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Some Assembly Required : Male Mechanic Guide

Update Log/Change List:
14/03/11 - Added Intro and First Few Skills
15/03/11 - Added Few More Skills
3/04/11 - Finished Normal Skills. Added First Few Cube Skills
10/04/11 - Finished All Skills
9/05/11 - Added Builds and Armor
19/07/11 - Added some stiff from SI
17/10/11 - Vid
11/7/12 - Adding a bit of revolution changes

I. Intro
II. Pros and Cons
III. Skill Descriptions and Explanations

A. Mechanic Skills
B. General Skills
IV. Skill Builds
V. Gear Options

A. Armor

B. Weapons

C. Avatars
VI. Game-play Tips

I. Intro

(When I get a better video I'll post it here)

In response the growing demand for PvE M. Mechs, I have decided to construct this guide, or “manual” if you will, for any new mechanics eager to immerse themselves in effective builds and gameplay tips for efficiently conquering the many dungeons Arad has to offer.

Like making robots? Well grab your screwdriver and your hammer, because you will be making robots like no tomorrow. Mechanics are the modern day summoners, if you will. They rely on creating a variety of support robots to wreak havoc on any nearby enemies in the vicinity. Some robots you will merely launch at the enemy, while others you will construct, and let them shoot a wide array of bullets and missiles at your enemy, while you sit back and watch your opposition crumble around you. Not to mention the giant brofist you will eventually obtain. Believe me, you will enjoy it 

Now this guide will only focus on the PvE aspect of the game, or “dungeoning”. For the PvP aspect, you will have to look elsewhere.

Now before I begin I would like to address something that I am POSITIVE will show up.

LOL, Male Mechs suck in PvE, you should be making a female mech HURR HURR
Stop right there, leave, just leave. I can not describe how irritated I get when I see someone say this. Obviously you have no idea what your talking about, or you only know bits and pieces. Granted yes, Female Mechs do perform better in PvE, but not by the insanely large margin some people think. You could say this for any class. “ohh female mechs are better everyone should just make female mechs because they are the best”. Does this sound logical to you? People play the variety of subclasses for the differeing play style and the different strengths that they have. This is no different from Male Mechs and Female Mechs. Male Mechs rely on heavy hitting and burst damage, and backed up G-Series and by the varying cube skills that will keep enemies pinned down, and also deal some fairly decent damage as well. Female Mech use G-Series as the main source of damage, while using burst damage as the back up, along with cube skills. They have a similar play style in the end. I will explain the difference and utility of G-Series later in this guide.

II. Pros and Cons (Need some help with this)
  • Great Solo and Party Class
  • Heavy Burst Damage
  • Cubes can easily gathher/pin mobs for you and you party to dispose of easily and quickly
  • Buff that affects all robots on the field excluding G-Series
  • Armor Sets are extremely cheap
  • Uses fire element (cheap ele stacking)

  • Squishy
  • Highly Cube Intensive if you want to be playing fast and efficiently
  • Auto Guns can be fairly expensive
  • Majority of skills are percentage based (This can be a pro or a con depending on funding0
  • Eat MP like a whore
  • Can't stack elemental damage

III. Skills and Descriptions

I will be showing the skill icon, along with the skill name and recommended levels for each skill

A. Mechanic Skills

~Normal Skills~

RX-78 Land Runner - 10, MAX
Summons a small robot that runs after your enemy then self-destructs when near, dealing neutral magic damage to the enemy and any surrounding enemies. Deals 125% damage on Building Type enemies

If you haven’t been spamming this skill before, you better get used to spamming it now. Land Runners will be one of your staple skills and your main source of damage. You will be using it in conjunction with EZ-8 Time Bomb and Robot Det.

 Ez-8 Time Bomb - MAX
This summons a countdown, stationary robot that will explode after the time above its head runs out, dealing neutral magic damage to any surrounding enemies. Holding down the skill key will increase the amount of time before self-detonation

This deals 1000% at max. Robot Det makes this skill much more useful than it initially seems. I will explain this soon.

