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WM Builds and Reference Guide

“The sword is more than just an independent weapon, but an extension of the body itself.” - Soldoros
Written and Published by Reyak

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History of Updates
--6/27/12 - Date of Creation
--7/06/12 - Ported from Microsoft Word to DFOS
--7/10/12 - Finished Skill Descriptions; added Illumina Blade and Bee's builds; added 1 video 
--7/11/12 - Added modifiers for chronicle gear; temporary OV guides

Table of Contents

I. Introduction [INTR]
--1. Who am I?
--2. Things to Keep Note of
----A. Why should I play a WM?
--3. Terminology
II. Shared Pros/Cons (PvE) [PANC]
III. Skills Overview (PvE/PvP) [SKOV]
--1. General Skills
--2. Weapon Master Skills
IV. EX Passives [EXPS]
V. QP Overview [QPOV]
VI. Gear Recommendations [GRRC]
--1. Magic Sealed Equipment
--2. Weapons
--3. Key Accessories
--4. Otherverse Gear
----A. Chronicle 2
----B. Chronicle 3
VII. Avatar Recommendations [AVRC]
--1. Avatar Stats
--2. Emblem Options
VIII. Approved Builds (PvE)
IX. Role in the Otherverse [RITO]
--1. Chronicle 2
--2. Chronicle 3
X. Video Dump [VDUP]
--1. Regular Dungeons
--2. Ancient Dungeons
--3. Otherverse
XI. PvP Overview [PVPO]
--1. Introduction and Pros/Cons
--2. Bead Choices
--3. Match-ups
----A. Video Reference(s)
----B. Getting In There
----C. Comboing
XII. Approved Builds (PvP)
XIII. Ending Note [EDNT]
XIV. Other Recommended Guides [OTRG]

I. Introduction [INTR]
1. Who am I?
Hello and welcome to the post-revolution WM reference guide. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Reyak.. With the arrival of innovation to DFO, tons of changes are coming to the weapon master class as a whole; not only with our forsaken zenith patch, but with class and game mechanic changes in general. I’m making this guide in hopes of clearing up a lot of questions, and maybe even provide for a source of information to those whom are looking to become “masters all weapons.”

2. Things to keep note of
As you know, guides are always inclusive of personal bias, no matter how hard a publisher tries to avoid it. I just want to place this note here disclaiming how everything written within this guide is done by me, and thus, many parts will probably not be perfect. If you happen to see misinformation or even disagree with any of the points I make on a skill/it’s utility, please feel free to reply with what you think. I’m hoping more that this guide will be not only an effort on my behalf, but one that will benefit the entire weapon master community (on a both social and technical level). I’m always open to changes. 

"So you want to be a weapon master?"
Now as you should already know, weapon masters are given their name from their play style and skillset. With their newfound Zenith skill, weapon masters are effectively able to max every weapon mastery available to the slayer cast for only the SP cost of maxing a single mastery. This not only provides for incredible variety in skill builds, but also provides incentive for players to use more than just one weapon and truly make the most out of their class. Weapon masters, in particular, have special perks when using each weapon that other slayer classes do not have. In example: Being the only class to wield the fastest weapon type of the slayer class, weapon masters can wield lightsabres to deal incredible damage, electrocute enemies, and speed across maps. Although it may not sound appealing to most, the wide variety of possibilities for situational usage of each weapon type is incredible and really keeps the experience new and fresh.

Weapon masters are known to be primarily a damage dealing percent-based class. What this means is that, in exchange for having a heavily upgraded weapon, you deal exponentially larger damage than other classes. This provides incentive to play your weapon master past the level cap and encourages players to hunt for better gear. 

When executed properly, weapon masters are definitely a force to be reckoned with in PvE. Skills like Lightning Draw Sword and Illusion Sword Dance do incredible amounts of damage in short periods of time, but I’ll go more into detail on those skills later.

