additional HP. You could get it higher, but leaving it at 1 will do the job.
Recommendation: 0 or 1

TP Passives:

Slow Heal Upgrade - 1 TP
Causes slow heal to endow its target with additional spirit and vitality. More SPI/VIT means better buffs for your party. Constantly use this on yourself to ensure stronger Divine Invocation, Wisdom blessing, Strike and other skills too. Grants a multiplier of 10 spi/vit per level (30 at level 3 and 40 at level 4). You should NOT use this on other party members as in OV3, uses of slow heal become scarce. Also, this can't really be an emergency heal in the first place, SLOW heal, duh. This is a must for crusaders. 
Recommendation: Max (3TP)
Spear of Victory Upgrade - 2 TP
Grants Spear of Victory the ability to pin down targets for longer durations. This skill is awesome in otherverse. Rendering targets useless and vulnerable for your party members is priceless. Other than that I can't tell you how useful this is. You should max it or you're crazy.
Recommendation: Max (6TP)
Cure Upgrade - 1TP

After using cure, affected targets will have increased abnormal status resistance for a certain amount of time. Frankly, this isn't THAT great, but there's not many other ways we can spend our TP.
Recommendation: Max (3TP)
Revenge of Light upgrade - 2TP
Increases the damage of the thunderbolt by 12 percent per level. Additionally, the frequency of thunderbolt drops will be increased. Adds just a bit more DPS for your party, not many other places you can use the TP, get it.
Recommendation: Max (4TP)

QP Options

With the release of season II, we now have the option to invest in stats through quest points! 
Here's what is a MUST MAX:

VitalityPromotion.png Vitality- 20QP- Better vit means better physical buffs, its practically free, just take it. Also grants YOU more max hp, and physical defense.
Recommendation: Max(27)(540QP)

SpiritExaltation.png Spirit- 20QP- Same logic here. Better spirit grants better magical buffs for your party. It gives you more mp regen, magic defense and max mp.
Recommendation: Max(27)(540QP)

That's pretty much all the mandatory stuff. For FS Sader, you can choose to spend the rest of your QP on a variety of options. Note that I won't add recommendations to this part because its all up to you. Anyways here you go:

QPMovement.png Movement Speed- 20QP-  Grants additional movement speed, obviously. A total of 2% at max, for 100 QP, not bad.

ExHPRegenIcon.png HP Replenish- 20QP- Grants additional Hp regeneration at 65hp/min per level. Capping at 8 levels for a total of 520HP/min, for 160QP. Apparently this is bad, don't get it.

ExMPRegenIcon.png MP Replenish-20QP- Similar to the above, except it gives MP regen. 50MP/min for each level, capping at 400mp/min at level 8, for 160 QP. Good choice if you find yourself out of mp alot.

ExElementalResIcon.png Elemental Resistance-20QP- Gives you +1 to all Elemental resistances per level, for a total of +10 at max, for 200 QP. Gives you that extra tad of survivability that might come in handy in OV.

ExEvasionIcon.png Evasion Rate- 35QP- Grants +0.5% percent evasion rate per level, at max this gives 10% evasion rate. Nice choice to pick up, although it costs alot of QP. It could end up saving you.


So here are a few builds you can try out, I'll be adding more as I go along, but making your own build should be relatively simple with the information provided above. Also, if you want your build shown here, message me and I'll try to get it in.

  • Skeleton Build - Maxed Strike, Wisdom Blessing, Divine Invocation, Grace of Protection,, Cure, and Healing wind. 10 points in Slow Heal, Fast Heal, Spear of Victory and Revenge of Light. And a point in quick rebound of course! The rest is up to you.
  • Build 2 - This is a build that has pressure wall and no heaven's melody or harmony. You can dump the remaining sp into as many levels of slow heal as you please.
  • Build 3 - This is a build with heaven's melody and harmony, but with no wall. Remember that you can always shave off levels from apoc to add to other skills, if necessary.
  • Build 4 - Here's a build with max righteous judgement. Please,  for the love of all the crusaders on the planet, don't ever use this... except maybe in PvP!


In this section, I'll be discussing endgame weapons, specifically crosses, to use. If you have more suggestions or something else CROSSES (hue) your mind, tell me and I'll add more.
Well here we go:

Divine Protection
Level 55 rare cross. 4% casting speed, Strike +1, Divine Invocation +1. Nothing much to say about this cross...