 Robotics - MAX
A Buff that lasts 20 seconds, it increases the HP, STR, INT, and Speed of Land Runner, Ez-8 Time Bomb, EX-S Viper, Air Combat Mech Tempester, and Gaebolg Punch.

Need I say more? This gives all of the robots you will be using a huge buff, makes them stronger, faster, and can take more damage.

 Secret Land Runner - MAX
This passive allows you to summon a land runner when attacked or an additional land runner when you use Land Runner

The skill that solely makes Land Runners superior to Female Mechs. At max, this skill has a 50% chance to summon another land runner. That means 1 out of every 2 times you will do twice the damage with Land Runner essentially. You definitely want to max this. After the Season II Act III patch, the max level will be changed to 20 so we always have 2 land runners up at once.

 G-1 Corona (Grab ya Beer) - 3,MAX

Sets up a support robot that follows you and fires blue orbs at a set interval that deal neutral magic damage. The interval and distance is increased with levelling this skill. The duration of your entire G-series is increased while levelling this skill, so it is advised to max this skill. It also gives a damage boost -to the rest of your g-series

The reason why G-Series is better on female mechs is because cycling through g-series adds 10 seconds to the duration, and the cooldown for cycling is 5 seconds, which in results allows female mechs to keep G-Series up the entire time, "infinite" G-Series. Male Mechs, when levelling Corona, increase the duration of the skill, however the cooldown is always 20 seconds after it dissapears. The stats between the gender counterparts is the same (the awakenening passive for female mechs also gives a large buff to the G- Series, making them more superior). It is possible to keep Male Mechs G-Series up as long as the cooldown eventually, but since the added time between switching is only 2 seconds, it requires A LOT of switching between the 3 forms and will drain your MP very quickly. I wouldn’t advise this.

 Robot Detonation - 1,3
This skill allows you to forcefully detonate Land Runner and Time Bomb. Holding the skill key brings up a crosshair that will allow you to aim where you want to launch these robots, along with Tempester and Sparrows. Tempesters and Sparrows will only detonate if you aim. All robots have to be within a certain range, that increases each level

This skill, as soon as you obtain it, will bring the full potential of Time Bombs and Land Runners. It will allow you to aim directly at an enemy, and detonate instantly. No more waiting, or getting agitated because enemies keep on drifting away from Time Bomb. Also the instant detonation is great when you are surrounded by enemies. You will using this skill frequently. The reason why you don't want to level this skill too high is because you will be accidently detonating Tempester Prematurely. If you use this skill instantly after you have put down land runners and a time bomb, you wont have to worry about land runners moving out of range.

 G-2 (T)Rolling Thunder - 5

This transforms any G- Series you have out into 3 cylindrical objects that float in fron of you. The rotation deals some magic damage. Pressing the skill key will discharge any that have turned blue, and shoot out a lightning bolt that will deal light damage.

The reason I call this trolling thunder is because it is a combo breaker, in PvP or PvE. If you get mobbed shoot out a rolling thunder and all enemies that arent super armored will get knocked down. It also deals some decent burst damage as well. Leave it at 5 for the prereq for Raptor

 G-3 Raptor - 5

This transforms your G-Series into tiny satellites that hover above you. Press the skill key again. And the sattelites will hover above individual enemies (2 Per Enemy) and shoot out lasers that will deal non elemental damage. Pressing it again will relocate the satellites to hover above you.

This skill is amazing for running through low level dungeons easily and quickly. For high level dungeons, its good for an extra DPS whenever and wherever you need it. All in all it will speed up your dungeon clear time. Only get it to 5 for the prereq

~Cube Skills~

 Camouflage - 1 Cube Fragment -1-3, MAX
Makes you and your party invisible for a set amount of time. Using Skills or attacking will temporarily reveal yourself. Increasing the level of this skill increases duration.

The skill works wonders in difficult dungeons. If you get this skill to 1-3, simply activate camo before a room. This will give your party a window to get themselves into position without having to worry about monsters attacking them. Max camo (Lasts for 24 seconds) will allow your party to "hit and run" for the duration of the skill. Its completely up to you if you want to max it or not. Personally, I rarely use this skill and often forget I have it, but I appreciate a camo build when I see it.