With the arrival of the long-awaited zenith patch, the game has changed entirely for weapon masters in PvP. With now multi-mastery weapon masters being optimal as a build choice, embedding different weapons and their perks into single combos has become incredibly vital. Their humungous skillset and wide range of attacks allows WMs to keep pressure on the opponent, while also providing space to counter, even reset combos when done properly.

3. Terminology
I’ll be using a lot of wording that may sound uncanny or unfamiliar to you new players, so please use this section as a reference for any acronyms or words that you can’t seem to understand.

WM – Blade Master; I will be referring to the class by the same acronym even when post-awakened.
DPS – Damage per second; The amount of damage applicable to an opponent in a short amount of time
Countering – Attacking an enemy during it’s attack animation to deal extra damage
Builds – Set of skills to be leveled to a certain amount when level 70 is attained; Usually fixed
ISD – Illusion Sword Dance; Level 45 WM Skill that slashes 10-12 times in front and finishes with a slash wave
RDS – Raging Dragon Slash; Level 40 WM Skill that bum rushes across the map for multiple slashes.
OV - Otherverse (Primal); The 3 dungeons that can be accessed when level 65 is attained (3 runs per day)
OV3 – Level 70 Otherverse; The level 70-only dungeons (2 runs per day)
AOE – Area of Effect; Skill that deal damage over a wide area, IE Draw Sword
Conversion – Switching of a general skill’s damage from magical to physical
OTG - On the ground. Usually used for describing combos that keep opponents on the floor.

II. Shared Pros/Cons (PvE) [PANC]
- Incredible variety and very fun to master
- Unique properties for each weapon master
- Percent Class (Can deal incredible damage)
- Wide AOE Cubes
- Even greater damage done to individual enemies 

- Percent Class (Requires high upgrades to perform well)
- Not all properties for each mastery are the most useful
- Fairy dejected from the highest tier classes
- Reputation for dragging 12 year olds
- Damage classes aren’t necessarily the most desirable for endgame

For more information on the class, you can check the wiki here.

III. Skills Overview (PvE/PvP) [SKOV]
General Skills
Neutral Wave Sword – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) Max
Launches a fast, neutral element wave in front of your character. For PvP, this skill is incredibly vital for both OTG comboing and zoning purposes, hence why I placed the recommended at max. For PvE, however, this skill isn’t quite as useful. (Unless maxed with physical conversion)

Wave Wheel Slasher – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max (PvP) 5 with cancel
Grabs an enemy in front of you and deals damage through a multi-hit wheel. Grabs are important for canceling out enemies and opponents that abuse super armor, and thus having 5 and it’s cancel is vital for quick rebound resetting and canceling opponents in PvP. When maxed and paired with it’s EX passive, WWS does incredible damage at max level.

Upward Slash – Recommended Level: (PvE) 5 or Max (PvP) Max
Standard launch skill. The more levels you put into it, the higher your opponent gets launched. Definite max for PvP, debatable for PvE; depending on how often you use it and how much SP you have to spare.

Thrust – Recommended Level: (PvE) 5 or Max (PvP) 5
Dash skill that pokes the area in front of you with your weapon. Level at 5 as prerequisite for clash. In PvE thrust can do incredible damage in standing combos to enemies when maxed, and paired with max clash, for that matter. Can be canceled into stance skills.

Guard – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Staple skill of the class. Max it or at least pick up the cancel for practicality.

Ashe Fork – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Downward thrust that creates a shockwave off the ground. Incredible range at max makes it a great approach in PvP, while also making it an essential skill for mobbing in PvE. Although the skill doesn’t have to be maxed, most do.

Triple Slash – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Slashes forward repeatedly for 3-7 slashes depending on mastery and EX passive. Incredible damage and juggles opponents easily; low cooldown. No reason to not max this skill. Can be canceled into stance skills.

Aerial Chain Slash – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Does this really need a description? Rise requires 1 in this skill to be leveled, so nab it. Great combo extender in PvP, while not as useful for PvE. Timing is key.