Glorious Izzat Cross
Level 60 rare cross. 5% casting speed, Divine Invocation +1, Healing wind +1. More healing wind and DI is always great.

Level 60 rare cross. Notable effects are Heaven's Harmony +1. Not really too good for endgame... the above ones are better.

Blue Crux
Level 65 rare cross.2% casting speed, Fountain of Life +1, Light of Divinity +1, and Slow heal +2. A good way to get +1 for FoL. Another thing about this cross: If you have max slow heal(30) this will get it 2 more levels(32) which will grant you another use of slow heal, in case you wanted more. A good and cheap choice for the crusader endgame.

Quatro Pelatus
Level 65 rare cross. 3% casting speed, Healing Wind +1, Sign of Protection +2. Not much to say about this either, healing wind is always good, I guess.

Level 70 rare cross. Notable effects are Wisdom blessing +2, and Divine Invocation +1. Pretty cheap too. There are far better crosses however.

Magic Sealed Grace of God
Level 70 rare cross. Having a magic sealed cross can be good too. Modifiers you'll want to aim for are Spirit, Vitality, Party Auras and Priest(crusader) skills.

Priest's Judgement
Level 60 unique cross. This majestic cross adds +3 to Divine Invocation, making it a choice for DI swap. This basically means you should switch around crosses alot, and whenever you cast DI, this is what you should use. The other effect of this cross is great too.

Recovery Cross
Level 65 unique cross. Adds +2 to Cure and Healing wind, and increases the duration of the healing wind barrier. Both of these become extremely useful in otherverse, castle nebulous to be specific. Additionally, the duration of slow heal is increased, which I believe allows you to stack 3 slow heals at once (need verification). Awesome cross.

Hidden Cross of Ramnu
Level 65 unique cross. Adds +2 to DI but also adds a 30% chance of casting DI at +2 or +3 higher level. The second effect makes it another option for DI swap. There's a big debate as to whether or not this is better than priest's judgement, but personally I think they're equal. This one's a bit pricey though.

Cross of Boiled Blood
Level 64 unique cross. Super awesome cross. Increased buffs to strike and wisdom blessing. Really good effects too. The drawback isn't really too bad either. The only thing I have to say about this is that you shouldn't use it for DI because even +2 to DI gives about 24 str/int, which is better than what this cross does. Alternatively, if you're lazy you could just use this for DI as well, not too much of a big deal, up to you. This cross is REALLY rare though, drops from deranged impostor in City of Noire Ferra. If you do manage to get your hands on this though, you will be one lucky crusader.

Impending Punishment
Level 55 epic cross. Adds DI +2 , as well as a chance upon cast to increase your strength and spirit by 50 for 10 seconds. Notable cross, not really THAT good though. In my opinion, priest's judgement is better. That being said, its epic so probably not worth the grind.

Unshakable Faith
Level 55 epic cross. +3 to DI. Adds a 50% chance to negate the cooldown of slow heal when you cast it. Additionally, healing wind will also give a defense bonus to those affected by it. This is actually pretty good. However, stacking slow heals past 2 doesn't provide too much benefit, in fact you'll be wasting slow heal uses if you do. If you get your hands on this, use it, but only stack 2 slow heals then. The DI+3 is really good though.

C2/C3 Cross
You could always use one of these if you don't want to buy a cross or grind for one. You can imbue green DI, wisdom blessing and/or strike on c3 cross. Even though the ones above are recommended, you can always swap around crosses.


My format for the gear section will be recommendations by piece. If at all I skip over anything, there probably aren't many options for it, other than sets. However, I will continue to add on to this, the more things I find out.

Legacy: Holy Titanium Armor of Ista
AMAZING option for a top for any crusader.  +2 levels to DI on a top! Simply awesome. Although in otherverse, you need more exorcism, so you'll need to constantly swap this around. Still a great option. This is kinda rare, so you won't be seeing it on AH alot.

Black Plague Dark Wolf Leggings
This is probably one of the only non-set, non chronicle, good options for a bottom. Upon being hit, there's a chance that you increase your STR/INT/SPI/VIT. More spi/vit means better buffs! Additionally, upon quick rebounding, a chance to create a shockwave is granted. Pretty good.

Guardian Soul
Reflects back damage upon being hit when you have over 10% health. This isn't THAT great, but since we don't have too many other options for necklaces, and pretty much our only interactions with monsters is spearing and getting hit, this is viable. Costs alot though.