 EX-S Viper - 1 Cube Fragment - 1,5,Max
Sets up a turret that fires 5 bullets at set intervals. Non - Elemental Damage

This skill is great for utility and support in solo and parties. It can keep mobs in front of you away and pinned. The damage for the skill scales fairly well. However, there is a major reason that you should not level this skill. This skill has limited range, and its lane of fire is incredibly short. The majority of monsters will NOT be stationary, thus viper will not be hitting as many enemies as you would prefer. Now that we have innovation, I would recommend maxing this skill and getting c3 infusions to reduce the cooldown even more. Right now I am able to get 2-3 up at one time.

 Air Combat Mech Tempester (Or Just Tempester) - 1 Cube Fragment - 5, Max
Summons a robot that , for 15 seconds, will shoot bullets and missiles at enemies. After the duration it will fly into the nearest enemy and self- destruct. Neutral Damage.

This is neck in neck with land runner for my favourite mechanic skill. Since it is aerial it rarely gets hit, thus allowing it to fly around and shoot enemies without being interrupted. It's bullets and missles are great for stopping enemies in thier tracks. It does very good damage when maxed, however if you simply want it for utility, you can leave it at 5. Otherwise max it.

 Mech Drop - 2 Cube Fragments Max
Calls for aerial support that drops 20 Land Runners "bombs" within 500px. The land runners that survive will attack like land runners. This skill can drop 4 different types of special land runners

Red Buster - Inflicts fire damage and is the fastest with the largest explosion
Steel Smasher - It will jump at an enemy 3 times with the ability to stun before it explodes
Mana Relaxer - Restores some MP to one person. Has 1 HP
Healing Radar - Restores some HP to one person or sometimes party. Has 1 HP

Although the skill only obtaines a roughly 11-12% increase per level, the reason this skill should be maxed is due to the land runners it summons. (This skill got buffed out the whazoo in terms of speed damage and drop rate. If you didnt max it before max it now) As you increase the level of this skill, the effectiveness of each land runner is increased. Ex. Healing Radars can heal over 1000 HP at max. This skill has a large attack range as well. It has great practicality and use combined with great damage potential.

 Sparrow Factory - 2 Cube Fragments -1,10

Assembles a minature factory that produces "sparrows". Sparrows are tiny robots that fly around and shoot bullets at set intervals. A maximum of 6 sparrows can be produced.

This skill has great mob control, and can deal fairly decent damage at bosses. However, the damage scaling for sparrow factory is TERRIBLE. It is merely a 1% increase per level for bullets and 5% for explosions. Although bullets will eventually add up, it will not make up for the SP investment. I recommend leaving this at 1.

~Awakening Skills~

 Gaebolg Punch - 1,MAX
Opens a portal and shoots out a mechanical fist

Wait for it, Wait for it.....

Brofist of Justice!

As opposed to popular belief, this skill does great burst damage. The trouble with using it on bosses is landing all the hits. The skill can only hit a maximum of 8 times per enemy. To hit 8 you must be standing directly infront of them. The isnt the greatest boss awakening. However this is great for clearing out a large mob in a dungeon. If the boss is frozen or hopelessly pinned, it is very easy to land all the hits. Anyways, in a future patch this gets changed to all the damage in 1 hit, so look forward to that.

 Final Will - 1

Worst Passive Ever IMO. It looks great on paper, but the AI of this robot is extremely flawed. Simply put it is a wannabe land runner, he will run into a pack of monsters and stand there to get pummeled. This is now your personal nen guard. This skill is now INSANELY useful for soaking up damage. It will now take damage on behalf of the robot until it explodes due to its HP being used up or the duration running out. Level it if you want, mechs are on no shortage SP wise.

B. General Skills

~Ranger Skills~

 Jack Spike - 1,5
You shouldn't be running up to packs of enemies and kneeing them in the face. 5 for BBQ if you prefer.

 Rising Shot - 1
As a mech, you want your enemies on the ground. Your weapon attack is pitiful as well. You may get the cancel if you plan on running a silver bullet build for utility.