All Masteries – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Zanbato: Secret Slayer Technique: Will charge up if skill hotkey is pressed on the 2nd attack, Attack Strength is increased when Full Charge, Ashe Fork: Hit Interval decreased, attack strength increased, Charge Crash: Downward Slash attack strength increased with additional control, Shockwave deleted, Draw Sword: holding the skill hot key down will charge, Attack Strength is increased when Full Charge

Bludgeon: Secret Slayer Technique: Bonus Attack Strength for attacking stunned enemies, Ashe Fork: Shockwave area increased, Charge Crash: Improved On additionally controlled Full Charge, shockwave occurs, Illusion Sword Dance: Large shockwave occurs on the last attack(Previous sword wind deleted). First hit of ACS knocks enemies back to ground; causes shockwave

Katana: Bleeding effect added to attacks, Aerial Chain Slash: additional Attack Strength applied to enemies in bleeding condition, Draw Sword: Attack strength/Bleeding effects increased with additional hits, Illusion Sword Dance: Slash speed increased

Short Sword: Normal Attacks: Slash occurs, Upward Slash: Slash occurs, Attack Strength increased with additional hits, Slash occurs with additional hits, Secret Slayer Technique: Slash occurs, Triple Slash: Independent attack strength added, Flowing Stance - Clash: Independent attack strength added, Charge Crash: Independent attack strength added, Draw Sword: Slash occurs, Illusion Sword Dance: duration of sword wind of the last hit increased/Hit Interval decreased

Gore Cross – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 or 1 (PvP) 1 or Max
Nice skill for combo extending in PvP. No real use in PvE, besides the same reason.

Ghost Slash – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 or Max (PvP) 1
Very high damage slash with an incredibly long follow-up time. Most choose not to max this, but when paired with the EX passive, ghost slash hits like a tank.

Bloodlust – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 (PvP) 1
2nd grab for use in PvP and quick rebound pickups. No other use.

Indomitable Spirit – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 (PvP) Max
Max in PvP for added super armor to all casting skills. Very useful.

Physical Critical Hit – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
+10% Critical is nothing to scoff at. When paired with our awakening passive, critical hits take a toll on any opponent’s defense; not only is it a valuable debuff for physical-oriented parties, but also rips armor to shreds in PvP.

Quick Rebound – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1

Weapon Master Skills
Weapon Wielder’s Zenith – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Basically the most important skills for WMs. Allows you to level up every mastery simultaneously and max all of them at the cost of leveling only one. This provides great incentive for players to be unique in their playstyles and truly become “masters of all swords.” Must max.

Lightsabre Mastery – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Secret Slayer Technique: Electrocution abnormal status effect added, Thrust: The Laser Beam of the additional attack will cause electrocution abnormal status, Draw Sword: electrocution abnormal status of additional attack increased, Raging Dragon Slash: Electrocution effect increased, Illusion Sword Dance: Slash speed increased

Backstep Cutter – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Very important skill for WMs that allows them to attack during the backstep animation. Creates a shockwave effect when done with a bludgeon. Great for combo extending in PvP and just general placement.

Secret Slayer Technique – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Special chain of attacks that only the WM can do. Each weapon has a different combo, so get a level in this to make the most use of their potential.

Flowing Stance – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 (PvP) 1
Prerequisite skill that allows players to use clash, swift, rise, or force. All four skills only take up one hotkey.
Having the cancel is an absolute MUST; allows you cancel in and out of practically every skill when done properly. 

Flowing Stance – Clash – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max (PvP) 1
Forward thrust that deals multiple hits. Great as a standing combo extender in PvP. Bludgeons have a high chance to stun. Not much else to say here. Incredible damage when maxed and paired with it’s EX passive (which isn’t implemented yet). 

Flowing Stance – Swift – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max (PvP) Max
Leaping skill that can deal a downward strike against the opponent when x is pressed. Multi-hits for katana and shortsword. Bludgeon swift deals a shockwave effect. Great for OTG and combo extending in PvP; mobility in general. Good skill to have in PvE, but it’s uses are limited in endgame. Maxing this skill decreases the cooldown and increases the damage.