Shining Soul
Drops a lightning bolt on attacker upon being hit, at a 50% chance. This is viable too, for the same reason as the above. However, in OV, there are times when you really don't want this (such as void rift room 3), so in those cases its best to take this off.

Heart of the Conductor
Halves the duration and cooldown of DI. Also grants +1 to DI, on a necklace, that's great. As for the other effect, people think "what difference does that make?". Well basically, you'll be spamming it more often, which allows you to proc certain effects like Hidden Cross of Ramnu. This is really pricey though.

Abyssal Saint Necklace
Adds +1 to Healing Wind. Great, your healing wind is bettered by a necklace. Best part about this is, its a quest necklace, you still need a few mats to make it though. A nice choice if you're looking for a cheap, non-otherverse necklace.

High Tech Saint Ring
Notable effects of this are Revenge of Light +1. Not many other rings out there.

Sand Rider(P)
Great title. +1 level to DI. Couldn't ask for much more on a title, seriously, this is the best option you have.
Upgrade Amulet - Crusader
+1 to Slow heal EX. If you're on a budget, this is probably what you should get. More spirit and vitality means better buffs. Best part is, its really cheap.

Veiled Inheritance: Crusader
+1 to Spear of Victory EX. This is the counterpart to the upgrade amulet I guess. You could get this too, but its recommended that you get more to slow heal ex. They cost about the same.

Song of Himan Stella - Crusader
This should be your aim as a sub equip. +1 to slow heal EX and spear of victory EX, two of your best EX skills! Having this is a great addition. This is really rare though, barely seen on AH, watch it like a hawk!

When it comes to crusader, you have many sets to choose from, in addition to the equipment listed above.
Sacrifice and Devotion Set
Awesome picture I have here right? Haha. Anyways, notable effects from this set are +1 to DI, Fountain of Life and Heaven's harmony. Best part is, this is dirt cheap. Level 65-70 set.

With the latest advancements in the field of magic seals, these are viable from level 1-70. The stat modifiers you want to aim for are Spirit, Vitality, Priest skills, and maybe some party auras.

Chronicle Sets
Listed somewhere down below are chronicle sets from the otherverse. These grant awesome effects and the best part is, they won't cost you a dime, err gold. Aim for these.


As for enchantments, you'll want to stack spirit and/or vitality.

Weapon: Casting speed (Goblin Chief, Conductor Rabineta)
Head/Shoulder: Spirit (Lariat Lari, Silky Martel, Michelle the Telekinetic, Bwanga)
Head/Shoulder: Vitality (Stubborn Heartneck, Hound Master Myojin, Shadow seeker Noubilius)
Top: Casting speed (Goblin Chief, Conductor Rabineta)
Bottom: Casting speed (Goblin Chief, Conductor Rabineta)
Shoes: Spirit (Lariat Lari, Silky Martel, Michelle the Telekinetic, Bwanga)
Shoes: Vitality (Stubborn Heartneck, Hound Master Myojin, Shadow seeker Noubilius) 

Belt: Spirit (Lariat Lari, Silky Martel, Michelle the Telekinetic, Bwanga)
Belt: Vitality (Stubborn Heartneck, Hound Master Myojin, Shadow seeker Noubilius)
Necklace: +1 Fountain of Life! (Tamer Gallua)
Ring: Anything you want
Bracelet: Anything you want
Title: Spirit&Vitality (Inferno Goblin Copter)


For avatars, you'll want the following stats

Hair: Spirit
Hat: Spirit
Face: Abnormal Status Resistance or Attack Speed (If you wanna be active sader, or just want attack speed, useful in Void Rift.)
Torso: Abnormal Status Resistance or Attack Speed
Top: Divine Invocation
Bottom: Max HP/Wisdom blessing/Spirit/Vitality
Waist: Inventory Weight/Evasion Rate
Shoes: Vitality
Skin: Your choice


As for emblems this is what you want:

Red: Spirit/Vitality
Green: Evasion Rate/Max HP/Max MP/Abnormal Status resist
Blue: Movement Speed/Defense/Abnormal Status resist
Yellow: Casting Speed/Abnormal Status Resist
Platinum: Divine Invocation/town movement speed


There aren't many creatures for the support crusader. But well there are a few:

Creatures don't get much better than this. Increases the entire party's attack strength by about 20 percent at max level. 120 sec cooldown, still awesome. This is probably what you'll want to get. 