 Windmill - 0
I regret getting this skill, I rarely use it, if ever. Again, you shouldnt be in the middle of mobs, and even if you are windmill wont help.

Punisher - 1
You need at least one grab. I would recommend this over BBQ because it can cancel super armor. Sparrow Factory and Tempester can hit and enemy while you are using this.

 Aerial Fire - 0
You shouldn't be in the air unless you want to escape. Thus, this skill is useless

 Steep Slide - 0
I don't think any gunner gets this for PvE builds anyways.

 Mach Kick - 1
I'm glad this skill is free. If you find mobs are getting close to you give em a quick kick and continue your strategy.

~Spitfire Skills~

 Silver Bullet - 0,1,10, Max
Ahh yes, the controversial skill for male mechs. The investment of this skill is solely based on your individual play style. .With all the extra SP mechs get I would recommend dumping it into this. Around 500% per shot is amazing damage.

 G-14 Buster - 1, Max
The other controversial skill. Again, you will be using grenades as a mech. However, its not for damage. This is still in the midst of discussion if the damage scales up or is better than Land Runner x Time Bomb combo. Personally, Spitfires don't max this skill for PvE, so I dont believe mechs should either. Very few mechs max this skill.

~ Launcher Skills ~

 Gatling Gun - 1
This skill is free. You shouldn't be using this skill. You will only discourage yourself with the damage it spits out at higher levels

 Flamethrower - 1
This is basically the same as Gatling Gun

BBQ - 0,1
This is not the best grab skill, I prefer punisher since it does not cost 125 sp (Level 5 Jack Spike) to get. However, BBQ does have utility.

~ General ~
Ancient Memory - I don't know why this even needs to be discussed. Free Int.
~TP Skills~


EZ-10 Counter-Attack - 2 Fragments - 0,1 - 2 TP per level

Time Bomb does more damage than this. You can get one level of this, but IMO the TP could be used better elsewhere.

EX-S Viper Zero - 3 Fragments - 1 - 3 TP per level

Mostly makes up for how shitty EZ-10 is. Really fun and useful skill that does decent damage.


All passives are 1 TP

Intelligence Growth - Max (3) 

The more Int the more damage. Can't say any more than that.

Land Runner Upgrade - Max (3)

Land Runner is your staple skill. This makes it do more damage and have a bigger range.

Time Bomb Upgrade - Max (3)

More damage and higher countdown ability.

Robot Detonation Upgrade - Max (3)

You will be spamming robot detonation like a mad man so you might as well get a damage boost while you do it.

Silver Bullet Upgrade - Max (3) or 0

Hit Rate Mastery - 1 or Max

IV. Skill Builds


Everything that you should have before you go into preferace.

My Build

This is my personal build (or better said the one I am going to get after a free reset). Corona Maxed for the Duration, Max Gaebolg for huge damage potential, and Max Tempester due to damage ability + utility at high levels.

<Insert Camo Build Here>

V. Gear Options

I will be skipping armor under 45, for as mechanics do not get very gear Dependant earlier, any set that has a mechanic skill or int will do.
A. Armor

Tetra Attire Set - 40-45

Set Bonus

Phy Def + 403
+18 MP/Min
EX-S Viper +2
+15% Movement Speed of Land Runner

The Shoulder gives +1 Land Runner, and the speed boost to land runner makes this set very useful

Air Vintage Set- 45-50

Set Bonus

+12 HP/Min
+24 MP/Min (Shoulder gives another +24 MP/Min)
Tempester +1
Mech Drop +1

1% chance to respond to attacks with increasing Evasion by 5% for 12 seconds

Bonus is fairly good, very cheap to buy of AH.

North Myre Dungeon Fighter's Intelligence Set- 45-50
*All NMDF sets are split into top and bottom*


Evasion +0.5%


Evasion +0.5%

Very Good Int stacking set.

B. Weapons

Ill fix this up later but for now, endgame weapons go like this.

Deluxe Gunshot if you are not maxing G-series

Megabolt if you are.

Level 70 Magic Sealed with a good stat is probably better.


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