Flowing Stance – Rise – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max (PvP) Max
This serves as an incredible finisher and deals great damage to opponents that are on the ground. Multi-hit for katana and lightsabre. Great when paired with two slashes of Triple Slash and Max Flowing Stance - Force. Maxing this skill decreases the cooldown and increases the damage. SS and Zan deal a single upward hit for 120% damage. Bludgeons also get a 120% bonus with Rise, but the player doesn't follow up into the air as high with a Zanbato.

Flowing Stance – Force – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max (PvP) Max
30 second buff that adds incredible damage to all stance skills used. Very very good skill to max when going for a stance-oriented build. 

Auto Guard – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 (PvP) Max
No use in PvE. PvP-wise, helps to counter very aggressive opponents. Also guards during standing combos and at times when simply hitting the key wont set off the skill. Very useful.

Overdrive – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Staple WM skills that buffs both physical critical rate and physical attack. Max.

Flip Side Counter – Recommended Level: (PvE) 0 (PvP) 1 or Max
You aren’t trying to get hit in PvE, so no real uses there. Max in PvP decreases the cooldown greatly, so it serves as a very vital weapon when opponents are trying to keep the pressure on you.

Draw Sword – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Very wide range, high percent damage skill that attacks enemies in a set range around the character. Must max. Incredible damage when paired with the EX passive. Can be charged with Zanbato to deal an additional 50% damage. Lightsabres and Katanas have a 2nd follow-up slash, while Short Swords shoot off a wave (fixed damage).

Charge Crash – Recommended Level: (PvE) 5 or Max (PvP) Max
Very low cooldown and high-damaging non-cube skill. Since WMs are SP tight now, some tend to leave the skill at 5 just to get the cancel. If you have enough though, I highly recommend maxing. Zanbatos and Bludgeons have a downward slash at the end that deals additional damage to enemies.

Raging Dragon Slash – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) 1
Used as an approach in PvP, but nothing more. Very good area covered in PvE, and deals great damage when paired with it’s multi-hit Ex. There is no super armor, between slashes, however, so be careful when you use it.

Illusion Sword Dance – Recommended Level: (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
High damaging burst skill for WMs. Must Max.
Mashing x while using this skill will do more slashes in-front of your character.

Charge Burst – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1 or Max
High percent skill obtainable at level 60. Nice for grouping up enemies and has a chance to stun. Some leave at 1 due to SP restrictions, but try to max if possible.

Lightning Draw Sword – Recommended Level: (PvE) 1
Highest percent slash of the class. 

Awakening Passive: Iron Strike – Recommended Level (PvE) Max (PvP) Max
Very VERY useful skill.

Awakening Active: Sword Storm – Recommended Level (PvE) 0, 1, or Max
AoE skills with multiple hits and increased hitstun as of the Season II update. Damage, however, is the same. Keep at 1 for utility, else it's pretty much max or bust.
IV. EX Passives [EXPS]
Starting from leveling 50, you will earn TP to allot to the below skills. These are the passives currently available to the weapon master class.

Basic Training Upgrade - Increases damage of the slayer basic attack string, SST, and upward slash.
You have a lot of spare TP lying around without the new EX passives, so max this skill out for the sake of using that extra TP. Totals to a +30% boost in damage for the above listed attacks.

Neutral Wave Sword Upgrade - Increases both size and damage of neutral wave sword.
Gore Cross Upgrade - Increases both size and damage of gore cross.
Ghost Slash Upgrade - Increases damage of ghost slash.

The three above passives are great to max if their corresponding skills are max as well. Else there's really no point to waste the TP.

Triple Slash Upgrade - Increases both number of slashes and lowers damage of triple slash.
One of the slayer class's most useful EX passives for the WM class. Increases # of slashes of triple slash by 2 for each mastery, which decreasing the damage of each hit by only a slight amount. I would max this.