Increases party's physical crit rate by 2 percent, and movement speed by 9 percent. Also provokes nearby monsters. Decent pet for the party. I'd still get marbas though.

Angus' counterpart. Increases party's magical crit rate by 4 percent, and movement speed by 2 percent and provokes monsters too. Decent. STILL rather get marbas though.

Increases movement and attack speeds of the party by 7%. Good option for when you "GOTTA GO FASTTTT". Passively grants you 4% movement speed as well.

Grants a super armor buff on all party members upon. Decent, and can come in handy sometimes. Marbas still #1 though!

Chronicle Gear

Second Chronicle:

For second chronicle equips, you'll want to look at regular pieces and set pieces too.
As for the crusader sets, I present you with this table I made myself!

Comments: With C2, we have a nice set to choose. Divine grace lowers the slow heal duration. This means you won't be able to stack 2 slow heals. This doesn't necessarily make it bad, but 3pc effect, isn't really worth it. On the other hand, we have the Silent prayer set, which is what you want to be going for. Great buffs to wisdom blessing and strike with the 3 piece and 6 piece effect, very nice. A really good set for the support crusader. What you should aim for through C2.

As for the non-set piece gear, stacking any of the crusader choices is good. Specific ones you'll want to keep in mind however are:
  • Intense Heaven's Harmony
  • Intense Healing Wind
  • Fierce Healing Wind
  • Fierce Spear of Victory
Third Chronicle:
Again, here, you'll want to look at tainted pieces and set pieces
For the set effects, I present you with another table made by :D me:
Comments: All 3 of these sets are great! Except for the fact that spiritual revelation is more of a battle sader set, so if you plan on getting that, keep it at 3 piece. Otherwise, Vow of Silence provides great buffs to Strike, Wisdom blessing and DI, cool. Shout of triumph emphasizes a few other skills, Fountain of Life, Light of Divinity; Still a viable set. Many people say that having 6 Piece Silent Prayer and 3 Piece Spiritual Revelation is a pro-tier sader thing. And they're right too, obtaining that would provide major buff to wisdom blessing and strike. It's what alot of saders aim to achieve. That being said, vow of silence grants really good strike and wisdom blessing buffs for a C3 set, so keep that in mind too. Shout of Triumph is more of a defensive set, which isn't bad, but you probably only want it if your build focuses on the skills buffed.

As for tainted dimensional pieces viable options to stack include:

  • Blue Healing Wind
  • Blue Spear of Victory
  • Green Strike
  • Green Wisdom Blessing
  • Green Divine Invocation


Slow Heal Stacking:
Try to stack slow heals before you buff, or at least whenever you cast DI. This results in a major increase in the stats your buffs provide. Basically when you start to buff, use slow heal once, cast sign of protection, cast slow heal again, then cast DI, then strike and wisdom blessing. By doing this you stack as much SPI/VIT as possible before buffing.

Title Switching:
A not-so-well-known trick for crusaders is title switching! When the crusader is under the effect of a status effect that renders you immobilized, (petrify, immobilize, etc.) switching titles will remove the effect. This only works for crusaders. So keeping another title in your quick slot can prove to be extremely useful at times. This actually works with armor, weapons and accessories too, but since title switching has no cooldown, its the best

Spirit and Vitality Stacking:
As you know, an increased amount of spirit grants more powerful magical buffs, likewise and increased amount of vitality grants more powerful physical buffs. If you know who you're going to party with alot (example would be OV perm party), then you should stack one of the two (SPI/VIT) higher, based on your party members. Like if you have a nen master, a grappler, and an elementalist, stacking spirit would be a good option as it would benefit 2 of your party members. However, if you don't know who you'll be partying with, its a better option to maintain a balance of the two.

Buffing Order:
The ideal order of skills to cast is as follows: Slow Heal => Sign of Protection => Slow heal => DI => Everything Else. You should do this at least every time you cast DI, as you maximize your gains. Unless, you're low on time, then you should cast slow heal once.

Otherverse Guide:
If you need tips or need to know what to do, I'd recommend Bucktoothbob's otherverse guide for support saders. You can check that out here. Otherverse can be hard at times, go check it out.

I'll be adding more tips in the future, don't worry.

Well this concludes my guide. Hope you liked it, and most of all I hoped it helped. If you have any questions, feedback or criticism, it would be gladly appreciated, Message me in-game! IGN: iBuffForGold.



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