Ashe Forke Upgrade - Increases both shockwave size and damage of ashe forke.
Requires level 10 Ashe Forke to obtain. Increase in damage and size is fairly noticeable; nicely paired with a max level Ashe Forke. Not required, however.

Wave Wheel Slasher Upgrade - Increases multi-hit of skill wave wheel slasher.
Increases damage output of Wave Wheel Slasher by a very high amount. I highly recommending picking this passive up.

Upward Slash Upgrade
Thrust Upgrade
Guard Upgrade

Flip Side Counter Upgrade - Increases flip size attack strength and negates damage during counter.
Negates damage done to you during flip-side counter animation. Has it's uses.

Raging Dragon Slash Upgrade - Increases multi-hit of skill raging dragon slash.
Turns each slash of RDS from a single hit to multi-hit. Increases damage by a fair amount.

Draw Sword Upgrade - Increases damage and preparation time of draw sword.
Definite max. Incredible damage when charged with Zanbato.

Flowing Stance Upgrades
Charge Crash Upgrade
Illusion Sword Dance Upgrade

**Grayed out EX passives are ones that are not yet included within the game, but will be in future updates.

V. QP Overview [QPOV]

Will rank the QP Passives in a 5-star style, with 0/5 stars being the least useful to weapon masters, and 5/5 being the most recommended.

Strength ★★★★★
Stamina ★★★☆☆
Spirit ★★★☆☆
Movement Speed ★★★☆☆
Physical Critical ★★★★★
Hitrate ★★★★★
HP Regen ☆☆☆☆☆
MP Regen ★★★★☆
Elemental Attack ★★★★★
Elemental Resist ☆☆☆☆☆
Independent Damage ★★★★☆

VI. Gear Recommendations [GRRC]
1. Magic Sealed Equipment
More info on this later. Check out this guide for information on all possible rolls for stats.
Magic Sealed equipment guide.

2. Weapons
There are three main categories for weapons that I will be covering in this section of the guide. These three categories are as follows: Magic Sealed, Unique, and Epic. Also note that, due to the magnitude of weapons in the game, I will only be covering those that are applicable and effective to be used in end-game. High upgrades on each of the weapons I list are also very important.

Magic Sealed Weapons
More info on this later. Check out this guide for information on all possible rolls for stats.
Magic Sealed equipment guide.

Ancient Ruins Lightsabre (Lvl 65): Overdrive Lvl +1; Overdrive attack strength +20%

Black Long Sword (Lvl 60): Inflict Shadow Damage; Attack with a 2% chance of cursing enemy
Nugol Bone Blade (Lvl 61): Draw sword causes additional bleeding damage
Flaming Rano (Lvl 65): Inflict Fire damage
Killjoy's Quicksilver Blade (Lvl 65): Attack speed +5%; Triple slash cooldown decreased by 30%

Red Bug (Lvl 60): Inflict Fire Damage; Attacks with 10% additional damage.
Lasmer Big Hammer (Lvl 65): Attack with a 3% chance to stun; 10% additional damage to stunned enemies; Weapon attack strength +10%

Infractus (Lvl 60): +20% Critical Damage

Chosen One's Greatsword Gram (Lvl 55): Attack speed +3%; Weapon attack strength +20%
Kelt Spatha of Dead (Lvl 60): Fire damage +10; Attack speed +5%; 5% chance upon attack to cast fire explosion
First step for Counterattack (Lvl 60): Critical Damage +10%; Counterattack to increase critical chance by 20%
Refined Demon Slave (Lvl 65): Physical attack strength +20


Sword of Ten Letters - Sha (Lvl 45): Attack with a 3% chance of decreasing enemy's HP by 30%
Mishupaf Butcher Knife (Lvl 55): Attacks have 5% chance to cause bleeding; Additional 30% damage done to bleeding enemies
Killer Sansan (Lvl 55): DS and RDS attack strength increased by 40%
Spirit Steel Katana (Lvl 55): Inflict Fire damage; Fire damage +10; Critical damage +8%; Attack with a 7% chance of blessing yourself (stacks 5 times)

Mighty Dwarf's Golden Hammer (Lvl 65): Physical attack strength +150; Attack speed -10%

Ghost Sword Elenore (Lvl 50): Inflict 30% more damage when attacking
Broken Destiny (Lvl 60): Physical attack strength is the same as a zanbato of the same level
Floo's Grudge Sword (Lvl 65): Attack with a 4% chance of launching Floo's Soul Scream

Soldoros's Decision (Lvl 50): +50% attack strength when all weapon types are in quickslots; RSW cooldown decreased by 50%
Glorious Dainslef (Lvl 55): Increases attack strength of weapon by +3 per level
Extreme One's Giant Sword (Lvl 55): Attack with a 5% chance of increasing attack strength by 30% for 30 seconds; 2% chance on attack to destroy enemy's armor
Demon Slave (Lvl 65): Physical attack strength +30

List of Boss Unique Weapons:  Boss Uniques | DnF Central

3. Key Accessories
Will also be dividing this section up into two parts, Unique accessories and Epic ones. Please take note that these are not, by any means, required to play weapon masters effectively. They are, however, the best possible choices (in my opinion) when deciding which accessories to use for what slot.

Halgi’s Bone Ring – Lvl 40
Locky’s Bone Ring – Lvl 65
Krazy Ivan’s Explosive Ring – Lvl 52

Screaming Bracelet – Lvl 55
Holy Mithril Relic – Lvl 55

Screaming Necklace – Lvl 58
Pel Los Glory* – Lvl 55

Kane’s Stabbing Gloves – Lvl 65
Vaughn’s Noble Gloves – Lvl 60
Wooden Cup of Prophet – Lvl 65 (Otherverse)

Magic Stone (All Lvl 65)
Designated Pink Tear
Evil-Spirited Flame Stone
Ghost Train Magic Stone (Otherverse)

*Pel Los Glory can currently double proc; effectively increasing your total strength by 22%. This ability, however, will be removed in a future update.

Fire/Water/Dark/Light Spirit Ring - Lvl 50
Banishing Finger - Lvl 55
Kuro Ring – Lvl 65

Charmant Armlet – Lvl 55

Soul Chaser – Lvl 55

Siran’s Ashen Gloves – Lvl 65
Michael’s Blessing – Lvl 60 (Otherverse)

Magic Stone (All Lvl 65)
Designated Epic Tear

4. Otherverse Gear
Although you may not know it, the best equipment in the game can only be obtained through the otherverse. Finding the exact pieces you’re looking for, however, is a grind of its own. Thus, running all of the dungeons for an extended period of time rewards you indefinitely. To find where all of the pieces drop, please refer to the in-game item dictionary that is accessible through the service menu.

A. Chronicle 2 
Possible Modifiers (Underlined are recommended)
Charge Crash: Fierce (Cooldown/MP reduction), Force (Damage), Swift (Distance)
Draw Sword: Fierce (Cooldown/MP reduction), Force (Damage)
Illusion Sword Dance: Fierce (Cooldown/MP reduction), Force (Damage), Specialty (Increased # of Slahses)
Raging Dragon Slash: Fierce (Cooldown/MP reduction), Force (Damage), Specialty (Increased # of Slahses)

**Each modifier has a "Powerful" version that can only be found in King's Road of OV3. The raw stats on each piece are the same, but the modifiers themselves are higher by 1/2% per piece. For RDS, the powerful versions decrease each slash's attack strength by less overall.

Set Effects (Can only be obtained on King's Road)

A. Chronicle 3 
Possible Modifiers (Up to 2 Aura's per individual piece)

Red Aura: Attack Strength +4/5/6/12%
Blue Aura: Reduces Cooldown/MP Cost -4/5/6/12%
Green Aura:

Set Effects


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